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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

HERN: Asking men in leadership to set aside their egos, in the interest of a greater good, is an unlikely prospect -- it would require a miracle

At the risk of wasting my breath and my time, I want to express the following suggestion.

To have two right wing parties in Canada assures that Justin Trudeau will stay in power for another four years. Canada cannot afford this.

I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada made a mistake when they chose Andrew Sheer, rather than Maxime Bernier, as their party leader.  Andrew is a really nice man, and I would like him very much as a person, but not as the one hope of overthrowing the greatest threat to Canada since Justin’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, held the reins.

I want to appeal to both Andrew and Maxime to please set aside your egos in
the interests of saving the country.

I have been listening for a clear voice from Andrew about the real harm that is being done to Canada each and every day ... I have not heard it.  Andrew, this is not the time for being “nice”.

Where has your voice been for instance on this signing away of our autonomy, as a nation, in order to secure a seat on the Council of the United Nations which is obviously Mr. Trudeau’s chief aim. He would sacrifice everything including the borders of Canada, and the financial well-being of the taxpayers of this nation in order to secure his “place in history”.

Perhaps you have spoken clearly and decisively about how the Conservative Party would get the pipeline built, without allowing First Nations to have a virtual veto over everything we do in Canada. If you have, I have not heard it.

These are only two of the areas where I feel that the voice of the Conservative Party of Canada, through the mouth of their leader has been muted.

Maxime, I don’t know you or your policies well, but your recent post about fighting for the pipelines in both French and English certainly appeals to me, and I think to many others.

You do seem to have courage to speak to the real needs of our country.  I hear a clear voice from you, Maxime – a forceful voice which has a chance to be heard throughout the country, but if we are listening to two voices disaster looms ahead.

I appeal to the members of the both parties – the Conservative Party of Canada ... and the Peoples Party of Canada -- to do what could never be expected.  I appeal to you as just one of many concerned Conservatives.  Please consider the possibility of a merger of the Conservative Party of Canada, and the People’s Party of Canada, in the interests of the country, rather than just individual interests.
I recognize that the chances of this happening are slim to nil, but if you men could act as true statesmen, we could win the next election. 

Neither of you can do it alone.
Sincerely ... a concerned citizen,
    Allen Hern


  1. It was obvious by the reaction of CPC members when Maxime made his announcement during their convention. Did they take the time to thoughtfully examine the charges he laid against the party? No. They were outraged and lashed out at the man's character. I washed my hands of them once and for all that day.

  2. I have never liked Maxime and was happy to see Andrew win the leadership. Since then things have changed. Today the Conservatives have become the middle-of-the-road party trying to please everyone. The PPC is refreshingly right-wing. I really like their platform! When I look at the differences of the two parties, I cannot believe the two will find common ground. Too bad because the split may indeed mea that the Liberals win again.

  3. I believe in miracles. But the ask here is to get Scheer to rescind telling Bernier that he did not speak for the party at any level, and that none of his ideas would be welcomed in the party platform. Scheer would have to put the proverbial toothpaste back into the tube. Unfortunately, more so for the CPC than for Canada, Scheer has been found wanting with empty tube in hand.


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