“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Friday, December 11, 2015

Any Law That is Inconsistent With the Provisions of the Constitution is, to the Extent of the Inconsistency, of no Force or Effect

On Thursday (December 10th) Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservative Party, issued a media release regarding Senate appointments, the case for BC holding elections to fill vacancies, and for BC to receive a number of seats EQUAL to the population of our province.  The text of the release, put forward, was as follows:

... a better alternative towards reforming Canada's Senate: the direct election of 13 Senators by and for British Columbia.

... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposed a new formula to fill Senate vacancies in which five
The Canadian Senate
citizens would be selected, including three appointees by the federal government and two by the province involved.  These appointees would develop a list of candidates meeting an improved set of qualifications to be a Senator from which the Prime Minister would select the eventual appointee ... the Prime Minister may informally consult the province involved but is not required to do so.

That proposal was peremptorily dismissed by BC Premier Christy Clark, first in some quick Tweets then in interviews in which she said the Senate should either be fixed or folded because giving its unelected members more legitimacy without any accountability could make the Senate problems even worse.

...  Brooks took both sides to task and instead offered a constructive solution: the election of 13 Senators with voting coincident with the provincial election set for May 9, 2017, which would avoid the several millions of dollars needed to hold a stand-alone election for what could be merely a symbolic gesture until the Senate is finally reformed.

"First the Prime Minister put forward a dubious innovation apparently without any consultation and containing precious little public involvement and then Premier Clark  dismissed it without suggesting a better alternative, which is another classic example of how poorly federal-provincial relations have so often been conducted in Canada's history," said Brooks, pointing to a table showing that British Columbia has the worst under-representation by far.
"If Premier Clark wants to fix the Senate she could start by holding elections for Senators right here in British Columbia,"  Brooks said, explaining that such a strong political statement could help push Ottawa and the rest of Canada into more quickly repairing the unfairness done to BC.

"If Prime Minister Trudeau respects democracy he would quickly appoint six Senators from the 13 that we will elect, but the obvious problem is that he will not be able to appoint any added Senators until the upper chamber is properly reformed," said Brooks.

"BC and The West are still fighting for a Triple-E Senate that is Elected, Effective and Equal because we see that as a possible remedy to long-standing imbalances in Canadian politics and economics," said Brooks.

"The means of Senate election, terms and age limits of the Senators would be a matter for public input ... BC Conservative Party wants to bring a new more open and consultative style to government and this idea for electing Senators is a good first example of that," he said, promising to produce a whole new platform and a strong roster of candidates in the 2017 campaign.

... I would ensure that the people of the province actually get more of a say in matters like these and many others," said Brooks, noting that legitimacy must be earned and the current Canadian Senate has virtually none of it ...

Now interestingly enough, I agree with Dan on the call for Senate reform.  Having come through the ranks of the Reform Party of Canada, and Reform BC, that was a key principle of both.  Not everyone agreed with him though.  One of my political colleagues went so far as to say:

"... my question is, when did the BCCP decide that we wanted to have an elected senate. I absolutely oppose an elected senate. This guy is establishing policy on the fly- reminds me of the last Provincial election ..."

My response was:
Sorry but I'm offside with you on this one, in part anyway.  I do believe in a triple E Senate, and have since Reform BC and Reform Canada days.  That said, I do take Dan to task for not being more aggressive. 

I think his stance should have been flat out, the provincial government MUST elect the 6 senators for BC, and that the government should fight tooth and nail, up to and including a Charter challenge to the Supreme Court of Canada, if the federal government ignores our wishes. 

Good to have differing opinions though, I hope.  :)

Now why did I say what I did.  It was because the Government of Canada agrees with me.  Not the current ruling party, or the one before it; the institution itself, of the Government of Canada.

For example, on the Government of Canada's official website you will find the following:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For this to succeed, a portion of the funding should come from First Nations governance ... and from the Federal government

For many years now there has been much 'talk' about the so-called "Highway of Tears", which runs along the highway corridor between Prince George and Prince Rupert (Yellowhead Highway #16).  This is due of course to the large number of women who have gone missing along its route (although numbers have been enlarged by some to also include missing and murdered woman from along Highway 97 through the Cariboo, and if memory serves me correct, as far South West as Merritt, BC as well.  They are part of a larger group of Missing and Murdered First Nations women, although not all missing and murdered women from the corridor are First Nations.

