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ADAM TAYLOR -- Scheer's back to basics sure beats Trudeau's bungling

Originally published in the Winnipeg Sun on May 18th, 2019
~~ used with permission of author

To sum up Andrew Scheer’s recent foreign policy speech in a sentence: Advance and protect Canadian interests abroad, stand proudly for the values Canadians we hold dear, strengthen our relationships with traditional allies, and leave Mr. Dress-Up’s tickle trunk at home.

After four years of Justin Trudeau’s “Canada is Back” bungling, a back to basics approach is ironically refreshing — and badly needed.

The old chestnut that the world needs more Canada was nice to hear 16 years ago when Bono first said it but we’ve really got to let it go. If only life were so simple.

The fact is Canada prospered throughout the 20th century because we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our European and American allies fighting against tyranny and then built the international order: rule of law, business and trade, and democratic society. The 21st century is shaping up to be more of the same, and Andrew Scheer is right …

FELDSTED -- The most arrogant and inane statement ever uttered by the IPCC is that “(climate) science is settled”. Science is never settled; it sits awaiting the next discovery and incremental improvement

Science is a plodding, evolving discipline that thrives on critical examination and questioning of discoveries and theories. The most arrogant and inane statement the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) has ever uttered is that “the (climate) science is settled”. Science is never ‘settled’. It sits awaiting the next discovery and incremental improvement.

The theory that variations in the minuscule amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drives climate change is the equivalent of accepting that a vial of iodine can contaminate an entire lake.

Electrical vehicles cannot exist without hydrocarbons used in lubricants, fashioning the framework and cladding, glass, batteries, computer controls, and on endlessly. Then there is the problem of recycling the whole mess at the end of its life cycle.

Technology for solar and wind power is still in infancy; that is the beauty of science. The underlying science is incrementally improving and moving towards an elusive goal of maximum eff…

ADAM OLSEN -- This is just paranoid, conspiratorial fear-mongering you say! The result of the over-active mind of someone listening to too many podcasts

I had an interesting conversation with a couple of friends about the threat of digital intrusions. How far will you let the perception of convenience justify your personal vulnerability? Is it too much work to care about how corporations are using the data we trade for access to their latest time saving / consuming application or service?
Does it require to much of our bandwidth to actually go back and limit personal access?
Maybe it's easier to believe that there isn’t possibly anything in your life that they will find interesting.
Are they looking for interesting? Are they seeking anything in particular? What if they are only harvesting data points to sell or lease them? Or they could be building a digital avatar of you that gains definition with every input.
These are all important questions that I fear too few of us are asking.

Checking the box Another aspect, of the business of data, is that what they are harvesting now could be used for something different later. That is the pro…

NEIL THOMPSON -- "Exploitation" is to women's issues what "sustainable" is the environmental movement - it has become so broadly used it has lost its "true" meaning

On Sunday May19th, CFJC Today ran an op / ed piece from Katie Neustaeter entitled, “Bikinis, bistros and the business of exploiting women”.  Below is a snapshot of that commentary:

One of the great challenges of raising a daughter is teaching her how to clothe her body ... to respect her individuality and empower her own sense of style without allowing current fashion and the pressures of an over sexualized culture to dictate her choices.

Debates ... continue all the time as we try to teach young women that their worth is more than skin deep and that their bodies are the visible, physical representations of their personal standards ... Unfortunately, the wider world, which does not care one iota about their future, individuality or decency, is constantly giving girls mixed messages about what’s acceptable, expected and attractive — not to mention all the conflicting ideas about what kind of attention she should be seeking ...

... girls, don’t let anyone sell you on a cheap version of emp…

The report also recommends developing policy and guidelines around all paid government advertising, with a system in place for frequent review and updating

In recent weeks, the topic of partisan advertising by elected political parties has raised its ugly head again.For example:
Green party Leader Andrew Weaver is calling for a ban on the use of taxpayer money for political attack ads after the B.C. Liberals bought billboards blaming Premier John Horgan for a spike in gas prices.
But it’s more than just political parties using taxpayer money for partisan advertising ... each and every elected government is every bit as bad – historically something that never changes year after year, government after government.
So, what is the role of government advertising?It’s to inform us about important information, right?According to an official government website, under the heading of Government Communications, they state that the: “... primary role is to inform the public about government programs, services, policies and priorities through traditional communication practices and, increasingly, through direct engagement and online service ...”
This is d…

FELDSTED – Instead of conferring with their constituents in seeking solutions, they pretend that their paid consultants are smarter than we are

This goofy clause in Bill C-69 will ensure resource development in Canada stops cold -- This is not legislation. This is sabotage Diane Francis ~~ Financial Post~~ May 13, 2019
The Liberals’ Bill C-69, a train wreck of politically correct nonsense, passed last year and is now in the Senate where dozens of amendments have been proposed.
Frankly, the Senate should reject the bill because it will impose onerous consultative and other burdens that will severely hobble all energy projects in future. It grants power to the environment minister — not the minister of natural resources — over fossil fuel, mining, nuclear, pipeline, and rail transportation projects.
… the hidden coup de grace for the Canadian energy sector is a goofy requirement that projects will be judged according to “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors.”
Whatever that means …
CLICK HERE to read the full story

It is more and more apparent that we are governed by idiots.
The majority of Canadians are envir…

DAY #7 .... a look back at the week of May 12th to 18th ...

Good morning ... and I hope your Victoria Day Long Weekend is going well.Another seven days have passed with over two dozen commentaries posted, including a record number for a Saturday ... four.
We’ve talked about timber sales ... we’ve talked about the Tanker Ban in the Senate ... Suits and Boots have added the Canola farmers to their organization ... and the upcoming Quest Sawmill closure in Quesnel, by Tolko Industries.
Other topics this week included debt and deficits with the federal Liberal party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ... and the upcoming Money Laundering inquiry that Premier John Horgan’s NDP government has finally been pressured into calling.
Of all the topics we discussed this past week, here are the top 10 that had the highest readership:

#10 ... This is an important first victory, but our battle (to sink the tanker ban) hasn’t yet been won ...

#9 ... RICK PETERSON:“It t…

Public Inquiry into money laundering to be held -- afterwards some might be saying of the BC NDP and BC Liberals, “It sucks to be you!”

The story of money laundering in BC, and who knew what, when, has been ongoing now for years.So, the questions to be asked is, “WHY has it taken so long to finally getting around to an inquiry on this?”

BC Liberals blame the NDP ... the NDP blame the BC Liberals ... and in the meantime the fall-out from the money-laundering (most everyone was aware of), was thousands dying from drug overdoses, multi-million dollar mansions being purchase by university students ... hyper inflation on housing prices ... gangsters shooting it up on the streets ... and young punks, that had never had a job in their lives, driving around in luxury sports cars worth hundreds of thousand of dollars.
Numerous times in the past I accused the former Liberal government of being addicted to the revenues gambling brought in – hence its ever-expanding tentacles into every nook and corner of the province.

The BC NDP however, have not been any better!

Upon news of the up-coming public inquiry, both the NDP and BC Libe…

ADAM OLSEN -- It's important that people know that the proposed change is an additive process, not a reductive one