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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN .... a look back at the week of August 18th to 24th

Greetings friends ... and welcome to Day Seven ... a look back at the ten most read commentary / opinion pieces of the past week.  Let’s get underway .... here’s number ten ...

#10 ... Trans Mountain expects it will receive clearance of all other outstanding regulatory approvals and permits for the remaining construction areas (August 21st)

... we are committed to ensuring the Project incorporates all appropriate measures to protect the cultural, environmental and local Indigenous interests in the lands and waters through construction and into operation ...

#9 ... ADAM OLSEN - Rather than leaning into the jurisdictional quagmire that has created a ‘can't do’ culture in Canada, we have a responsibility to find ways to empower communities and citizens (August 24th)

... since my election two years ago I have been demanding that the government forge a new relationship with salmon and forests, the creatures and ecosystems that define our province ...

#8 ... JASON KENNEY -- To put it more bluntly ... ‘If you want to benefit from our oil and gas wealth, stop blocking oil and gas pipelines’ (August 19th)

... it is historically inaccurate to say that ... ‘When Quebec got into Canada, equalization was in the plan. It is part of the original deal. We can’t change the original deal.’  In fact, equalization began as a unilateral federal program in 1957, and has undergone many significant changes since then ...

#7 ... ROTHENBURGER -- A little less rehabilitation and a lot more punishment (August 20th)

... the rationale for day parole is that if the inmate takes part in the community, he or she is better prepared for full parole. Beckett’s husband Brad Aschenbrenner is understandably unhappy, both with the parole and with the four-year sentence. To quote Aschenbrenner: “There’s something wrong here, and it’s not right, and it has to get fixed.” ...

#6 ... FELDSTED -- Ralph Goodale should be ashamed of himself ... what rights the gay community enjoys have been won through determination and costly court actions (August 24th)

... people attend gay pride parades for a variety of reasons; to gather and celebrate achievements, to support family members and friends, and to dare to be different. Politicians attend for one reason: “Look at me; aren’t I special for just being here” ...

#5 ... Employer Community – this is an unacceptable business practice, and definitely not a ‘worker-centred’ approach with respect to dealing with inquiries injured workers (August 22nd)

... news release reported that ... engagement on British Columbia’s workers’ compensation system and how to shift the system to become more worker centred, as well as how to increase worker and employer confidence, is open for feedback. It certainly seems like the employer’s community has definitely made bit known that it has no confidence in the process ... and they have indeed given their feedback as to why ...

#4 ... Something appears to be working because the past two reports now show significant declines in the numbers of young people, and adults, who have died from drug deaths (August 19th)

... I have to admit being harsh on the provincial government, when it comes to drug deaths from overdoses ... but more importantly from deliberately poisoned drugs that I feel the government is not dealing harshly enough in ensuring that those manufacturing the poison, get HARSH jail terms ...

#3 ... Rex Murphy should be on the moderator's panel for the 2019 Leaders' Debate -- Awesome idea! Justin Trudeau would hide under his podium if Rex was on the panel (August 21st)

... what do Canadians think about the latest in this scandal involving Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Ethical certainly wouldn’t be a word on the minds and lips of many.   Here is just a small sampling of Twitter today ...

#2 ... Something hinky’s going on with Hydro’s application to the Utilities
Commission. Despite the claim by Michelle Mungall there’s going to be a ‘rate reduction for the first time in decades’, that is in fact a fallacy (August 23rd)

... here’s the thing though -- that decrease, if approved by the BC utilities Commission, will be 1% beginning in 2021 ... but it will be followed by an INCREASE of two point seven percent (2.7%) in 2021

Then in 2022 Hydro has requested to reduce our rates, this time by by POINT three percent (0.3%) ... which will again be followed by another INCREASE of three percent (3%) in 2023

And now the most read blog [post this week ... one from Aaron Gunn ...

#1 ...
AARON GUNN - Is forcing women to wax male genitalia a fundamental human right?  (August 23rd)

... details of which are so bizarre … they have captured the attention of the international media, with news stations and comedians like Ricky Gervais, weighing in from around the world … while the utter ridiculousness might tempt you to simply roll your eyes or even laugh, the truth behind this particular story is much darker and sinister than it first appears

And that’s a wrap on Day Seven! I hope you’ve had a great week … I hope you found interest in at least a few of the posts from this past week … and we’ll be back to do it again starting tomorrow.


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