You will have noted that I italicized the word "Talk" because that is all that seems to happen -- talk.  "Something must be done" many cry, and yet NO action takes place.

Why is that seems to be the question that goes unanswered.  First Nations groups blame federal and provincial governments along with socio and economic concerns, local governments blame a lack of funding from provincial and federal governments, and federal governments have said the issue is no bigger a problem than those suffered by non-native women (IE: solve rates are equal between aboriginal and non-aboriginal women ... and as is the case with non-aboriginal women, and equal portion of killers are known to their victims.

Can I say "Enough already"?

Now I will freely admit that I have no idea of what it would cost, figures are impossible it seems to find out, however a Regional Transportation system is long overdue that will meet the needs required for the North ... one funded by ALL stakeholders, because all of them should be part of the solution!

There are nine communities along the way, between Prince George and Prince Rupert) ranging in size from Prince George with a population of 73 thousand people ... to New Hazelton with just 650.  Each one of those communities benefits, financially, from people traveling this corridor ... from shopping, to accommodations ... to restaurants ... and more.

There are at least nine First Nations communities directly on the Yellowhead Highway.  Many of those communities have been hit by their own members going missing, or being murdered.

There is a Northern Health Connections Route, funded in part by the Northern Health Authority.  All residents of this area, without their own transportation, benefit from this service regardless of what their ethnicity.

And there is BC Transit which already funds regional transportation systems through-out the province -- albeit not on the scale I am suggesting.  How are Regional Transit Systems funded in BC?  The following outlines this information:

Monday, December 7, 2015

To the Nut-Bar That Decided Hospital Food services Weren't Worth Caring About, Well You and Your Family Should Have To Eat That Crap For a Month!

So, can I say BC Health Care system sucks in at least one area?  Because it DOES!

I had to take a family member into Emergency, at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, mid-afternoon on Sunday, due to severe and relentless pain.  ER staff were wonderful, caring, and showed great empathy.  

Because there was no beds available on a ward, they were moved into an overflow area.  Not unexpected given that previous provincial governments have closed wards, floors, beds, and indeed entire hospitals.

Problems arose however come meal time -- breakfast in particular.  This family member is diabetic, and has high blood pressure.  So what was served for breakfast?  High carbs, fruit juice, coffee, sugar, jam, sugary cereal, and other things of the same food groups.  None of which can be eaten, by some one with these medical conditions.

When they explained this tray of food could NOT be eaten with some one with diabetes and high blood pressure, they were told there weren't many options available.  What the hell -- this is a bloody hospital where sick people are supposed to be made well!

By the way, I should mention that a proper food card was filled out showing the appropriate medical conditions, and foods that could not be eaten.

UPDATE ... in raising this issue with staff, the answer now provided to this problem, is that the Royal Inland Hospital (RIH), is unable to provide for the dietary needs of those with diabetes.  Hello, why is this NOT being raised by anyone.

Again let me say the nursing staff were great ... no complaints.  In fact my observations were that they were very professional in what they did.  All procedures from blood tests, to pain management, scans and x-rays, were done with compassion, a smile, and much empathy. 

For that I say THANK YOU.

To the nut-bar at the Interior Health Authority (IHA) however, that decided that food services weren't worth caring about, well you and your family should be forced to eat that crap for a month and see how long it takes before REAL food gets served to patients once again.  In particular, REAL food (prepared fresh) that patients are actually allowed to eat -- not simply something put on a tray because its all they have.

Sorry for the rant, but now that I have it off my chest, I feel much better.  To bad the patient can't.

I appreciate your thoughts so please feel feel to share them in the Comment Section below.

That's all for now ... in Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

You may like me, and others, see a certain amount of irony in the lack of tact the BC Conservative Party now takes

It seems like there was a lot of interest in my post from yesterday, "Your Application for Membership in the BC Conservative Party Has Not Been Accepted at this Time"  


I have also received a number of personal messages, as well as comments on Facebook and Twitter.  I can group them into three categories.  Former BC Conservatives who were active, to very active in the party, but who have left ... one I am unsure of their political affiliation ... two from BC Liberals ... and one from the Green Party.


Some have also asked me why I asked to have my membership in the party cancelled in the first place.  To those asking, or who have forgotten, I refer you to this post I made back in May:  "With much regret and disappointment, the following notification, was sent by me, to the BC Conservative Party on Saturday May 23rd".  As I have stated now, it seems it's okay for the party to welcome back, with an apology, those who virtual ripped the party apart through a vicious and vindictive campaign, however someone like me who seriously questions what is going on, is now denied membership.

