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Are the BC Conservatives a spent force, before even having a chance to grow past their petty infighting and self-inflicted wounds?

What’s next BC???
Regrettably, as in the past, it appears that we will at least for the foreseeable future, continue to have only two political choices, seeking the votes of British Columbians … the BC Liberals, and the “SpeNDP”.  That is unless something changes, and changes soon.

Polarized politics in my opinion, whether on the Provincial or Federal level, always leads to dissatisfaction with voters.  We are a free thinking society, where a multitude of opinions, choices, ideas, and solutions can spring from.  With that in mind, how can all of that be funneled into just two choices, on the political front?

British Columbian’s have continually faced the same situation (two choices) since the demise of the Socreds in the early 90’s … and the failure of the BC Reform Party to gain traction in the 1996 provincial election.  The demise of the Socreds and Reform, in my opinion, came about because of a lack of relevance to voters, and self-inflicted conflicts; that has also (it seems) led to…


Well … here’s one more post from me, with one day to go before tomorrow’s 42nd General Election.Two things caught my attention as I perused social media feeds this morning, and that’s what I’ve chosen to comment on as I have my second cup of coffee for the day.
Number one:
An interesting photo from Adam Scotti caught my attention.It’s designed to tug on our emotions, is being widely reposted on Twitter. The caption on the Twitter post states, "At Jarry metro today with @JustinTrudeau - a broken escalator makes it hard for some to get to their metro ‪#‎cdnpoli "
I am of the opinion that random acts of kindness are better done in silence, without blowing your own horn. Is this sour grapes from me because I don't support the Liberals? No, not at all.
Here's what people should know, and that they won't, unless they investigate who Adam Scotti is. His Twitter bio states he is a "Recovering women's fashion mag editor, currently working for @justintrudeau's off…

Christian Rock … the first Sally Ann Bands … Lutes and Lyres … Pipe Organs … and Lay Me Down

Christian Rock … the first Sally Ann Bands … Lutes and Lyres … Pipe Organs … and Lay Me Down.That’s a strange start to a blog post isn’t it.
Is it generational?I think it is.From one generation to the next, going back decades, the current generation, in my opinion, thinks the music of the next generation is just plain bad.Now this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age, but more where an individual happens to feel they fit.

For example, I am now in my 60s (YIKES) and yet there have only been a few times when I have thought, and said, “What on earth are they thinking – that stuff’s crap?” (ie: Disco, gansta rap, thrash rock) … other than that, I pretty much enjoy and appreciate anything that comes out.

That said, I had an interesting online conversation earlier today with a friend (thanks again to my online friends who become the seeds for a blog post)
The church I attend, Gateway City Church in Kamloops, is hosting a worship night of music tomorrow evening with Jon Neufeld of …

People that cannot – or will not – provide even the most basic of care, do not deserve to have children left with them for even 5 minutes

On Tuesday I heard a news story where a young child, on Vancouver Island, was put at SERIOUS risk by … a drug-related explosion that rocked an apartment building in Nanaimo.  “These types of incidents place all occupants within the apartment building at risk, along with attending first responders and people walking past”, Cpl. Jon Stuart said
That led me to question and wonder what is really being done to protect young vulnerable children in the care of parents unable, or unwilling, to provide a safe environment from children to grow, learn, and thrive.
I feel very certain that I am going to raise the hackles and ire, of many, however, I am going to make the following comments any way. 
I believe the civil liberties industry has been at the forefront of pushing the rights of parents well past any reasonable, or logical, point that makes any sense.  Several years ago I found out that the care of children, and what constitutes acceptable parenting, is based on the standards of the comm…

Stephen Harper's Conservative are the new Borg Collective ... "We are the Conservatives ... we are the Borg ... resistance is futile"

Those of you who are Trekies, and watched Star Trek Next Generation, and Star Trek Voyager, the following phrase can be uttered by heart:

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." To those suffering from Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS), and spewing all kinds of factless, and baseless, allegations over how the Conservative government is taking over every aspect of our lives (and somehow forcing a hidden agenda on everyone), this must be an apt description for them, of the Conservative Party of Canada.
In an article in the Vancouver Sun several days ago, Lorne Gunter is acknowledged in first identifying HDS. He described it as, “an ideological hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that is so acute its sufferers’ ability to reason logically is impaired.”
The article went on to say:
An early example of HDS was the widespread…

Democracy is like breathing; you have to do it EVERY second!! If you don't, it withers."

I've had an interesting friendship over the past 20 years with former Liberal MLA, and Cabinet Minister, Kevin Krueger.  It goes back to 1995 when both of us were preparing, and being nominated, to run in the Kamloops North Thompson riding, in the 1996 Provincial election.  Kevin for the BC Liberal Party, and me for the Reform Party of British Columbia.  Kevin won  :)
I like to believe that despite political differences any of us have with others, there is generally more that unites us, rather than separates us.
That has held true with my relationship with Kevin.  Despite that, we have had some major disagreement where we did not have common ground; on those we have strongly debated back and forth our own positions.  Still, friendship prevailed.
Regarding common ground, something I saw posted by a former political ally in the BC Conservative Party (Ben Besler now a BC Liberal), caught my eye the other day.  It was a quote from Kevin Krueger ... one I had never seen or heard before: