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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN ... the week of July 19th to 25th

Hello once again, and welcome to DAY SEVEN, as we take a look back at this past week, and the stories and commentaries that people read the most.


#10 ... ADAM OLSEN -- $9 Billion Tourism Sector Not Getting the Support It Needs (July 20th)

Over the past few months, I have heard clearly how COVID-19 is devastating the visitor economy (tourism sector) in British Columbia. I know the provincial government has heard the same messages. I’ve shared documentation from business leaders outlining the desperate situation of the industry in British Columbia and the immediate and long-term needs ...


#9 ... CANADA’S ENERGY CITIZENS -- Activist publications have the right to advocate for their cause, but not with inaccurate or misleading information (July 24th)

Misinformation should always be pushed back against, and last week we came across another example of an organization making some pretty bold claims about the oil and gas sector. This time it was a new report from another activist organization trying to push the mythical narrative that the production of oil and natural gas in Canada is heavily subsidized.

They are simply wrong ...


#8 ... DAN ALBAS -- How satisfied are you about the current actions undertaken by all levels of Government to contain COVID-19 (July 22nd)

This week the House of Commons reconvened briefly to allow Parliament to pass Bill C-20 ... “An Act respecting further COVID-19 measures”.

Bill C-20 proposed a number of different measures, such as allowing the extension of the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) until December 19, 2020


#7 ... FELDSTED -- Governments have been hiding by deferring controversial decisions to the judiciary rather than dealing with them as they are required to do under the constitution (July 22nd)

... In previous commentaries, I outlined the constitutional arrangement of the Executive Branch and some reasons why the Privy Council must be returned to the domain of the Governor General. I have also indicated that the Pricy Council must be politically neutral ...


#6 ... CANADIAN TAXPAYERS FEDERATION -- Bureaucrats waste money when they think nobody’s looking. Here's a fun way to remind them someone is looking and to hold them accountable (July 22nd)

We have a fun challenge for you and you’ll help save taxpayers money.
First, here’s what happened. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation caught the (Justin) Trudeau government blowing $11,100 on pictures of oatmeal, bananas and a guy skating for a Health Canada Instagram page


#5 ... ‘While differing a bit from what we had called for, by and large, BC’s vaping action plan is a good start’ -– BC Liberal MLA Todd Stone - Kamloops South Thompson (July 20th)  

Late last November the BC Liberal Opposition introduced three amendments to the government’s Taxation Statutes Amendment Act.  These changes all focused on transparency and accountability, which would have either created a designated education fund from vaping PST revenue, put all revenues into the existing Special Health Account.  At a minimum, it would have required an annual report to the legislature -- of total PST revenue collected -- and how the revenue was spent ...


#4 ... Free housing won’t solve the problems of mental health and addictions’ll simply make it easier to live the lifestyle – Vernon City Councillor Scott Anderson (July 21st)

... While the Province is partnering with the Turning Points Collaborative Society (TPCS) on two proposals that would bring over 100 new supportive homes for people experiencing homelessness in Vernon, City Councillor Scott Anderson has concerns ...


#3 ... FORSETH – Fall election? It’s beginning to look more and more so, as the provinces political parties get members fired up (July 24th)

Are we going to be seeing an election call here in BC this Fall? The BC Liberals certainly appear to think so ... so does the Green Party ... ... as do the Conservatives.

In the past two weeks the BC Liberals have been cranking out one media release after the other ...


#2 ... HISTORY’S IN THE MAKING ... and Canadians should pay attention (July 21st)

The average Canadian might not be aware, but Leslyn Lewis has a good chance of winning the Conservative Party’s leadership next month.

Born to immigrant parents who left Jamaica in pursuit of freedom, peace, and hope for a better future, Lewis is a mother of two, a successful Bay Street litigator, and a business owner. She holds a master’s in environmental sciences and a PhD in international law. She’s intelligent, articulate, and kind ...


AND NOW ... here’s the top commentary of the week ... this is ...


#1 ... FORSETH -- Dr. Leslyn Lewis isn’t the next – or the next next – leader of the conservatives; she is the right leader ... right now (July 23rd)

... think of Lewis not as the next Conservative leader, but perhaps the next, next leader. One day, if all the pieces fall in place, she might well be ready to lead this nation forward.”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but a whole lot of people seem to think that Leslyn Lewis is a bright, capable, articulate, and knowledgeable individual – that includes the Erin O’Toole campaign who themselves publicly stated her strengths and positive attribute she brought to the party.

So ... WHY NOT NOW? And WHO IS IT that are saying it’s just not her time? 

And with that, we close off this past week, and look forward to a fresh start tomorrow – I’ll hope you’ll join us then.

And remember, we always look forward to having new folks join us as regulars here.  If you have a friend or two that you think will be interested in the stories and commentaries we post, be sure to let them know about this blog site.



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