“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Monday, January 22, 2018

Only one party is currently untested in the legislature... and only one party can elect a member who will give voters a fresh perspective to consider

In the January 19th edition of the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, Vaughn Palmer had an article regarding how the BC Liberals preferential ballot meant leadership candidates would be (as he said) left guessing as to who would win. 

He went into likely scenarios ... the number of new membership sign-ups (and what that actually meant) ... where the majority of new members were from ... and who appeared to be the top three in the running ... and more.

Looking at the raw numbers for the BC Liberals, there were 34,000 members prior to the start of the leadership race -- 58,000 after new membership sign-ups once the race began -- which equals 23,000 new instant members.

SO ... my question then would be, "Why is it that as of the end of last week only 21,000 of those Fifty-Eight Thousand had actually taken the time to register, so they would receive the PIN required, to vote for the candidate of their choice?"

With that in mind I posted the following to Facebook:
When barely 1/3rd of BC Liberal members (23,000 who were instant signups) register to get the PIN required to vote in their leadership race, that spells trouble for the liberals post vote.

And on Twitter, I commented:
Barely 1/3rd of #BCLiberals R registered 2get PIN required 2vote in leadership race - likely means trouble post vote. Calling all small 'c' conservatives 2 come home 2 #BCCP

Again, ONLY twenty-one thousand have taken the time to register for the PIN they need to elect the next leader of the BC Liberal Party.

How can that mean anything BUT trouble for them??

Let's take that info, and then consider a new poll by Mainstreet Research, which was just released today (January 22nd).  Please note; the methodology of the questions, did not give the option to choose the BC Conservative Party as an option of support.

In this new poll, voter intentions showed the John Horgan led BC NDP supported by  just under one third of voters (32%) ... the leaderless BC Liberals 4.4 points back at 27.6% ... followed by Andrew Weaver's Green Party at 21%.

What this poll shows is that the NDP are continuing their decades long tradition of one third voter support.  Meantime, the BC Liberals have sunk to have support of just over one quarter of respondents, and the Green Party has surged to over 20 percent.

Considering this information from Mainstreet Research ... and the fact that thousands have not bothered to get the PIN needed to vote for the parties next leader, yes indeed that could indeed, "... spell trouble for the Liberals post vote".

Another question to consider in light of this, is what does it mean in the up-coming Kelowna West by-election?  After winning the riding, former Premier Christy Clark abandoned residents soon after last May's provincial election, an action she had only just the people their she would not even think about doing.

SOME people might say with the NDP now running the province will former, and once again, Liberal candidate and MLA Ben Stewart claim victory on February 14th?  Or will they instead elect a member of the governing NDP party and send Shelley Cook?  Or will Okanagan residents instead sent Green Party candidate Robert Stupka.

What I'm wondering is ... will it be NONE of the above?  A strong conservative is rumored ready to announce their candidacy.  What will that mean for the campaign?

BC residents have seen the growing number of flip-flops amassed by the NDP in less than a year. 

They've seen where they Green Party will steer this province, if they ever truly gain more power.

And they are now beginning to see declining support underway in the BC Liberals. 

Only one party is currently untested in the legislature... and only one party can elect a member who will give voters a fresh perspective to consider.

That party is the BC Conservatives! 

Here's a final thought:
What will Kelowna-West mean for all of BC, as those on the center right now see the rocky road of extremism (from the NDP and Green agenda) on the rise ... and ... what will the long and painful re-branding of a free enterprise party look like as BC's centre-right searches for a future of hope.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.  The floors now yours, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. The BC Conservatives are the only untested party? The only ones that can give a fresh perspective? Come on Alan, there are a number of other provincial parties that can claim the same thing. One of them is actually running a candidate in the Kelowna-West by-election. If the voters of that riding believe in limited government, tax cuts, free markets, and the preservation of their basic liberties, the only choice is Kyle Geronazzo.

    1. Dear Unknown ... it's a shame you posted anonymously, when it appears you strongly believe in candidate Kyle Geronazzo.

      Perhaps the 'only' was a bit strong, however I believe the BC Conservatives have the best shot at becoming the next party to first elect an MLA to the legislature.

  2. PS ... for those unaware, Kyle Geronazzo is running for the BC Libertarian Party