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... then they support the wasteful ways of Justin Trudeau's federal Liberals, AND, they support the tax grabs that only hit the middle class

Just the other day, Keith Baldrey, in an opinion piece stated, "A number of party veterans I’ve talked to are somewhat worried about the party’s long-term prospects of stability."

And well they should be.

It takes a lot to hold together a fractious group of people that really, other than trying to keep the NDP out of party, are not really comfortable being together in the same bed.

Now don't get me wrong ... I am sure I'd be correct in saying that likely the vast majority of BC Liberal MLA's do truly want what's best for BC ... however if that is indeed true, how can any grouping of them stay together for long given the differences they also have in beliefs on ways, and how, to govern? 

The current field of prospective leadership candidates do of course run the gamut from one end of the political spectrum, to the other -- Left to Right.  The problem is that, as stated, they have such diverse beliefs -- and at times it really must be like herding cats.

I'm …

Football fans however, are going to see a sporting event -- they are not paying to see (or go to) a protest, or political rally

What do you think about this story, "Fragile Mike Pence Walks Out of 49-ers Colts Because of Anthem Demonstration"
Regardless of who it was, that opposed what was happening, I agree it is hugely disrespectful.  Sporting events (and similar gatherings) are intended to be entertainment -- not political events, rallies, etc.In my opinion, those attending, and who are likely in the majority, should not have to be have this kind of disrespect shoved in their face.

It's a free and democratic country, and these athletes are certainly welcome to hold an event, where the topic of discussion is clearly understood.There is NO COMMONALITY however with where they are currently doing this (protesting).
Instead, they are simply take advantage of who they are -- complete with puffed up egos perhaps? -- and having someone else foot the bill for marketing and promoting it.

There is no commonality; players are simply being completely disrespectful of their fans.

News reporter, commentary write…

BESLER: True conservative voices in this province, whether it's the BC Conservatives or Dianne Watts, both have a steep hill to climb

Conservatives, in British Columbia, continue to jockey for support throughout the province. Dianne Watts, former Mayor of Surrey, who had been recently elected to the house of commons with the Conservative Party of Canada, as MP for South Surrey - White Rock; and appointed as critic to workforce development and labour, has now stepped away from Federal Politics to seek the leadership of the BC Liberal Party.
Dianne is an outsider to both the BC Liberal Party, as well as, an outsider to Provincial politics. Yet, Dianne may be just what the BC Liberal Party needs to recover from the aftermath of the recent election. A campaign that left Premier Christy Clark's BC Liberals in a minority government, and defeated by a vote of non-confidence, in the legislature after a throne speech that would have the most ardent socialist jumping to their feet in boisterous applause.
Clark subsequently resigned.
Can Dianne Watts - with her new found partisan credentials - be the unifier the BC Libera…

I am encouraged by this news -- and I like the description of the (BC) Liberals as the coalition of chaos

On Monday (October 2nd) I posted on social media, rumors that the BC Conservatives might be announcing an Interim Leader.  That did indeed come true at 7am this morning.

The Executive and Board of the BC Conservative Party announced that Vernon City Councillor, and four term BC Conservative board member, Scott Anderson would take on the role.

In an early morning media release, Anderson was quoted stating:
"Having been on the inside through both the hard times and the good times, I can say with complete candor that I have never seen the party so united and energetic as it is now. My intention is to help brand the party as a home for all fiscal conservatives, including the thousands of former BC Liberals who were betrayed and left out in the cold by the recent Liberal Throne Speech."

He continued, "I believe that this is the time for all small ‘c’ conservatives to unite, no longer abandoning your core beliefs for an alleged ‘coalition’ that will do and say anything for your …

BC Liberals are the "Coalition of chaos" ... "BC Conservatives need to be something that counts ... for the province of BC”

On Saturday (September 30th) the BC Conservative Party, a continuously active political party in British Columbia since 1903) held its' annual general meeting in Langley.  Unlike the last one held in Langley a number of years ago ... and knowing how troublesome trying to make changes can be ... the whole process went very smoothly.

A new president and board were elected, as Ryan Warawa took the helm as President.  Elected as Vice President was Jeff Bridge, who like myself, recently returned to the party.  Bob Bray will continue as the Party Treasurer, as does Bob Brown as Secretary.

Nearly all motions for changes to Constitution and By-Laws were passed, with two notable exceptions.  First was the vote against changing the name of the party from the BC Conservative Party -- to the Conservative Party of British Columbia.  Additionally, one which many individuals seemed to be strongly against, was a change that would have seen a complaint to the party "... accompanied by a $1,000…