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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

I realize I have sealed my fate as a dissident, and my membership in the BC Conservative Party will not be allowed

If you recall, I quit the BC Conservative Party this past Spring, following the Executive and Board of the BC Conservative Party offering an apology to Alison Paton and company, and re-instatement of their memberships. Their carefully planned sabotage of the party, timely due to the closeness of the election, led to damage the Conservatives were never able to recover from in time for the May 2013 election.  As has been stated here, and elsewhere, it was sabotage plain and simple.

What was the result of their dissension?  Not one single BC Conservative candidate was elected!

I have been vocal, and public, in my comments about the party since asking for my membership to be removed.  I was not alone in this; I was simply public about it.  Other members simply disengaged and walked away in disgust at the lack of direction, or failed to renew their memberships.

So, let’s have a quick recap.

  1. I quit because of the actions of the board in renewing the memberships of dissidents (who had been removed by a legally constituted board) 
  2.  I then several months later began to question the actions of the leadership of the party, and what appeared to be a lack of direction 
  3.  I was then, myself, branded as a dissident

What that means is that the Board and Executive of the BC Conservative Party gets to vote and decide, whether or not I will be allowed to have my membership approved.  The very same board that welcomed Alison Paton and company back into the Conservatives, AND apologized for kicking them out, for just cause.

How does that make sense?

Let me be honest.  I questioned for many months whether the party was salvageable, or whether an existing dormant party (such as BC Reform), or a brand new party, was the answer.  This was not a quick process, however in the end I came to believe the Conservatives could indeed be reinvigorated with the return of the many people who had left.  These included many who did have the knowledge and skills needed to build a credible party.

The sad fact is that top people, with much needed political skills, left disgusted at what remained of the party. Nearly every candidate that ran in 2013 no longer is involved … little if anything is coming in from member donations … there is no media presence (and the media has no interest in the party because there is nothing to report on) … and there is no call to members to engage and be involved.

The Board and Executive of the BC Conservative Party was to decide my fate, as to whether or not I was going to be allowed to have my membership re-instated, last week.  Several emails from me over the weekend finally resulted in a response that they would decide by early December.  I replied back it was to be decided last week, and that I would like a response, one way or the other, by mid-week.  Two more emails yesterday (Wednesday), and another today (Thursday) has resulted in no reply from Party Leader Dan Brooks, or the area Regional Director.  They, and the Party, have been silent.

Call me a dissident if you want; maybe I am.  What it has meant though is the party is dragging its’ heels in trying to decide whether to allow me to have a membership.

If indeed I am a dissident, then I will gladly wear the title because a rebirth of the BC Conservative Party will only come about if the few left within, and those from without, decide they are willing to rebuild … from the GRASSROOTS.

In posting this commentary, I realize I have sealed my fate as a dissident, and my membership in the BC Conservative Party will not be allowed.  Sadly, so be it.  Perhaps when the party does finally hold its’ AGM, a new board, with a vision for the future will be elected.

The next Provincial Election is in May 2017 – just a short 17 and a half months from now.  The question to be asked is, “Will the BC Conservative Party have any kind of a campaign to be taken seriously … and better yet, who will even want to run as a candidate?”

Time is short, but it is not too late.  That said, does anyone care anymore?

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


  1. Well,Alan,I think you have your answer as to whether this party can be renewed. I still maintain that with the present leadership,it is impossible. I think we need to look elsewhere for a truly democractic conservative party in BC.

  2. Hi Alan. I am very surprised to read your comments. I know you as a sincere and honest person. I also know that your input and time have always been intended to make this party stronger. If the party does not re-instate your membership, I an seriously thinking of cancelling mine. What a mess!
    Fred Bosman.

    1. Hello Fred ... thank you for your comment, and your concerns. At this point, I believe the party needs to have its remaining members stay on board, and through action at the next AGM fully vet, and elect, a Board of Directors / Executive that has the resolve to get the job done. Hopefully, at that point, I can be welcomed back :)

      Take care my friend, and thanks again for your comments

  3. That is what we all want, Alan. There has been too much infighting and dissension in the party since before the last election. We need all BC conservatives to unite and form a strong party. Your input should always be welcomed, as should everyone's. We can build this party and we need to do it soon.

  4. Alan, your opinions have always been important and valued by Bob and myself.
    We would welcome you back yesterday if possible. Your friend - Sue Brown


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