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A lot has happened since then, and while nothing is perfect, there are a number of people working hard to rebuild

A BC Conservative Party Annual General Meeting is about to get underway this Saturday (September 30th) in Langley.  The last AGM I attended for the party was four years ago -- and it was also held in Langley.  That was the one just months before the 2013 Provincial Election -- and the one that spelled the end of the party fortunes, which until then had them neck and neck, in the polls, with the BC Liberals.

A lot has happened since then, and while nothing is perfect, there are a number of people working hard to rebuild the party, and former members (who left for a number of reasons) are beginning to rejoin the party, along with many new ones.

Policy -- principles -- beliefs are the basics needed to create an entity -- it's the people who lead it however that can create -- or destroy that said entity.

What draws people to the BC Conservative Party are a belief in low taxes, small government, and efficient service delivery.

Party spokesperson Scott Anderson agrees and goes on to say, "But that's only part of the solution to bringing back common sense solutions to the problems we all face in British Columbia. After all, a political idea remains nothing more than an idea until it becomes part of a legislative agenda, and turning ideas into reality is what this party is all about."

And further, speaking to troubles of the past, "Contrary to endless reports that the BC Conservatives are in "disarray" due to "infighting," we are moving ahead at full speed. We are actively rebuilding our social infrastructure, our membership is growing, new Riding Associations are coming online across the province, and more young people than ever before are clamouring to become involved."

BIASED ... of course I am, however I am also critical when and where I believe it is needed.  I like what I am seeing ... especially the young and tech-savvy folks who are putting in place cutting edge technological infrastructure that will keep us abreast or ahead of the other parties as we move into the 21st century, as Scott Anderson calls them

I, along with many others, have said this before ... the BC Liberal Party has betrayed small 'c' conservatives across the province.  Their last Throne Speech, before getting turfed to the Opposition Benches clearly stated that, they will do anything, and say anything, to stay in power.

I'm Langley bound once again, on Saturday, heeding the call for all small 'c' conservatives, including those who once supported the BC Liberals, to join us in building a lean and effective government for BC.

What thoughts do you have on the matter?  Do you agree or disagree?  The floors yours, and I'd love to hear from you!

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION ... details on the BC Conservative Party AGM can be found online at


  1. I wholeheartedly agree that the B.C. Liberal Party has betrayed small 'c' conservatives across the province, particularly those who supported the Liberals.
    I will be watching with interest what takes place with the B.C. Conservatives over the next few months and look forward to your comments.
    In the meantime, I am not a member of any provincial party and will remain that way until I find reason to change.

  2. If the BCCP thinks it can put all of its problems behind it by changing its name, it is naive in the extreme. If the BCCP thinks that making its constitution even more punitive - censoring members and requiring a $1,000 payment to file a formal complaint against legitimate concerns for unethical and unconstitutional practices, it is as corrupt as the BC Libs, perhaps even more so.

    You speak brave 'Pollyanna' words but I have spoken to defenders of constitutional issues, including John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Any political party that seeks to suppress the rights of members to participate fully and freely in shaping policy and direction by punitive draconian measures is exclusive - not inclusive and it is an abomination.

    That, Alan, is the litmus test. If the BCCP changes its name, if it allows a myriad of constitutional changes with a reduced percentage of members required to ratify such changes - and if it does not recognize that the members - not the directors self-serving interests, are the strength and future of the BCCP, then the BCCP deserves to be treated with the same cynical disdain and distrust as the BC Liberals and all other parties who preach one thing and practice another.

    Trust must be earned - through supportable policies and through a transparent and inclusive process that actually practices accountability (one that does not requiring a $1,000 payment to address unethical and unconstitutional practices).

    At the moment, the BCCP constitution only requires that a BCCP leader maintain 40% support from membership. Think hard on that. Even if the BCCP had a leader (it doesn't), that leader doesn't even require a majority of member support. And you want to call this a progressive democratic entity?

    Give your collective heads a shake.

    You are correct in observing that an infusion of younger, progressive 'attuned' individuals is what the BCCP requires - if it has any hope whatsoever in becoming anything other than a fading fringe political dinosaur.

    If the BCCP membership allows another ill-advised set of constitutional amendments to pass which even further throttles the ability of members to speak out and contribute as individuals (even through dissenting points of view), then the BCCP deserves to be relegated to the scrap heap.

    If you want the 'Great Pretenders' to become the 'Great Contenders', then a Great Paradigm Shift is necessary for the BCCP.

    Own your name - don't change it. Articulate and define what you stand for. Create a constitution that protects individual freedoms (including the right to freedom of speech and freedom of opinion) instead of suppressing independent thought and action - as the new constitutional changes will inevitably cause. Restore true democracy to the BCCP. Don't pass a slate of officers and directors 'recommended' by a nominating committee. That is what the People's Republic of China do to ensure the Communist Party always prevails - without opposition.

    Require accountability from the directors. Require accountability from the Leader (if ever you find one willing to lead this dysfunctional fading political entity). That means requiring a strong majority of support from within - not a 40% minority.

    Does the BCCP have an opportunity to become relevant? Of course.

    Will the BCCP become relevant after this weekend? I have my doubts - but there is always a possibility.

    I know the BCCP will not become relevant to any other than its loyal sycophants if it 'stays the course'. If any of the BCCP insiders who have driven the party into the ground get re-elected, there is faint hope.

    If the unwise and draconian constitutional changes are ratified by a small number of people sitting in a small room, there is faint hope.

    Condensed from original article due to upload constraints. Full article on

  3. I have always been clear I will post any rebuttal / comment anyone cares to make, as long as it is not filled with profanity -- libelous -- etc.

    I disagree with most of what he has to say, however as I am preparing for the AGM and still have numerous tasks and chores to complete before I go, I'll just let his comments stand as I don't have the time, or inclination to argue.

    As I stated in todays post, time has past, people have changed, and I look forward to the opportunity for the BC Conservative Party to become a force that will factor, in a very positive way, in the next provincial election.


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