“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Monday, January 29, 2018

THE OLD GUY said it best; "The public should not be required to subsidize any party, or individual candidate"

Very late Saturday evening ... well actually it was VERY EARLY Sunday morning, I decided to pen the piece, "He was right ... he still is ... and yet the BC Liberals choose to take this money anyway. I hope they choke on it".


It has generated several comments, sadly some come as personal only, and the individual writing them cannot be identified for reasons it could cause them problems.  Regardless, here is an interesting dialogue I've had over the past day and a half, with one of my acquaintances in BC politics

I'd share your outrage but in this case it's transitional to zero subsidies so in the big scheme of things it's not a major issue.  Lots of other issues are more important, like electing the Tory guy in Kelowna!

Sorry __ xyz __ but I have to strongly disagree.  They can spend their own money on whatever they want, but taxpayers should not have to subsidize the Liberals, NDP, and Greens.  And as I mentioned, what about anyone running as an independent?  Is it democratic that they be shut out from this money?  Transitional or not, it is not right.

You are of course welcome to your own opinions but also you should be aware that all political donations also are tax-deductible up to a certain level. (YES I knew, and was aware of, that)

BC Legislature in Victoria (image from BC Liberal caucus)
IMO it doesn't help BC Conservatives' electoral hopes for you to be ranting against electoral reform when most people want it regardless of the details of how it is done.

Choose your fights wisely and learn when to stay strategically quiet, IMO.

Now here is where it gets interesting ... apparently this individual was NOT AWARE of the amount taxpayers were dishing out thanks to the BC NDP government:

When I saw the cost numbers last night, in someone else's writing, I was shocked at the bite, so I'll walk back my position a bit.

The Liberals were grossly abusing the old system but the transition to a new one is iffy and now (Todd) Stone says he won't take the taxpayers money anyway if he wins so it's a mess.

Let me be clear, if you have not been aware of this previously

Sunday, January 28, 2018

He was right ... he still is ... and yet the BC Liberals choose to take this money anyway. I hope they choke on it

The three main parties, filling their bank accounts with taxpayers money, all seem to believe it shouldn't be done.  So then why have NONE have decided decline this months windfall jackpot, that instead SHOULD BE GOING to health services, education, and other social services?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; "Ideally only individuals should be able to donate up to a limit, similar to our federal system"

Instead, BC Liberals, NDP, and Green Party all headed to a taxpayer funded, and fully paid for, buffet. This from the Globe and Mail, in the Wednesday edition:

" ... British Columbia taxpayers just deposited $2.4-million into the bank accounts of the province's three main political parties — the first installment of a subsidy designed to wean them off corporate and union donations. The governing New Democrats and BC Liberals each received nearly $1-million, a contrast from traditional donations in which the Liberals significantly outraised the NDP. The third-place Greens got $415,000... "

After pointing this out, an occasional commenter, to my posts stated, "Well at least it's better than corporations and unions filling their coffers."

I DISAGREE, and said so.

Sorry Jeff but I strongly disagree. If individuals (not corporations) want to donate to a party (the amount within reason) fine. Government however should not be subsidizing parties.

Even if they do however, what about individuals running as independents?"  They get nothing.

Smaller parties with only a handful if candidates? They also get nothing?

This government largesse is only being shelled out to well funded and well entrenched parties, and it's crap!!

Back came Jeff stating, "I agree there shouldn't be subsidies too. But given a choice, it's better than having special interests giving you cash, who will later expect favors in return. Ideally only individual should be able to donate up to a limit, similar to our federal system."

But let's again come around to a brief comment I made above.

Who are the only ones to benefit, by becoming a pig at the trough, and therefore chowing down on taxpayer money?  It's only the big three -- the BC NDP ... the BC Liberals ... and the Green party.

BC Libertarians?  NOPE!

BC Conservatives?  NOPE

Any other parties?  NOPE.  Here's the thing however, I don't want them to get any taxpayer money either.

And again, what about candidates who are running as independents? 

Would they not have an even greater need for funds to allow them to cut through all the advertising messages of the major parties?  Who would have the hardest time getting their message out?  And, who would have the least amount of funds to run a campaign?


So... it certainly looks like a wonderful system for the Liberals, NDP, and Greens.  As the only established parties, they are the only ones hitting a threshold high enough to get this money..

The BC NDP ... Liberals ... and Green parties will all get those millions.  NOT the education system ... children in care .... seniors ... health care system ... or those with physical and mental disabilities. 

