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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN … the week of October 6th to 12th

My favorite line of the week came from the Globe and Mail, who said, “Trudeau is ... a Canadian brand that’s up there with canoes and beavers…” – how can you not love that?  

Well love that line or not it’s Day Seven, and that means it’s time to look back at the most read op/ed pieces, and commentaries, of the week -- including a candidate profile from the Green Party's Iain Currie -- and this week we also have the return of Gordon Wilson … so let’s get things underway …

#10 … GORDON WILSON -- Canadians tend to sigh, yawn or roll their eyes when the discussion turns to the Constitution, but it’s is the very foundation that makes our country work (October 12th) 

… while it has frequented election campaigns throughout our history, rarely has it been so belligerent or poised to do so much damage. When I hear a federal leader, regardless of his or her electoral prospects, glibly say he will give provincial premiers veto over national projects, I am concerned … 

#9 … FELDSTED - We need something more scientific, and stable, to use in navigating how to deal with climate change (October 12th) 

… the honest conversations we need to have are about our energy use, our environment and climate change. While the three topics are interdependent, they each have separate considerations. Let’s start with environment – maintaining excellent quality air, land and water are just the basics … 

#8 … IAIN CURRIE - The most important issues affecting people of this riding closely mirror issues affecting the country as a whole: climate change, a changing economy, and a growing democratic deficit (October 10th)

we believe that it’s more important to get the right things done for Canadians than to get the credit for them, and that means working across party lines and supporting good ideas wherever they may arise … Greens see the responsibility of MPs as being first and foremost to represent their constituents, with the party coming second … 

#7 … Are you considering a run for leader of the BC Greens?  ‘I’m solely focused on the work ahead in this session and representing my constituents’, he responded (October 7th) 

 … I’m thankful for the work he has done to raise the conversation on climate change in British Columbia, culminating in the CleanBC program now the party will have to work toward selecting another leader. So, who may or may not be considering a run for leader? 

#6 … FELDSTED - The government and indigenous people have different definitions and there is “no meeting of minds”. Until there is, there can be no reconciliation (October 10th)

adding another set of “rights” created by an unelected body with no responsibility for the outcome of imposing the declaration on Canada will result in problems our leaders are not considering. There has been no serious discussion or debate on the merits of adopting UNDRIP ... which is a disservice to all Canadians, including indigenous people 

#5 … ‘Unless John Horgan can come up with a plan to grow the economy and reduce debt then British Columbians better hold on to their wallets’ ~~ Stephanie Cadieux (October 11th) 

… the governments media release, regarding S&P’s Global rating, went on to state that ... along with an expectation of operating surpluses, the government has an ambitious capital plan focused on investment in productive assets, such as transportation infrastructure, health facilities, and school replacement programs ... BC Liberals however, were not so easily persuaded of good times ahead 

#4 … ADAM OLSEN -- Gotcha! politics is confirming for voters that doing anything else is a better use of their time, rather than engaging in the political discourse (October 11th)

you will always run into people, while canvassing, who are less than enthused by politics. Few pay attention to governance unless the decisions impact them directly. The backroom political spin machines have long been acknowledged as a part of election campaigns. Still, rarely have we seen the entire narrative of every Party -- be so thoroughly disrupted -- as we have seen this time around 

#3 … ADAM OLSEN - From what I have seen, the federal Liberals' Oceans Protection Plan is little more than a marketing campaign for their new pipeline program (October 9th)

they have had an incredible opportunity to begin the transitionary process to closed containment over the past four years but they have done absolutely nothing except fight their own citizens who want action.  Now, with an election in play, we have seen a government perpetually scrambling from one announcement to another with no clear vision for our coast 

#2 … FORSETH - Each has an oar in the water – and all of them are paddling out-of-sync, or perhaps it is in sync, to keep resource, energy, mining, and forestry sectors off kilter (October 9th)

if throwing more and more confusing and overlapping rules and regulations, having more and more Ministries involved with their own set of rule bocks, and what amounts to a never ending serious of roadblocks is the plan, well then Environment Minister George Heyman, and BC Green Party leader have succeeded

And the number one story of that week?  It’s the one with a quote from the Globe and Mail, that I mentioned at the start … 

#1 … Globe and Mail says Trudeau is ... a Canadian brand that’s up there with canoes and beavers – one carefully built for his millions of social-media followers (October 8th)

while one political party has stated that Justin Trudeau is ‘not as advertised’, what does the media have to say?  One thing is undeniable, the Trudeau brand is definitely tarnished ... 

Thanks for being part of the journey on the blog … and thank you for those who contribute their thoughts and ideas – they all help, in a way I hope, to keep us open to new ideas on how we can make this province, and our country, a better place.

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Take care … enjoy the rest of your day ... and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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