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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

None indicated that the process would be open, and lead to something the people of BC could embrace – instead it now appears the governments agenda was always how things would proceed

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive

The above is a quotation by Sir Walter Scott which, by all appearances, seems well fitted to the whole mess surrounding talks, discussions, meetings, secret meetings, and consultations around possible solutions to the recovery of the woodland caribou herds.

With the latest news of former MLA Blair Lekstrom stepping down, it seems clear as to his reasons ... It’s unfortunate it came to this point, but it became very clear recently with a letter the premier had sent to the Peace River Regional District in my area stating they had no intention to change any text within the partnership agreement, he said.

Over the past year I have written several pieces (not all included here today) regarding the Caribou recovery consultation process. 

Regrettably, none indicated that the process would be open, and lead to something the people of BC could embrace – instead it now appears the governments agenda was always how things would proceed.

Thoughts on BC Politics and More post from November 8th, 2019:

As the provincial government moves forward with a leaders table regarding Caribou recovery in the Peace River region, Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad is not impressed ... he stated, It shows that their approach is being driven by ideology, not science and that they could care less about who is impacted by their bumbling strategies”.

It is clear that in order to move forward and find resolution to this issue,
we must come together and agree to be more inclusive and transparent
in the development of the solution
~~ from the Blair Lekstrom Report

Thoughts on BC Politics and More post from June 20th, 2019:

Everyone in the Peace region agrees that we need to recover our caribou herds and protect local jobs ... the only way we will make progress is by working together ... listen and work collaboratively to find the best solution”, Horgan continued.
MLA Doug Clovechok, definitely sees things differently about that so-called agreement by everyone in the Peace River.  The only certainty that the announced moratorium creates, is more uncertainty. This is nothing more than a kick in the guts for rural British Columbians who are already reeling and down from massive cuts in the forestry sector”.

I have included a number of recommendations which I hope will help
shape the moving forward of this issue and the re-balancing of the
Partnership Agreement. I have attempted to consolidate what I have
heard and present common issues that were raised by the many I
was able to engage with ~~ from the Blair Lekstrom Report

Thoughts on BC Politics and More post from April 17th, 2019:

Trevor Bolin made the comment, “The caribou initiative is just another example of a government that is not open and transparent, nor is it in touch with the people of British Columbia ... the proposed reforms' impact on a wide range of British Columbians ... massive proposed changes to the BC we know and love ... it’s time the government gives answers, because the people of BC deserve the truth." 

Meantime bureaucrats, when talking about Section 11 say ‘... don’t worry, we’re not going to shut anything down’, stated MLA Clovechok. 

I believe recommendations 4,8,9 and 10* contained above provide
the continued help necessary for the species while additional time is
taken to re-balance the Partnership Agreement with the intent to
gain broader support for this important initiative. It is far more important
to take the necessary time needed to get the agreement right than it is
to push forward an agreement which in its present form is not supported
by the vast majority of the region
~~ from the Blair Lekstrom Report

Yesterday the BC Liberals described the caribou recovery plan as being ... in shambles following the sudden resignation of NDP appointed Community Liaison Blair Lekstrom, and the complete withdrawal of the Peace River Regional District from the NDP’s Caribou Recovery Initiative.

Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier stated, “John Horgan and the NDP never had any intention to adopt the 14 recommendations presented to government last June.  The entire process has been nothing but a sham and only confirms that his government is not sincere in properly engaging local governments and communities.”

Meantime, from Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett, came these words. “People in rural British Columbia have lost all confidence in a government that deliberately mislead local governments, businesses and even weekend snowmobilers. The minister responsible, Doug Donaldson, has been absent from this file for over a year now, and there isn’t anyone who gives John Horgan and the NDP a shred of credibility moving forward.”

One news story yesterday said that BC’s premier, John Horgan, wished to thank Lekstrom for the important work he did ... sadly that important work was all in vain.

Yes indeed ... what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

* see pages #14 and 15 from the Lekstrom Report


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