Last Fall, Ralph Sultan, of the BC Liberals, stated, "It's a money grab on a scale which is neither casual nor minor."

He was right, and he still is.  Still, the BC Liberals choose to take this money anyway. 

I hope they choke on it.

In Kamloops., I'm Alan Forseth.  Got a comment to make?  This is your chance to share it now.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Watts kept up her nonsensical claim that Liberals were the only free enterprise party in BC; while they might not be great in numbers, provincial Conservatives will be offended by that bit of arrogance

A commentary from Sandy Macdougall ... AKA the Sidewinder:

The need to campaign effectively with a united front to defeat the NDP's proposed preferential ballot referendum, to be held this coming October, seemed to be the single issue upon which all six candidates agreed in Tuesday's televised debate.

Michael Lee, Dianne Watts and Sam Sullivan serve little purpose in the campaign, other than to position themselves for cabinet consideration, by the ultimate victor --- if the Liberals actually win the next general election.

Dianne Watts resigned her seat as a member of parliament to run for the provincial Liberal leadership. Despite her claims of success everywhere she casts a shadow, few examples have been uncovered of even a single instance where she accomplished anything in Ottawa except collecting her pay.

In her role as the mayor of Surrey, she distinguished herself by joining ranks with Gregor Robertson on the mayors committee on transit in an attempt to bully the rest of Metro Vancouver into spending unlimited funds on their shared dream. If successful, it would have been the most inequitable transportation deal in the province's history.

In Tuesday's debate, the out-of-touch and poorly prepared Watts kept up her nonsensical claim that Liberals were the only free enterprise party in BC.  Although they might not currently be great in numbers, provincial Conservatives will be offended by that bit of arrogance.

Sam Sullivan has clever ideas on urban development but even though he had many years around Vancouver city hall and even served as mayor, the city was no better off when he left than it was before he arrived.

All of Sullivan's schemes and visions have amounted to nothing with one notable and totally negative exception. Sullivan's harm reduction policies for homeless people, drug addicts, alcoholics and those suffering from various mental illnesses has served no useful purpose and has created more harm than good.

Sullivan, along with B.C. Housing, still clings to those infamous four pillars but, again, there seems to be no example of the success of the programs. As retired B.C. Justice Wallace G. Craig said years ago in a North Shore News column about the failure of harm reduction programs, “The jig is up Mayor Sullivan: Humpty Dumpty Vancouver is about to fall off the harm reduction wall; and when it does, all your spin doctors and medical health officers will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

If Sullivan were to become Liberal leader and subsequently Premier, he'd be shoveling that harm reduction manure all over British Columbia.

Michael Lee was born and has lived his entire life in British Columbia. He is energetic and a hard worker but he lacks presence outside of the Lower Mainland. Lee's constant theme has revolved around the need for Liberal party renewal.

He claims he has a lot of business experience in many areas of British Columbia but he remains relatively unknown.

Lee's frequent reference to the declining number of seats held by Liberals in the past several elections has angered some longstanding Liberals but Lee appears to be counting on the support of new party members but that won't be enough to get him past the first or second ballot.

There is no doubt that Lee could be a great help in resurrecting Liberal fortunes in Vancouver but his influence will be negligible in the rest of the province.

The eventual leader will almost certainly be chosen from among the remaining three candidates but even this trio have issues which will dog them beyond the leadership vote.

Todd Stone, the lone candidate from B.C.'s vast Interior, carried the highways ministry portfolio in Christy Clark's cabinet. In that capacity he is well known throughout the province but it isn't all good news.

Kamloops favourite son did well in most sectors of the province but highways on Vancouver Island are still a mess, particularly the volume plagued main roads between Nanaimo and Victoria. Highway 4, that miserable stretch of tortured asphalt between Coombs and the west coast of Vancouver Island, remains as probably the worst major highway in the province but few of Stone's efforts did anything to alleviate the nightmare drivers using any of these roads have to face.

As Liberal leader, Stone's record as highways minister would do little to improve the party's tough sell problems on Vancouver Island but it is his lack of major transportation and transit accomplishments in the Metro Vancouver area which could be the albatross around Stone's neck.

Although Stone isn't solely responsible for the continuing monster which masks itself as Metro Vancouver's mayors committee on Translink, the province's lack of recognizable major improvements to the Lower Mainland's chaotic traffic system was a big cause for the loss of several Liberal seats in last May's election and Stone will have to carry much of that baggage.

