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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

To (site) C or not to (site) C ... with apologies to Shakespeare

To (site) C or not to (site) C ... that is the question (sorry Shakespeare)I

It seems some people, when called to justify their action, and or statements, become master of the duck, dive, and weave method of politics.  On Wednesday Keith Baldrey posted this note on Twitter, “NDP denounces deal struck between BC Hydro-Building Trades Union to build Site C dam. #bcpoli”. 
This was picked up by Emile Scheffel who referenced Baldreys post and made his own comment stating, “Today's #BCNDP: opposed to 10,000 family-supporting jobs for union, non-union, and Aboriginal workers. … #bcpoli” 
Both comments are fair and accurate, given that anyone can go online and check the facts for themselves.  For example:


Mike Lowe, BC NDP Director of Caucus Services , from Colwood, took exception to me retweeting the Twitter post made by Emile Scheffel as I noted above at the start of this post.  He took exception so strongly that he replied to me by saying, “Lies and BS, but carry on gents”

@AlanForseth @emile_bc Lies and BS, but carry on gents #bcndp #bcpoli

@milowe @Emile_BC So you're saying #bcndp isnt opposed 2 #SiteC & union jobs construction union will get with agreement theyve made? #bcpoli

I pressed him several times to clarify how the comment was, as he indicated, ‘lies and BC’, however he refused to do so.  The fact is the NDP, through former leader Adrian Dix, is indeed opposed to the Site C Dam and power project.  He said so in the BC Legislature last Thursday (May 28th).  Dix is even going so far as to slam the BC Trades Council --- a union organization that one would expect to be an ally and supporter of the NDP – for signing on to have unionized workers develop and build the site.

Or maybe Mike Lowe is also calling Vaughn Palmer a liar as well, for a story he wrote on May 28th in the Vancouver Sun where he stated:
Not content with reiterating the NDP view that Site C should be subjected to a thorough review by the independent B.C. Utilities Commission, Dix launched into an over-the-top and mostly shouted critique that offered only grudging praise to the unions for “doing the best to represent their workers under the circumstances.”

The capstone was a reference to Liberal policy that “repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce.” Yes, a quote from Karl Marx and no, you can’t make this stuff up.

Palmer is correct in saying you can’t make this stuff up … and it isn’t the first time that Adrian Dix has taken the boots to a group (unions) that support the NDP.  Recall the last time?  It was during the last provincial election when Adrian Dix managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with his Kinder Surprise moment.

Here again is Vaughn Palmer, from June 2013 with a story headlined, Dix’s KinderMorgan surprise turned blue-collar vote in heartland against NDP   

As to why that happened (losing the election), the most plausible explanation comes from Harry Lali himself, one of the longest serving NDP members in the past two decades.

“The real kicker was Kinder Morgan,” Lali told The Vancouver Sun’s Jonathan Fowlie in a recent interview in the provincial capital where he’d come to clean out his desk. “When the announcement about the Kinder Morgan pipeline was made, it basically decimated Interior and northern B.C. for us — rural B.C., basically.”

The reference being to party leader Adrian Dix’s mid-campaign change of position on the proposed twinning of the existing heavy oil pipeline between Alberta and Burnaby.

On the eve of the campaign he was still saying that as a “matter of principle” the NDP would not take a stand one way or another until the developer submitted a formal application for the project. Then in the second week, Dix, without prior consultation with his own MLAs, came out against the pipeline in an apparent bid to shore up support with urban, Green-leaning voters.

However much support the NDP gained in those quarters, Dix confirmed the worst suspicions of another segment of the electorate, according to Lali.

If I was current NDP leader John Horgan, I would be very nervous.  Last time Adrian Dix opened his mouth to say he was against a major project that would benefit unionized workers in a big way, he took what appeared to everyone to be a majority NDP win, into a huge lose on election day in 2013.

If Dix keeps opening his mouth like he has been, he could very well cause some very big problems again in the 2017 BC provincial election.

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops, and I'm curious what you think.


It appears that Mike Lowe has decided to add some clarity to his comments of last week.  After this piece went online late last night, he went he was on Twiter to say the following:

Mike Lowe ‏@milowe 8h8 hours ago
@AlanForseth @BCBuildingTrade @Emile_BC (1) Dix did not say he was opposed to #SiteC, and (2) he did not slam the Building Trades #bcpoli

I am still not clear however if that means Adrian Dix and BC NDP will stop pushing against the Site C project … so I asked Mike for a clear Yes or No on the project

(1 of 2)  So UR saying that given #SiteC has Fed / Prov enviro approval, & prov green light, that #bcndp 

(2 of 2) … onboard with the 1000s of #BCTradeCouncil jobs its going to create

I’m waiting to hear, and whatever his response I’ll let you know



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