You may like me, and others, see a certain amount of irony in the lack of tact the BC Conservative Party now takes.  Regardless ... I appreciate the comments and support I have received.  Here's just a smattering ...


Former BC Conservative supporters:

SS ... Are you freakin' serious? Are we STILL playing this childish game of high school clickiness. The party is never going to move forward with this backward way of thinking

SB ... Sorry to hear this Al. Seriously.

TP ... I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in and caring about this province.

SS #2 ... I'm curious why you still care, Al. Not why you care about a credible conservative opposition, but why that party specifically.

AS ... and you're surprised because?  I told you more than a year ago, Alan ... the inmates have taken over the asylum. And they're welcome to it. Other than that, I'm pretty much in total agreement with what SS said above.....

BW ... It would appear that the little fiefdom is safe from the likes of you!

SM ... The arrogant attitude of the provincial Conservative party towards Al Forseth is stunning in its stupidity.

BW ... Seriously. How will the party ever amount to anything if it's so paranoid it can't allow you as member?

TB ... Are you not playing nice with others again?

TP ... Sorry to see this. I stopped being a member after the Brook/Peterson leadership race.

JG ... They are well and truly done. I can hardly believe this really happened

Party affiliation unknown:

NT ... There are policy holes in BC politics that need closing - either by strengthening the right's participation in the present government or by fostering another party.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Your Application for Membership in the BC Conservative Party Has Not Been Accepted at this Time

Today, in the mail, I received a letter from the BC Conservative Party that in part stated, “… your application for membership in the BC Conservative Party has not been accepted at this time …”

No explanation … no opportunity for recourse … and  no opportunity to address the BC Conservative Party Board Of Directors and Executive.

I was asked by a member of the Metro-Vancouver area what this might be about; I messaged back saying:

I asked to have my membership in the party to be removed when a former board / exec make up decided in the spring to reinstate the memberships, and offered apologies, to the dissidents that had essentially destroyed the BC Conservative Party through a coordinated campaign that left the party in a shambles prior to the 2013 election.

It now seems ironic that in asking to have my membership reinstated, I have been denied, for what can only be thought of as a vendetta against me for having the tenacity to call them out on this, and for a lack of leadership in building the party, communicating with the membership on goals it wishes to pursue (and instead asks for every dwindling donations), and for failing miserably in clearly articulating why people should consider the BCCP.

They have offered nothing, and as a result the party is not even considered by the media when questions of BC politics arise, they have practically non-existent support with voters, and a pile of debt.

I, and others, have put forward ideas and suggestions that could change this, however they have been rejected. Case in point?  I offer this:

Regardless, and despite being declared a member not welcome, I will continue to support and promote a TRUE BC Conservative option for the people of BC.

The Party can ONLY be revived through the will of the members through the grassroots.  This is because the current Board of Directors has been unable, for whatever reason(s), to offer a reason for being that can and will ignite the passions of British Columbians.

Stayed tuned as I will be presenting thoughts of my own of policy ideas.  I will certainly welcome your comments on them, and freely accepting suggestions for improvement.

From Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Without it, there will be no one to serve an “Eviction Notice” on Christy Clark on May 9th, 2017 – with the exception of the BC NDP

What happened in Victoria last week? 

Well for those interested in politics, the end of the week was the final sitting of the legislature for this session.  It was a day where a lot of reflecting on how the Fall session had gone, what had been accomplished, what could or should have, etc … and all of the media political reporters were there to get the comments on those and other things, from BC Liberal leader Christy Clark, and NDP leader John Horgan.

In other words, the perfect opportunity to capture the media’s attention with a
well-placed shot across the bow message.  Which party was missing from the BC Legislature to capitalize on this opportunity?  Dan Brooks and the BC Conservative Party.

I met with Dan Brooks nearly two weeks ago, in Kamloops, to talk. At that time I suggested that he throw away his 'Pablum' stump speech and start getting hard-hitting.

ASK … where are the tens of thousands of jobs that Christy Clark promised would come from LNG, and where were the promised tax dollars that would be put into a rainy day fund to help pay down debt?  ASK, why does Christy parade around at photo ops with her shiny new safety vest, and white hardhat, proudly announcing mere handful of jobs created from what she told us would be the future of BC, while the promised high paying union jobs fail to materialize.