Stone could very well carry the Liberal party in Interior and northern ridings but not so much west of Hope or on Vancouver Island.

Australian-born Andrew Wilkinson has lived in British Columbia since he was four years old. He makes much of the fact that, although he currently lives in Vancouver, he has lived and worked in several parts of B.C., including Kamloops and on Vancouver Island.

Possessing degrees as a Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Law, a Queen's Counsel, and a Rhodes Scholar, Wilkinson is probably the brainiest of the six candidates but he was prone to display a lack of grace during the debates with some of the other candidates who are otherwise presumably his friends.

If he is chosen to lead the party, Wilkinson could help regain some of the Vancouver and Lower Mainland seats lost last May to the NDP but he will have a tough row to hoe without the active support of Dianne Watts, Michael Lee and Sam Sullivan, none of whom he has shown much respect for during the debates.

To succeed in the next election, as leader, Wilkinson will have to mend the fences he damaged with his argumentative style with the other leadership candidates during the debates. Wilkinson was one of only two candidates who stated they had made second ballot commitments to each other. Michael de Jong being the other candidate to express his second ballot commitment.

Michael de Jong has served in several important cabinet posts since his initial victory in a 1994 by-election where he narrowly defeated Grace McCarthy, the veteran Social Credit candidate. Prior to the May election, de Jong had served as Minister of Finance since 2012.

The only candidate with previous experience in a leadership campaign, de Jong finished fourth behind Christy Clark in the 2011 campaign.

Although many people have paid tribute to de Jong's fiscal finesse in creating the $2.3 billion dollar surplus, not everyone sees that as a plus factor. Many of de Jong's critics within the Liberal party claim he should have spent the money prior to the election to help bolster support in weak or swing ridings.

The always vocal and frequently controversial de Jong, as Minister of Health, created a firestorm of huge proportions with the 2012 firing without cause of seven health ministry employees. The fallout from that mistake still lingers after one of the fired employees committed suicide and the other six received settlements or were re-hired.

Despite his apparent shortcomings, de Jong has widespread support from most corners of the province and is probably the leading contender going into the final week of the leadership campaign.

If de Jong is leading on the first ballot and Wilkinson is able to deliver on his promise to recommend support for de Jong on second ballot, de Jong will win on either the second or third ballot.

SANDY Macdougall ... is a retired newspaper reporter. He was elected for three consecutive terms to Maple Ridge municipal council in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and also ran for the Progressive Conservatives in Kim Campbell's ill-fated federal election campaign.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Many will also say that his claim to fame should be ... 'that he Actually Cares.'

Mark Thompson, a father of four, and three term ( 1985 to 1994) Saskatoon City Councillor, will be carrying the BC Conservative banner, forthe riding of Kelowna West.

Kelowna-West BC Conservative
Party candidate Mark Thompson
Since leaving Saskatoon, Mark has resided in BC for the past two decades.  And "YES", Mark Thompson's name will sound familiar to many.

He ran for the BC Conservative Party, in the riding of Kelowna Mission, in the 2009 provincial election campaign.  In that campaign, Mark placed a respectable third, out of six candidates, and garnered over 2,300 votes (11.82%).

Says Mark, regarding his business acumen and skills, "Clients consider me to be different than your “typical consultant” as I have a very unique perspective of providing advice that comes from real experience as a business owner, investor, team leader, policy analyst and speaker. I assist clients effectively analyze their current situation with a focus on what needs to change to win in the future."

That alone makes Mark one of the best choices for voters in the riding, and Scott Anderson, interim Party Leader says of him, "Mark has a long history with the BC Conservatives and has served in various roles including former Deputy Leader of the party. He is a commonsense conservative, a forward thinker, and an excellent communicator."

Anderson went on to say, "The citizens of Kelowna West deserve better and they should demand better.  In Mark they will find an accomplished individual and a seasoned politician, and I can't think of anyone better able to present our common sense platform to the citizens of West Kelowna."

As a resident of Kelowna, Thompson has also served his community as Vice Chair of the City of Kelowna Planning Commission. 

Mark has a passion for public policy that treats citizens fairly. He promotes Health Education and Justice as the fundamental pillars of a fair and just society.

What do others say of Mark? 

