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The bcLIBERALS claim to be the Free-Enterprise party. By their actions, or should I say inaction, they have proven that to be a lie

It's Tuesday (April 10th) --- three days now since Kinder Morgan declared they needed an answer on if they are going to be able to go ahead, without further delay, on getting the Trans Mountain pipeline underway. 

They've drawn a line in the sand, and that line is dated May 31st!

So what's happened in the meantime, since then?

Well from everything I have read, heard and seen, BC NDP Premier John Horgan appears to be completely indifferent to the chaos he's creating across the resource sector.

Meantime, the bcLIBERALS, with leader Andrew Wilkinson, have finally come out of their comma to realize we have problem.

So you might be wondering, "Where does that place the BC Conservative Party?"

Only the BC Conservatives have been consistent on responsible resource development; development to support ALL British Columbians ... development which will create thousands of jobs ... development which will create tax revenue to build schools, hospitals, and replace aging infrastructure.

"The prosperity of many BC communities and the provincial economy as a whole is dependent upon the responsible utilization of our abundant natural resources"

I know where my political support lies ... with the ONLY party to be consistent in its demand for resource development that is responsible, and sustainable.

The bcLIBERALS claim to be the Free-Enterprise party. By their actions, or should I say inaction, they have proven that to be a lie.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.  Got a comment to make?  This is your chance to share it now.


  1. It has never been about the environment. The end result of millions of dollars spent by Americans to land lock our oil is they save $43,000,000 each and every day because we are unable to get it to tide water. How many projects for public good could be done with the tax on that revenue? If they stuff proportional voting up our ass no one will ever form a majority government. Two losers will trump a winner and the junior partner with only three seats wants to run the ship.


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