Ask where is the initiative to create a solution, and policy, for a safe and reliable transportation system (spearheaded through a Regional BC Transit system with participation of First Nations, municipalities, and Northern Health) for the highway corridor between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

Where is the fall-out and firing for email triple deletes?

These and so many other concerns that British Columbians have.

I told him he HAD to come up with clear articulated policies that would differentiate the BC Conservative Party, from the BC Liberals, ones that would resonate not just with rural British Columbians, but also the larger centres, and the suburbs. 

None of that matters however if you cannot get the attention of the media, which is why I also made this suggestion.  March to the steps of the BC legislature on Friday afternoon (as it was the last day of the Fall sitting for the BC Legislature) with a white board lettered EVICTION NOTICE.  Forcefully, and with conviction state that the BC Conservative Party WILL BE a force in 2017 election … and announce he (Dan Brooks) was serving an Eviction Notice on her and the BC Liberals.  That as of May 9th, 2017, their time was up.

I thought it was a good strategy at the time, and I still do. 

So what happened?  Nothing … despite the fact I planted seeds on social media of the likelihood there would be a political announcement to come from the BC Conservative Party.  In fact, there was a LOT of speculation as to what that announcement might be; from Dan Brooks joining the BC Liberals, to one or two BC Liberals joining the BC Conservatives, to Independent MLA Vicki Huntington, joining the party, and others.

There were three days to pull the plan together, more than enough in my opinion, however, nothing was done, and the opportunity passed by.  Passed by much like the majority of British Columbians pass by the BC Conservative Party without even giving it a second look.

Because of the over two decades I previously had in the broadcast media, and having been politically active for many years as well, I have a large number of people from one end of the province to the other, that I know in the media.  After Friday had come and passed, without so much as a whisper from the BC Conservatives, I asked one of my media contacts what they thought of the strategy I had proposed.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I realize I have sealed my fate as a dissident, and my membership in the BC Conservative Party will not be allowed

If you recall, I quit the BC Conservative Party this past Spring, following the Executive and Board of the BC Conservative Party offering an apology to Alison Paton and company, and re-instatement of their memberships. Their carefully planned sabotage of the party, timely due to the closeness of the election, led to damage the Conservatives were never able to recover from in time for the May 2013 election.  As has been stated here, and elsewhere, it was sabotage plain and simple.

What was the result of their dissension?  Not one single BC Conservative candidate was elected!

I have been vocal, and public, in my comments about the party since asking for my membership to be removed.  I was not alone in this; I was simply public about it.  Other members simply disengaged and walked away in disgust at the lack of direction, or failed to renew their memberships.

So, let’s have a quick recap.

  1. I quit because of the actions of the board in renewing the memberships of dissidents (who had been removed by a legally constituted board) 
  2.  I then several months later began to question the actions of the leadership of the party, and what appeared to be a lack of direction 
  3.  I was then, myself, branded as a dissident

What that means is that the Board and Executive of the BC Conservative Party gets to vote and decide, whether or not I will be allowed to have my membership approved.  The very same board that welcomed Alison Paton and company back into the Conservatives, AND apologized for kicking them out, for just cause.

How does that make sense?

Let me be honest.  I questioned for many months whether the party was salvageable, or whether an existing dormant party (such as BC Reform), or a brand new party, was the answer.  This was not a quick process, however in the end I came to believe the Conservatives could indeed be reinvigorated with the return of the many people who had left.  These included many who did have the knowledge and skills needed to build a credible party.

The sad fact is that top people, with much needed political skills, left disgusted at what remained of the party. Nearly every candidate that ran in 2013 no longer is involved … little if anything is coming in from member donations … there is no media presence (and the media has no interest in the party because there is nothing to report on) … and there is no call to members to engage and be involved.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christy Clark’s LNG Election Promise was, and is, a Premeditated, Premature, Propaganda Pipedream

The following segment, from a CBC News story this past Spring, says it best:

Clark won the 2013 provincial election in part on the promise of fostering an LNG industry that would create tens of thousands of jobs and wipe out B.C.'s debt, but the government's plan has fallen behind schedule(CBC May 20th, 2015)

If that segment was unique in its statement, then perhaps it could be ignored … but it isn't.  Here’s more:

Premier Christy Clark's promises to transform British Columbia into Canada's top
job-creating engine appears to be stuck in second gear, even as the provincial economy is predicted to surge.

