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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

FELDSTED -- A Security Council seat entails limited power; chasing UN “prestige” is the road to ruin for Canada

A group of large frogs in a small puddle are convinced that their croaking can shake and shape world affairs. They rule with the haughtiness of anointed royalty, forgetting they are elected to and serve in a constitutional monarchy with serious constitutional obligations to Canada’s people.

This cadre within our federal government has its heart set on a seat on the UN Security Council and is spending billions in its efforts. Besides a squadron of bureaucrats campaigning full time on gaining a seat, the cadre is spending billions in foreign aid to enhance its image in UN ranks.

A Security Council seat entails limited power. Any resolution that Canada puts forward or supports can be vetoed by any of the big five members of the Council; it is a prestige position of very limited practical use for Canada or Canadians.

The same government has pronounced that global warming or climate change is the most important element of governance in Canada. Our economy, social well-being, deteriorating legal system, health care and high taxation levels are elbowed aside to appeasing the UN gods of climate change.

That would be less ludicrous if the government made any effort to verify the Professor Michael Mann's “hockey stick” calculations that underpin global warming hysteria, but they have not. Numerous prestigious scientists have tested Professor Mann’s calculations and find they are not credible.

In addition, the same scientists have tested climate change projection models and found them to be manipulated to produce results that are neither credible nor reasonable.

Finally, the reductions in carbon emissions that are alleged to slow, or halt climate change is a world-wide problem. All major emitters must reduce emission in lock-step for the plan to succeed. There is no evidence that nations are cooperating to reduce emissions.

World carbon emissions are increasing, not decreasing, and expected to hit 36.8 billion metric tons (40.6 billion U.S. tons) in 2019.

Canada, with an estimated 1.6% of world emissions or about 617.6 million metric tons is not a carbon threat. Even if we reduce our emissions by 20% to 494 MMT, the decrease of 123.5 MMT would have a negligible 0.3% (3/10 of 1%) effect on world emissions while the reduction risks driving us into a deep recession or probably a depression with an enormous impact on our standard of living.

We are risking economic security chasing an unachievable scheme.

Destroying our economy is the hidden agenda behind the UN global warming scheme and our government is a willing partner in the venture rather then standing up for Canada’s best interests.

We must return to behaving like the sovereign nation we are rather then chasing the United Nations globalist agenda. The UN is unelected and unaccountable, notable mostly for its failure to meet its mandate of keeping world peace.

That was the objective of forming the organization ... before it was taken over by dictators and tyrants representing the warring nations who have driven over 70 million people to leave their country of origin because of conflict, war or persecution.

Chasing UN “prestige” is the road to ruin for Canada.      

John Feldsted
Political Commentator, Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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