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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

FORSETH: Personally, I am beyond sick and tired, and fed up, with government wanting a pat on the back for doing little more than what we expect of them

This past Friday, the BC government released a news story that … wait for it ………………………… let us know they were doing their job.

All smiles as BC NDP Health Minister Adrian
Dix makes his announcement last Friday
Dignity, comfort, and security are what people and their loved ones expect and deserve when they are in long-term care”, is what Adrian Dix, our Minister of Health had to say.

He then continued, “Government is investing in these long-term care homes by adding new and replacement items, like beds and mattresses, and ceiling lifts and sensory rooms, so people can feel comfortable in their surroundings and enjoy their home-like setting”.

What the hell?  Replacing things like beds and celling lifts (I’d consider that to be a necessity, wouldn’t you?) needs to be brought to our attention?

According to Friday’s media release, a total of $10 million is being provided to buy over 8,000 new items: beds and mattresses, shower chairs and tubs, mobility equipment – such as floor and ceiling lifts – lighting and visual aids, sensory rooms, music therapy and ergonomic furniture. The furniture includes specialized chairs and tables.

Over 8,000 items you say Mr. Dix.  Well hell, if you want a pat on the back for this exceptional example of the wonders you provide to our seniors, then why not let us know the exact amount.  Was it 8 thousand and one … 8 thousand and ninety-two … 8 thousand and thirty-nine?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Not to be left out, Ronna-Rae Leonard, Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors, stated;

Our government is committed to improving care for seniors. The new equipment has helped ensure that their care is provided safely — for the people who live in long-term care, the families who visit them and the staff who care for them”.

I’ve got news for both of them … starting with Mr. Dix. I’ve heard first hand about the dignity and comfort loved ones get – and it’s not what they should expect, no what they deserve!

Let’s start with ‘family rooms’ closed at times so that staff can have ‘meetings’ or do paperwork.

Not enough staff so that our seniors can have a bath on a regular basis …

Being put to bed barely past dinner, so that over-night staff level can be lower …

They get away with calling a virtually transparent piece of cheese the protein, while starches abound, and a lack of fresh fruit is the norm …

Fresh fruit and vegetables?  Not so much, and I don’t care what they say to the contrary.

In hospitals, ‘loved ones’ get crowded into minuscule wards, of both men and women, with barely enough room to have a chair next to them for a visit …

They have been served mystery meals where they have a hard time identifying what they are eating …

Here’s a meal you’d love to eat Ms. Leonard – chicken cacciatore – an actual meal served at one of our provincials.  Steamed chicken (it goes kind of grey looking after the amount of time it takes to get to the patients), with a swipe of red sauce painted across it.   

Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

Many times our seniors are served food items with plastic seals that are difficult for them to open, and there is not enough staff to offer assistance …

Toasters have been declared a ‘fire-hazard’, on the wards, so getting your family member or friend a piece of toast is impossible.  Given that, I’d love to see what equipment is provided in staff rooms.

Sheets on their beds can have holes in them because of what must be the financial ‘efficiencies’ of contracting out; are there not be enough people to check bedding for damage needing repairs?  That as well as resources not being there to buy new bedding to replace what is worn.

And I am sure many of you, reading this, could add countless other things to this list.

“… government is investing more than $1 billion over three years to improve care for seniors, including investments in primary care, home health, long-term care, assisted living and respite services ...”

Personally, I am beyond sick and tired, and fed up, with government wanting a pat on the back for doing little more than what we expect of them. 

Providing the essentials, shouldn’t get you that.

AND … “$240 million over three years to increase staffing levels in long-term care homes, with the goal of achieving the target 3.36 direct care hours per resident day – on average – across all health authorities …”.

Let me just say that I for one would be interested in seeing just what exactly goes into, and is meant by, ‘direct care hours’ … and I’m sure many of you would as well.

Our seniors deserve better, and no amount of BS from the government telling me that the dribs and drabs they offer is doing that, will convenience me otherwise.


  1. Please, if you are on Facebook, join our group

    This group asks for you to take pictures of the pig slop BC patients get fed.

    Show us the pictures. Just complaining falls on deaf political ears.

    Taking pictures is clear evidence of the mistreatment of BC patients.

    And the more evidence the better.


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