Many will say he knows how to think outside the box ... that he has a wealth of knowledge on how to develop better public policy ... and many will also say that his claim to fame should be, 'that he Actually Cares.'

Resident of Kelowna-West will cast their votes on February 14th, following the resignation of former BC Liberal Party Leader, and MLA, Christy Clark.  Clark's BC Liberals lost power in May's general election, and she abandoned residents, shortly after stating to them, she would be staying on.

In Kamloops., I'm Alan Forseth.  Got a comment to make?  This is your chance to share it now.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Only one party is currently untested in the legislature... and only one party can elect a member who will give voters a fresh perspective to consider

In the January 19th edition of the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, Vaughn Palmer had an article regarding how the BC Liberals preferential ballot meant leadership candidates would be (as he said) left guessing as to who would win. 

He went into likely scenarios ... the number of new membership sign-ups (and what that actually meant) ... where the majority of new members were from ... and who appeared to be the top three in the running ... and more.

Looking at the raw numbers for the BC Liberals, there were 34,000 members prior to the start of the leadership race -- 58,000 after new membership sign-ups once the race began -- which equals 23,000 new instant members.

SO ... my question then would be, "Why is it that as of the end of last week only 21,000 of those Fifty-Eight Thousand had actually taken the time to register, so they would receive the PIN required, to vote for the candidate of their choice?"

With that in mind I posted the following to Facebook:
When barely 1/3rd of BC Liberal members (23,000 who were instant signups) register to get the PIN required to vote in their leadership race, that spells trouble for the liberals post vote.

And on Twitter, I commented:
Barely 1/3rd of #BCLiberals R registered 2get PIN required 2vote in leadership race - likely means trouble post vote. Calling all small 'c' conservatives 2 come home 2 #BCCP

Again, ONLY twenty-one thousand have taken the time to register for the PIN they need to elect the next leader of the BC Liberal Party.

How can that mean anything BUT trouble for them??

Let's take that info, and then consider a new poll by Mainstreet Research, which was just released today (January 22nd).  Please note; the methodology of the questions, did not give the option to choose the BC Conservative Party as an option of support.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Their guns are purchased for one reason, and one reason only -- GREED!

On January 15th an innocent young teenager, from Coquitlam, died after being hit be a stray bullet, shot by a cold-hearted callous and uncaring thug.

This teen, was simply headed home after dinner out with his family.

Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer, in an interview with the Sun, stated:
My heart goes out to the family of the 15-year-old boy. They were having a normal Saturday night evening out with family and now they are grieving for their son,” Palmer said. “My message to the family is this: we will not ever be able to fully comprehend your grief, but the Vancouver Police Department will do whatever it takes to seek justice for your son.”

Following the outrageous and senseless death of this young teen, someone whom I will choose to call insensitive (at least by my standards), decided to post this comment on Twitter:

To this, I replied:

Sunday, January 14, 2018

City leaders are proving themselves to be ethically challenged by supporting addictive gambling and almost totally unfettered access to alcohol

The following is a Mini Sidewinder piece from my friend Sandy Macdougall, regarding a Bingo Shutdown In Maple Ridge.  He talks about fools, and their money, being separated.  As well, he also comments on governments at all levels, which seem unable to connect the dots to societal problems.  Those connected dots lead to huge costs dealing with those addicted to alcohol, to gambling, and other vices the government is all too happy to collect taxes from.

Whatever revenues governments collect, they never cover the associated costs -- NOR do they create wealth (both in taxes and jobs), that would result if instead it was spent at the retail level.

I also suspect there would be a whole lot less need for Food Banks, and feeding school children breakfast before classes begin.

Now, here's Sandy:

The management of Chances Casino in Maple Ridge has raised the ire of Bingo players following their announcement that the Bingo parlor operation was being reduced by two open days per week.

Monday, January 8, 2018

What qualifies someone to lead the BC Liberals? The individual doesn't need to have deep political experience ... the power of charisma goes a long ways

Jason Kenney, leader of the United Conservative Party

Who among any of the leadership candidate hoping to be elected on February 3rd, has ruffled any sacred feathers in the BC Liberal Party?

IF the BC Liberal Party is indeed the free enterprise coalition (a claim I have shredded on numerous occasions), then why has no leadership candidate mentioned anything about the success of Jason Kenney’s unity party right next door in Alberta?

Is it NOT a welcomed idea, and if so, why not?   Like Kenney, a new leader will have to mold the party (again that so-called coalition) into the form and shape he or she desires. 

