“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Nanaimo Conservative Party of Canada EDA President Mark MacDonald should do the right thing ... resign

CPC EDA President Mark MacDonalds
statement for January 16th
It seems Conservative Party of Canada Nanaimo EDA President, Mark MacDonald, was taking desperate measures today to explain away his recent shot AGAINST the BC Conservative Party. 

In my opinion however, and using the immortal words of Ricky Riccardo, he has ... "more splainin" to do.

No matter what he is now saying today, On January 16th HE WAS in fact advising Conservative Party of Canada members, to vote for the bc LIBERALS.

And ... he was doing it with the Nanaimo EDA logo and social media account. And he did the exact same thing today!

TODAY'S statement from Nanaimo-Ladysmith
Conservative Party EDA President Mark MacDondald
If, in fact, he was just trying to make a personal comment, and now wants us to believe he made a bad hash of it, then why was he using Conservative Party of Canada logo and account? 

That seems pretty deliberate to me ... and I am guessing again several bylaws and principles of the Conservative Party of Canada.

People have had to resign for that same thing in the past – the improper use of registered and copy-written material ... or speaking a personal opinion but using the Official Office he is elected to, to do so.

It’s my opinion therefore, Mark MacDonald should do the right thing, and also resign.  That way, if he wants to support the BC Liberal Party, he’ll be free and clear to do so.

RICK PETERSON: We have been constructive, offering solutions and, ensuring the perspectives of resource sector working Canadians finally gain a voice

For too long, the working people of B.C. resource towns haven’t had a real voice in the political decisions directly effecting their lives, and livelihoods – about pipeline projects, new mines, forestry tenures.

That’s not only a tragedy for communities in British Columbia, it’s a travesty for resource development across Canada.

Last spring, we launched Suits and Boots to change that. Founded by six people in April, we have since grown to more than 3,200 people across Canada; Suits who are in offices ... and Boots who are out in the field alike doing the important work that makes Canada such a prosperous nation.

We have held rallies and flown banners over Parliament. We have written Senators asking them to kill the current version of Bill C-69 and send back to the House of Commons so this flawed attempt at re-working Canada’s environmental assessment regulations can be re-done.

AARON GUNN: It continues a trend in this country, where our politicians and institutions, attempt to rewrite our history and erase our past ... with little regard for context and the truth

Political correctness has reached Canada’s currency.

Once again, it’s at the expense of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. A man who united us, built this country and delivered on the audacious promise of a national railway. A man who’s now been kicked off the face of the $10 bill for an individual who, while noble and courageous, is a comparative footnote in Canadian history.

It continues a trend in this country, where our politicians and institutions attempt to re-write our history and erase our past.

Where historic events are re-told void of context, and with little regard for the truth.

He is the single most important figure in Canadian history. Without him, this country, its traditions, its history, even our currency wouldn’t even exist

Monday, January 21, 2019

MacLEOD: Even if there is some risk to vaccinations (very very small for most), that, of itself, is the wrong question. More importantly, one has to also look at relative risk

The other day I posed a comment on my Facebook page linking to a Newsweek article which stated, “Anti-vax Movement Listed by World Health Organization as One of the Top 10 Health Threats for 2019”.   (CLICK HERE for the full story)

That prompted a response from Ian MacLeod, which he has given me permission to use on the blog-site; a commentary which he indicated has been used previously, and one which he will continue to post in places where the public will be able to read it.  Here is what he had to say:

Subject to the second to last paragraph, I think that the parents who intentionally expose their children to disease, should be treated the same way as child beaters, and charged. Those children should not be allowed in the schools.

Likewise, I hope some enterprising lawyer launches a law suit against parents who have refused vaccination for their children, and those children have gotten sick, spreading disease to those with ineffective vaccinations.

Their children, and in turn mine and everyone else's, should not be willingly exposed to preventable harm.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

JOHN FELDSTED: All the money and studies have not bought anyone a spine ... or lit a fire under complacent rear ends in Ottawa

CBC News ~~ January 15th, 2019

... the United Nations Human Rights Committee says Canada still discriminates against First Nations women and their descendants through status requirements under the Indian Act despite several amendments since 1985.

In an 18-page decision released Jan. 14, the committee said Canada is obligated to remove the discrimination and to ensure that all First Nations women and their descendants are granted Indian status on the same footing as First Nations men and their descendants ....

CLICK HERE for full story:

The ironies are piling up like a Canadian version of the Egyptian pyramids.

Our government has been boasting about its self-appointed role as a world champion of human rights – except on its doorstep. Added to that is a current UN Human Rights Committee with some very questionable members:

ROTHENBERGER: Elected leaders sometimes they pass the test sometimes they fail. Sometimes, too, vision is as much about saying no to something as saying yes

ONE OF THE TOUGHEST QUESTIONS we ask our politicians is, “What is your vision for Kamloops?

More often than not, the response has something to do with a clean, safe city with good amenities and well-paying jobs. When was the last time a politician said, “I really think we need more street crime, litter and graffiti, and we should bring in more minimum-wage employment and close down some parks”?

The real test of vision, though, comes in the details.

Elected leaders and residents alike are asked from time to time to put their money where their vision is. Sometimes they pass the test, sometimes they fail. Sometimes, too, vision is as much about saying no to something as saying yes.

Image Credit ... kamloopspublicmarket.org
The proposed farmer’s market building at the entrance to Riverside Park is one such vision that divides people. An informal survey was released this week on what people think about it and I’ll get to that in a minute. First, though, a few examples of vision, and lack of it, throughout the history of Kamloops.

