All I want is a better politics. I do not care what point of view people come from, but just that people treat each other with respect - especially when they disagree.” ~~ Bernard von Schulmann

Sunday, November 20, 2016

What you say ... no talk about debt, health care, education, jobs, and resources?

With six months still to go until the next provincial election in British Columbia, I'm already I am asking myself, "Who will I vote for? Will there be a candidate I can support?  Who will not only say the things I want to hear, but follow through on them?"

I've created a list of things I will be listening to hear answers to, in the months ahead.  It's a short list for now, but will likely grown, and be edited and revised, in the weeks and months ahead.  These are the things I will use to help me when the moment comes to place my "X" on the ballot.

What personal skills, knowledge, and background to you have which will make you the best candidate for the people of Kamloops South Thompson to consider in casting a ballot for you?

If elected as the MLA for Kamloops South Thompson in next Mays provincial election, what will be your top priorities for the riding?

How will you seek input, from constituents, in issues important to the riding, and how will that affect how you vote in the legislature?

Many provinces have multiple parties represented in their legislatures, however BC for decades now seems to be locked into a two party system, as in the US.  What negatives, and positives, do you see for the people of BC with the system as it currently is?

Politics in BC has become very adversarial.  Do you believe there is a way this can be reduced?  If "Yes", what would be the benefits to the way we are governed?

Do you believe there should be more free votes in the legislature, so that elected officials can vote the will of constituents, even if it is in conflict with the will of the government, IF there was a way it did not bring down the government? 

What you say ... no talk about debt, health care, education, jobs, and resources? 

Yes those are VERY important, however, I think answers to the above will strongly factor in to how our elected representative will act on them.

As I mentioned, that is my list -- for now -- and a lot more will factor into my decision on election day.  It will do for now though. 

My question to you is, how will you decide to vote, and what will factor into that decision?

I'm Alan Forseth, in Kamloops

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  1. While I may not be ideologically in the same place as you, I completely agree with your questions.