The premier's four-year-old plans set lofty and ambitious goals and aimed to place B.C. among the top two Canadian provinces for economic and job growth for 2015.  Recent Statistics Canada economic data …. puts B.C. in fifth place among the provinces for job creation. (Huffington Post Sept 28th, 2015)

Clark also rejected suggestions the government was downplaying its expectations for LNG because the throne speech did not mention past statements of creating 100,000 new jobs and eliminating the provincial debt, currently at more than $60 billion. (Canadian Press Oct 6th, 2014)

As for her legacy, she has staked a lot on the LNG industry, which she hopes will transform the province’s economy. But she could find herself in a difficult position during the 2017 election campaign if her bold LNG promises come up empty and British Columbia gets squeezed out by fierce global competition.  (Globe and Mail May 15th, 2015)

Premier Christy Clark is projecting British Columbia will rival energy giant Alberta in terms of "contribution to Canada" once the province starts exporting liquefied natural gas to Asia… "Estimates suggest that the natural gas sector could create 54,000 jobs per year between 2012 and 2035 in British Columbia." … The latest B.C. budget didn't project revenues from liquefied natural gas for the next three years.  (Canadian Press March 21st, 2014)

And from Michael Smyth in the Vancouver Province just two weeks ago:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wednesday November 18th is just one short day away ... we'll find out tomorrow in Victoria

Last night, I had the opportunity to meet one on one with BC Conservative Party Leader Dan Brooks, here in Kamloops.  He'd had a long drive, coming down from Vanderhoof, and I could tell the length of the day, and the miles, had worn him out. 

Part way through the day, he let me know that he was going to be delayed. It seems that just a short distance out of Williams Lake, he'd received a phone call from someone in Quesnel wanting to talk to him about running as a Conservative candidate, in the Quesnel North riding, in the next election.  He turned the truck around and headed back North to meet with the individual, and then headed back on his way to Kamloops; no wonder he looked worn!

What's with political life that it takes someone young and vibrant, and seems to wear them down before your eyes?  I remember the provincial campaign, in the late 70's, when Dave Barrett's NDP government went down to defeat after just one term.  I also remember Bill Bennett leading the Socreds into his last provincial campaign, another loss.  Before our eyes, both men seemed to age well beyond their years, under the weight of the job they were doing.

I'm guessing it's not just the miles, and the length of the day, that had Dan Brooks looking tired.  Perhaps it's been the uphill struggle to maintain life in the BC Conservative Party.  That said, by the end of our conversation, I sensed a spark that seemed to have been re-ignited.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Apparently Regional Directors haven’t been provided with information to respond to a request on how to submit policy suggestions

As many of you know, on November 4th I once again took out a membership in the BC Conservative Party (see WHO should speak for conservatives in British Columbia? )

So what has happened, on the part of the BC Conservative Party, since that date? ………………….. nothing.

Now I don’t need any special “Welcome Back” message from the Party, however I find it rather odd that at the very least, someone didn’t send an email acknowledging receipt of my online membership … an email including the latest newsletter … a message from the party on the up-coming AGM in February … or even details on how to make suggestions on policy proposals for consideration at the February AGM …….. nothing.

Speaking of submissions for policy suggestions, I sent an email to the BC
Conservative Party, asking about how members went about putting forth suggestions; no response. That led me to then contact the Regional Director (Nando Di Lorenzo), who I had worked with previously on the Executive of the Kamloops South Constituency Association, to see if he would be able to provide this information.

Here’s how that conversation went:

Nov 11th at 8:41pm
Good evening Nando ... I sent an email to the BC Conservative Party, via the response form on website.  The message I sent was as follows:

Good evening ... I understand that Greg Hoover is the Chairman of the Policy Committee.  I would appreciate if someone could send me his email address, as I would like to find out what the procedures are for submitting Policy suggestions.  Thank you ... alan
I haven't heard back so I'm wondering if you have the info??

RESENT: Nov 13th @ 7:51am
Hey Nando ...haven't heard back yet?

Nov 13, 2015 at 2:19
Hey Alan

I haven't heard anything thus far.


Nov 13, 2015 at 3:29pm
So how does someone go about submitting something ... I understand there is a committee, surely there's a contact, or email to send to?

Nov 13, 2015 at 4:39

I will look into it on our next board meeting next week.