Have I missed the news story somewhere?  The one where the media ask candidates why this discussion, on a comparable free-enterprise party’s in Canada, isn't part of the discussion.  Especially during a leadership race?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that no one, in the media, has ever asked the capitol "L" liberal side of the coalition (at least to the best of my knowledge) what they've had to give up, or been expected to give up, to keep the coalition strong.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


What attracted the most interest from readers of this blog-site in 2017?  I took a few minutes to review and look that over, before compiling a TOP 10. 
Eight of these posts are indeed the top stories, going from number 8 down to number one.  In addition, I added the top two stories from December.

Starting with Number 8, here are the top stories that were of interest to you last year.

NUMBER 8 from June 29th ... "UPDATE ... 8:15pm Thursday June30th ... John Horgan, NDP Leader, has been invited to form government."

NUMBER 7 from January 14th ... "How Can Governments Thirst for Increased Tax Revenues be Squared With It's So-Called Concern for Those Suffering From Addiction"

NUMBER 6 from May 8th ... "PLACING MY "X" ... 'Do jobs matter more than governing with honesty,compassion, and forthrightness"

NUMBER 5 from July 15th ... Todd Stone and Peter Milobar, by all means possible, extort this government toend the never ending delaying process of review after review

NUMBER 4 from October 17th ... BESLER: True conservative voices in this province, whether it's the BC Conservatives or Dianne Watts, both have a steep hill to climb

NUMBER 3 from April 19th ... I CAN'T support that kind of campaign, or a party that would allow a leadership team to okay that kind of campaigning

Number 2 from June 26th ... It (the current situation) should wake up those who think Clark is right of centre. Will it? Time will tell

AND ... Number 1 from April 7th ...
JOHN TWIGG: "I can promise you it won't be a boring campaign!

And from the last 30 days of December ... two more to round out the Top 10 posts of 2017 

December 18th ... One party, and one party only, stands for true conservatism ... true science based environmental protection ... true social services for those needing a hand up. 

December 4th ... ACTUALLY, there was NO good news in latest unemployment figures 

It's January 3rd today ... and the new year is now three days old.  I'm looking forward to seeing what lies ahead on the BC political landscape, and I hope you are as well.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.

Monday, January 1, 2018

This will be the year for all of us to build the vehicle that will lead, focus, and bring together the voices of British Columbians

I hope the past few weeks have been a wonderful time of welcoming family and friends for special gatherings ... enjoy festive dinners ... gift exchanges ... and wonderful holiday pastries and treats .

Now, we'll soon be entering the race to elect an MLA for the Kelowna Westside riding; and beginning a race to elect a new leader for the BC Conservatives.

And there's more that will require something of you.

The obvious things like people to take on roles in an executive for Kamloops North, Kamloops South, and Fraser Nicola will be needed ... so to will be dozens of volunteers ... individuals to raise funds for the needs of our constituencies ... people to make calls to members about events ... people to fill a candidate selection committee ... sign crews ... office workers ... and so many other positions will all need to be filled.

Any parties success will ONLY come through the efforts of people who come out to volunteer and help -- and those who also know and realize it takes donation$ (large and small on a REGULAR BASIS), if we hope to win riding's across the interior of BC where we have our greatest strength!

As I said prior to Christmas, we need to "Excite the right!"

HOWEVER, we also need to excite people who just want to have better government. One that listens to the people ... one that doesn't waste taxpayers resources ... one that looks beyond an election cycle, and instead to the future generations of British Columbians.

Those people will come from EVERY walk of life, and even as you read this, you know and realize I am speaking directly to you.

British Columbians are waiting for a party with policies of common sense.

BC Conservatives must prepare a message for our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours. With that message, we will have the tools and resources needed to fight for every single vote.

And, we'll be able to show that we deserve those votes.

I for one am sick of the BC Liberal rhetoric that they are our only option. THEY ARE NOT ... and nothing, and I mean nothing, is further from the truth. If we listen to that message, and that is how we continue to vote, then we will always get (and deserve) the governments we have had.

We will have TOP DOWN -- TAX -- SPEND -- SELF CONGRATULATORY -- and EGOTISTICAL individuals ruling our province as they see fit -- without input from the grassroots people in our cities, towns, villages, and across rural and Northern BC.

We will also have governments that will pit one group against another, to keep us from looking too closely at what they are up to.