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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

TWIGG REPORT -- Evidence mounts that world news events are fitting all the more into Bible prophecies

By John Twigg

I've false-started on a new commentary several times this week and on Friday afternoon I was looking forward to an open church service tonight in Campbell River's beautiful Foreshore Park, that meant this wasn’t going to be a lengthy column. 

Well actually it did become longish!  :)

Part of my problem is that there's still so much going on nowadays that one simply cannot keep track of it all, let alone make some sense of it that might be helpful to readers.

A prime example was President Donald Trump's nomination acceptance speech Thursday evening, and indeed the whole show that he and the Republican Party put on, which whether or not you like him or them you must admit was amazingly professional, even masterful. Obviously, the Donald has learned the media game too, as with real estate, and now on November 3rd we'll see how he has done again in American politics.

In a way it's too early to predict because he and the Democratic Party's puppet-head candidate Joe Biden have yet to clash directly but polls suggest it IS a close contest, which the most recent poll I saw had Trump up at 52% - so the outcome is only a tongue-slip or two away for both men.

One thing I drew from Trump's speech, apart from his many amazing major new policy pronouncements in my 23 pages of longhand notes - is that Trump mentally is still as sharp as a tack; he doesn't forget names, grasp for words or pause to try and figure out what's best to say - all of which Biden does, and in this age of hot media that could prove deadly for Biden and the whole "progressive left".

However the key questions are in the issues at stake, wherein everyone has their own personal priorities but pollsters nonetheless try to parse what the potential voters are thinking as they head to the polls, or stay home, or especially in this time of COVID whether or how they'll try to do a mail-in vote, the ease or difficulty of which may vary state by state, and Trump is trying to thwart the potential - the very real potential - for massive voting fraud (eg a husband sending in votes for himself plus for his wife and kids).

Who might commit voting fraud? Maybe some of Trump's own supporters will too but far more likely the cheating voters would be among the left-wing zealots now rioting in America's streets and trying desperately to thwart everything Trump wants to do.

Meanwhile there are many other dysfunctions flourishing in the world, like climate and weather anomalies being cited (wrongly) for proof of global warming, opposition politicians being poisoned and/or murdered, government debts soaring as they struggle to cope with COVID - and then of course there is Canada's politics, which most of my readers probably can judge well enough for themselves.

I'll just say this: "You think it's bad here? You just take a look at Russia or China or heck even Europe, let alone the panoply of Third World basket cases that can't even deliver sewer and water systems to the hordes of humans in their slums."

The decline of social order is increasingly evident and if you'd like to see more of my views on that and the views of others you might enjoy my recent posts on Twitter via @TwiggJohn.

Here are some recent examples from my Tweets and "Tweets and Replies":

Twitter in particular and probably social media in general are becoming virtual battlegrounds in a spreading array of societal war zones; let's see what happens in #COVID back to school, social justice in pro sports and so many other venues such as religion and yes espy politics.

A classic example of "Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Get It."

Nowadays there is no "innocent" and value judgements belong only to the self-deemed politically correct, a clique or cabal that seems to be growing, at least in its demands for power. And now the NHL is pausing?? What's next?

Good insight: "Canada’s federal Liberals and NDP have become “preoccupied with identifiable minorities” and blind to “the trials and tribulations of the white working class facing economic and cultural upheavals." " (Todd citing Manthorpe) - to which I agree times ten!

Quote Tweet @DouglasTodd

I have one significant disagreement with Jonathan Manthorpe’s many recommendations for rehabilitating democracies, but vigorously concur with the broad strokes of his data-rich, common-sense, largely social-democrat vision. #CDNpoli #BCpoli #vanpoli [Todd's comment].

Anyway, I wrapped this up as it was getting time for me to go to church - yes, a service on Friday night at sundown! -  which perhaps more than a few of my regular readers will know is also the correct or at least original Biblical weekly Sabbath - the one that Jesus kept! - from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday, so it's a real privilege to be able to do that now. (The event is mainly singing but there also will be some proselytizing.)

That's all the more important to me now because so much of world news is fitting like a glove into Bible prophecies, certainly the turmoil in America now is in there - with America being the Manasseh part of Israel in prophecy while the British Commonwealth - including British Columbia! - is part of Ephraim, who were the two sons of Joseph who received the Abrahamic birthright blessing from Joseph's father Jacob who in scripture had his name changed to Israel (he said "Let my name be named on them and then he predicted they would  become a great nation and a great company of nations). The Jews are more properly known as Judah though they also are part of the Tribe of Israel and thus get away with using that name in our modern world.

Certainly COVID-19 is in there, numerous times, in prophecies (e.g. Matthew 24:7), but so too is China as the dominant player in the Kings of the East, Russia is in there under "Meshech, Tubal and Rosh" (with Putin being its obvious "Prince"), the breaking-apart European Union is in there as the King of the North (i.e. a German-led NATO after Brexit, just now emerging) and so many other fine points are in there like that that it's increasingly obvious that Bible prophecies of "the Times of the End when knowledge shall increase" and men's hearts will fail them for worry are actually now about to come true. [If you want more information in that vein, I highly recommend the posted literature of the Philadelphia Church of God.]

So, what should be done? In British Columbia's case it's to develop as much self-sufficiency and social security systems as we can while we still can.

That should include reviving the B.C. Provincial Police force, reviving the Bank of B.C. as an issuer of currency, and generally many other moves especially for food security.

Clamping down on drug crime in Victoria's Centennial Square? Yes of course let's do that too, but how about moving towards full employment, secure housing, a basic income, better health care and social services and more - maybe universal access to media.

So, that said, it's time for me to say Shabbat Shalom!

John Twigg ... is a long-time independent journalist and occasional partisan activist now based in Campbell River.


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