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“The truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world out there, where famine and racial strife and vandals in office are the unhappy rule.”
~~ Mordecai Richler

FELDSTED - A Liberal organizer declared in 1986 ... ‘Tell them anything to get elected and do what you want when you win’. Trudeau drank the Kool-Aid and acts accordingly

A STARK CHOICE ... pollsters and pundits insist that the Conservatives and Liberals are in “deadlocked” in the 2019 election race. That is hard to believe considering the vast difference between how the two parties plan to govern over the next four years. The Conservatives have proposed a common-sense, reasonable plan to reduce spending on non-essential programs (such as subsidies to corporations) to finance tax reductions while maintaining core services and working to balanced budgets.
The Liberal continue to strike fear in Canadians (fear of a climate crisis; fear of any reductions in government spending) and to spend even more to create a false appearance of prosperity. Liberals will increase borrowing due to budget deficits by $94 billion over the next four years, raising our federal debt from the current $768 billion to $862 billion.

To put that in to perspective, based on a modest 3.2% interest rate, we are currently paying $24.6 billion per year in interest. The Liberals plan to i…
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AARON GUNN -- The truth is, the justice system in this country all too often favours repeat violent offenders, while ignoring victims and their families

Earlier this year, I had the honour of being asked by the family of Tori Stafford to speak at a rally being held in her name, Life Means Life: A Protest for Change.

Tori was an innocent young girl who, at the age of just eight, was abducted, sexually assaulted, and brutally murdered by Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic in Southern Ontario.

Incredibly, after less than a decade behind bars, McClintic was transferred to a minimum-security ‘healing lodge’ despite the heinous nature of her crimes (a decision that, with public pressure, was thankfully overturned).

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident ... but it wasn’t.

The truth is, the justice system in this country all too often favours repeat violent offenders, while ignoring victims and their families.

Having served in a minority and majority government, and opposition, I’ve come to recognize and value the important democratic process we have - each role is important ~~ Cathy McLeod

Today we continue with our profiles of candidates running in the electoral riding of Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo.Up to now, we have been able to profile the People Party of Canada (PPC) candidate Ken Finlayson … along with the Green Party’s Iain Currie. Today I am pleased to provide the responses of Cathy McLeod, who is seeking re-election.Before we begin however, here is a brief bio for Ms. McLeod
As MP for Kamloops - Thompson - Cariboo, Cathy McLeod served with dedication and integrity. In 2017, she was appointed as Shadow Minister for Indigenous and Northern Affairs. Previously, Cathy was a municipal councilor and then Mayor of Pemberton.
Cathy is a registered nurse, and managed health-care centres in Kamloops, Pemberton, Logan Lake and Chase. She earned her nursing degree from the University of Western Ontario, and completed a master’s degree in International Primary Health Care from the University of London in the U.K.
She and her husband, Gord, have been married for over 35 years.…

LAILA YUILE -- Self-reflect about why people aren’t choosing your party, and actually listen to what others concerns are, instead of bashing them with fear

OLSEN -- Indeed, we do have options until, of course, we log all the old growth, and then those options are gone. I thank the minister for the response

We have learned that there are considerable issues with how BC Timber Sales is operating. It appears that they are not even following their own rules. This is deeply concerning.
I have been asking government of the continued liquidation of old-growth, specifically on Vancouver Island, for the better part of the past year. With most of it already harvested, and only a fraction still standing, I've been particularly critical of the doublespeak I hear in the responses from the Minister. On one hand the provincial government voices recognition of the value of old-growth for biodiversity and the health of ecosystems, while at the same time they are actively auctioning the last remaining stands of pristine old-growth. The inconsistency is lost on no one.
It appears that the Ministry of Forests own people have been investigating B.C. Timber Sales and raising the red flags about their practices. The compliance and enforcement officer on the file made recommendations that were ignored and he…

DAY SEVEN … the week of October 6th to 12th

My favorite line of the week came from the Globe and Mail, who said, “Trudeau is ... a Canadian brand that’s up there with canoes and beavers…” – how can you not love that?  

Well love that line or not it’s Day Seven, and that means it’s time to look back at the most read op/ed pieces, and commentaries, of the week -- including a candidate profile from the Green Party's Iain Currie -- and this week we also have the return of Gordon Wilson … so let’s get things underway …

#10 …GORDON WILSON -- Canadians tend to sigh, yawn or roll their eyes when the discussion turns to the Constitution, but it’s is the very foundation that makes our country work (October 12th)

… while it has frequented election campaigns throughout our history, rarely has it been so belligerent or poised to do so much damage. When I hear a federal leader, regardless of his or her electoral prospects, glibly say he will give provincial premiers veto over national projects, I am concerned …

#9 … FELDSTED - We need someth…

FELDSTED - We need something more scientific, and stable, to use in navigating how to deal with climate change

The honest conversations we need to have are about our energy use, our environment and climate change. While the three topics are interdependent, they each have separate considerations.
Let’s start with environment – maintaining excellent quality air, land and water are just the basics.
Our environment includes cityscapes, the urban jungles where an increasing proportion of our society resides. In that environment, wind tunnels, sunlight, neon lights, artificial lighting, streetlights, traffic lights, traffic noise, and many other factors play a large part in “environment”.

In rural areas, livestock operations, natural water drainage, maintain wetlands, weed control, use of pesticides and fertilizer and maintenance of roads and bridges, all play a part in “environment”.

“Climate Change” is a different topic altogether. Changes to our climate can influence our environment, but we are not certain of what drives climate change. That is not acceptable.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Ch…