I wrote a couple of days ago about how, if councils over the past 15 years had retained the vision of the council that came before them, the question of what to do about the City Hall building that experts say needs replacing would have been answered. A brand new one would have been pretty much bought and paid for and plans would be underway for construction to begin without need of a referendum.

There’s another example in the performing arts centre (PAC).

Friday, January 18, 2019

FELDSTED: Political parties don’t stand for anything except winning power. We deserve better, but things only get better if we work at it

Every four years, we elect 338 Members of Parliament. All of them are humans with the frailty’s which all humans share. We say dumb things, make mistakes, apologize, pick ourselves up, learn from our errors, and get on with life a bit wiser.

Applying this to Karen Wang and the comments attributed to her, and then seeing her disallowed from running because a comment might negatively reflect on the federal Liberal party, is an affront to democracy.

Our political system has been turned upside down. If elected, Ms Wang’s job would have been to represent the people of Burnaby South to the best of her ability -- not to defend or protect the image or decisions of a political party.

MPs have been turfed from a party for failing to toe the party line – are we okay with that?  Political parties telling our representative how they must behave, what they can and cannot say, and how they will vote on public issues should not be acceptable to Canadians.

Since when did party disciple trump an elected MP from representing the people?  Some MPs have changed party allegiance, because they had strong opposing feelings on an issue, and could not find support in their current party.  How is this looked at within the political system?  Senior party officials have a fit when MPs jump ship.  However, we should be revolted by that!  Our elected officials are not in parliament to serve any political party.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

DAN ALBAS: There have been tax reduction efforts federally, however income taxes in many provinces have risen in addition to increases in property taxes


As many accountants and tax professionals will know, January of each year is the opening of “income tax season”; the period of time up until April 30th when in this case, your 2018 income taxes must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.

If you follow political discussions, you will likely have heard claims that income taxes have gone up, as well as counter claims that they have gone down. In this report, I wanted to review federal income tax changes over the past 18 years for more context on this subject.

Going back to the year 2000, there were just three federal income tax brackets, your first $30,004 was taxed at a rate of 17%, the next $30,004 up to $60,009 was taxed at a rate of 25%, and all income over $60,009 was taxed at 29%.

There were some significant changes in 2013. A fourth income tax bracket on your income up to $43,561, that would be taxed at a lower rate of 15%.

The second tax bracket was adjusted so that income between $43,562 up to $87,123 was taxed at a rate of 22%, while the third tax bracket on income over $87,123 up to $135,054 was taxed at a rate of 26%.  THEN THERE WAS THE NEW TAX BRACKET, where income over $135,054 was taxed at 29%

The net effect of these tax changes was that lower income workers earning up to $43,561 paid 2% less tax. On income in the other tax brackets there were also tax breaks of 3% with the exception of the highest tax bracket.

FELDSTED: The UN Committee, on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is targeting Canada because we’re too nice to tell them go drown itself. Most other nations ignore these busybodies

UN committee warns that Site C dam may violate Indigenous rights agreement.  Concern over 'alleged lack of measures taken to ensure the right to consultation'
The Canadian Press / CBC News ~~ Jan 15, 2019

A United Nations committee has warned Canada that continued construction of the Site C hydro dam in northeastern British Columbia may violate international agreements.

The UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination says Canada may have already violated an agreement it signed 50 years ago. That agreement commits Canada to prevent development on Indigenous land without adequate consultation.

CLICK HERE to read the full news story

The proper response is to advise the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that it has no evidence of racism, the accusation is unfounded and worthy of a slander action and to keep its nose out of Canadian internal affairs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Andrew Wilkinson, along with many of his fellow provincial LIBERAL members, are continually shelling out wads of CASH not to federal Conservatives, but instead to the Federal LIBERAL Party

So, the Federal Conservative EDA for Nanaimo Ladysmith, led by President Mark MacDonald, has felt it necessary to disavow themselves from the ONLY TRUE provincial Conservative Party.  And, WONDER OF WONDERS ... he has seen fit to drag out the age-old crap about splitting the vote.  What a load of hog-wash!! 

Must I once again remind Federal Conservatives, that seem happy to get in bed with provincial LIBERALS, that there is NO SUCH THING as a split vote. 

A vote, is a vote ... and it SHOULD BE EARNED!

Desperation?  The only non-socialist party? bcLIBERALS are an amalgamation of federal LIBERALS and federal Conservatives?   

Mark MacDonald, you do a GREAT disservice to the people of BC with your words that are little more than garbage.

Let me also say this to any federal Conservative party member.  "You should be very concerned that many in leadership roles are asking you to support a provincial party, the bc LIBERALS".

BC Liberals are a party whose leader Andrew Wilkinson, along with many of his provincial LIBERAL members, are continually shelling out wads of CASH, but not to federal Conservatives, instead it goes to the Federal LIBERAL Party.

Is that what you really want? 

Let me ask you as a federal Conservative, “Does it make any sense that MacDonald would ask you to support a party, whose federal counterparts are hell bent on ensuring the Conservative Party of Canada is never again in the role of government?”.

I find it difficult not to have anything but contempt for MacDonald, and any of his fellow EDA executive, that would agree with the statement he released today. 

It is wrong --- seriously wrong – for MacDonald to call on federal conservatives to fund, back, and support a provincial party that has a multitude of its members, including its leader, all in support of the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

That should be something that all makes federal Conservatives gag!