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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN ... the week of August 30th to September 5th

Good morning and welcome to DAY SEVEN ... a look back at the top commentaries and stories for the week of August 30th to September 5th ... your opportunity to have a look and see what you may have missed, and what caught the eyes of others who visit this blog site through-out the week.

Let’s get things underway ... here’s ...

#10 ... FELDSTED – The train has left the station and is on a long downhill slope. As long as Trudeau governs, the train cannot be slowed (September 1st)

The audacity and incompetence are stupefying. No wonder Bill Morneau bailed. The study does not address the tens of thousands who did not qualify for the various programs rolled out or those who have lost savings and investments in businesses that will not recover from the lengthy shut-down and ridiculous regulations on reopening ...


#9 ... WUN FEATHER -- Wear your mask if you have to ... or don't wear the darn thing ... just remember that us human beings need to see each other smile (September 2nd)

I am deadly serious about what wearing masks is going to do to our society ... and I don't mean the physical aspect, or breathing in your own wasted breath. I am sure that can not be that good for you, but I want to talk about the psychological component of mask wearing.

I have made my living by talking to people ...


#8 ... PECKFORD – It is through their own Black Lives Matter colour lens, that others ‘will be seen’, it seems (August 31st)

What does Black Lives Matter (BLM) stand for? It’s confusing to me.

I was taught by a great high school teacher to always seek the facts, go to the source if possible. That teacher was always insistent that one clearly define what one means in our discourse

So that is what I am doing now ...


#7 ... RUSTAD – It has gone so far, under the current NDP, that you aren't even recognized as a ‘person’ under their new legislation (September 2nd)

The Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) in BC was first created in the mid 1970s and comprises about 5% of BC's land. I have been told that when it was originally created, there was supposed to be a benefit to land owners for the impact on their rights.

Protecting the degradation of farm land is significant and very important for the people of BC. But in addition, for me, another key factor to consider is the rights of land owners. Over the years, the ALR has had significant impacts on land owner's rights ...


#6 ... DAN ALBAS – CRA employee became ‘romantically involved with a biker gang member and used her access to give the gang personal information’ (September 2nd)

In my November 2018 MP report, I focused on newly discovered revelations that Statistics Canada was “demanding access to certain Canadians personal financial and banking information, including all transactions along with bank account balances without citizens’ consent or even notification that this is going on”.

At that time, I raised this issue in the House of Commons and no surprise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fully supported this effort by a government agency -- to take your personal financial information -- without your consent or even knowledge


#5 ... CLAYTON WELWOOD -- Capitalism Gives You Time; the State Takes it Away (September 1st)

Time is something that is finite and precious to each of us. I don’t know how much of it I will have in my lifetime, but being in my early 40’s it’s quite likely I’ve exhausted half my allotment already.

Perhaps I only have a few days; I can never be certain. The same goes for everyone else, young and old, rich and poor. Time is a primary reason why our value judgements are so subjective. We prefer to spend our time doing different things, so the goods and services we desire are quite varied ...


#4 ... Revenues were slowing well before the pandemic due to the NDP’s lack of economic vision and reliance on increasing taxes to fulfill their plans ... MLA Stephanie Cadieux (August 31st)

Today's release of John Horgan and the NDP government's public accounts show worrying signs for the future of British Columbia's economy with no economic recovery plan in sight ...


#3 ... FORSETH -- It’s up to all of us to ensure that we don’t end up with a tsunami of people overwhelming our hospitals this fall and winter (September 3rd)

Back to school starts in a matter of days ... and a trend is appearing in the COVID-19 situation that, to me at least, should be a matter of concern.

Where we had previously gone days with little to no new cases of people being hospitalized, that is no longer the case. Instead, over the past 3 weeks, we have been seeing an opposite trend, which is becoming more and more obvious ...


#2 ... FORSETH -- For some unknown reason, he has remained silent, without a word being spoken as to horrendous travesty to Canada’s history (August 30th)

But back to Justin Trudeau ... for some unknown reason, even as of 9pm this evening (Sunday August 30th) he has remained silent, without a word being spoken as to horrendous travesty to Canada’s history ... and an affront to our first Prime Minister.

Perhaps tomorrow, while in Montreal for another photo-op, I mean, doing his Prime Ministerial duties, he might find the time to let all Canadians know that this is something that must not be repeated, and that those caught perpetrating the destruction of the statue, will receive the full force of the law ...

And now ...
here’s the commentary which, in just two days, ended up as the most read of the past week ...

#1 ... First Nations Major Projects Coalition’s policy concept for a revolving loan facility receives endorsements by the BC Chamber and Vancouver Board of Trade (September 4th)

As part of a response to the economic impacts of COVID-19, the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) submitted a policy paper to the BC Government calling on the province to establish a revolving loan facility to foster greater access to capital for equity investment in major projects by Indigenous communities ...

And that brings us to the end of another week, and a review of this week’s commentaries.  If you enjoy what you see and read here, we’d be grateful if you’d take a moment to pass on the link to this blog site to your friends – Than
k You!


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