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“The truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world out there, where famine and racial strife and vandals in office are the unhappy rule.”
~~ Mordecai Richler

FELDSTED: Political candidates should be focused on how they can meet our needs, not pedaling party policy like a used car warranty (they are worth about the same)

Many of us are struggling, in particular pensioners, people who have lost jobs, people who can’t find jobs, those who suffer disabilities, and those who are homeless or poor.It does not stop there. Most of us find that costs are steadily increasing, and incomes are not keeping pace. With each passing year, we have less left to sustain us.
We can look forward to 2019 as a watershed year. Increasing numbers are done and finished with governments that are not working for us. Many people tell me that they know change is needed, and then wonder who might lead that change.
Canada’s strength has always been with its people, not with its institutions. From our earliest days, people came together and built churches and community halls to serve them, not to manage or rule them. Canada is founded on building institutions that serve us. Over time government leaders have created a system where the government controls us rather than serves us – it operates on the false premise that it has sole author…

MUIR: To execute the key points of the Rockefeller document strategy, the group commenced a decade-long campaign to taint the world’s image of Canada, and turn Canadians against each other ... it was a brilliant success

RE-PRINTED with permission:
Canada’s debilitating inability to gain fair market value for its largest export commodity – crude oil – has become the top economic story of 2018. It will likely dominate headlines in 2019.
It’s so bad that heavyweight energy investors with large bets on Canada are now seeing fit to write courtly letters to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explaining the nature of their business, since there seems to be no other way for him to know it. They’re probably wondering why they’re wasting time, with so many of their brethren having already hightailed it out of Canada.
Just a few years ago, oil executives encountered in Calgary seemed like a taut and eager breed of problem solvers — sharp-eyed and ready to spring on the next challenge. 
No longer.  So, “Why is the patient so ill?” 
The recent oil price crash threw an unexpected wrench into the works, yet broader economic conditions are favourable. Money is still fairly cheap. Success is not hampered by a shortage of labou…

FELDSTED: Why do some people think they have the power to limit our freedom of expression, and tell us an issue or topic is off limits because they know the ‘proper’ answers. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

Dare to be different – Part 1 
Most of us are so beleaguered with tasks, fretting over our bank accounts, and honouring our commitments to family and friends, we have little time left to enough to enjoy the love and warmth that our families and friends bring to us over the holidays and all year through. 
The day to day struggle often seems overwhelming, but much of that is an illusion.
Each and every one of you is important. You are a vital part of what Canada is. You are law abiding, caring, empathetic, generous, intelligent, loving, reasonable, responsible citizens. You give what you can afford (or a bit more) to charities, you volunteer in service clubs, to your community centre or school or kids sports team or a soup kitchen, homeless shelter ... there is no end to the list.
That is why we must dare to be different.
We need to confront political correctness. Why do some people think they have the power to limit our freedom of expression? They try to tell us an issue or topic is off l…

2018 - a look back with Alan Forseth, Ben Besler, John Feldsted, Frank Leonard, and guests

As the year 2018 comes to a close, I thought you might be interested in the top 18 most read blog posts of the year.The covered things like the tragedy of overdose deaths ... Justin Trudeau’s continued experiments in social engineering ... a third vote in BC regarding how we would vote ... the United Nations ... leadership ... populism politics ... and more.

We appreciate the comments you have made over the past year ... story suggestions (please keep those coming) ... and friends we have made through this blog site.
May the new year be a time of reflection, and good things for you and your family.We’ll be hear again in 2019, and hopefully with we what say and share, you’ll take time to questions what we are fed from our politicians, and if it makes sense or not.

Now ... here the Top 18 ... for 2018
#18 BC Conservative Party leadership campaign will open on October 29, 2018
A leadership race timeline has been adopted for the BC Conservatives.  This morning (April 7th) current party Presi…

May the message of Christmas fill your life with joy and peace. Best wishes to you and your family

FELDSTED: Our politicians don’t comprehend that when they listen to these twits, they will pay the price

Neil Young returning to Winnipeg for 2 February concerts
By Kevin Hirschfield ~~ Global News ~~ December 22, 2018

Rock legend Neil Young is coming home to Winnipeg for two concerts.

Young announced on Facebook that he will be playing a pair of shows at two different locations: one on Feb. 3 at the Burton Cummings Theatre and one on Feb. 4 at the Centennial Concert Hall.

AFTER HIS PERFORMANCES at Fort McMurray, I would not contribute a dime to this elitist snob.

What you see in the image above, is a singer (Neil Young - left), and a botanist (David Suzuki - right), pretending they are world climate gurus. Wherever they go, both leave carbon footprints the size of a dinosaur – meanwhile, they beat a drum telling the rest of us to shape up.

The only reason they come to Canada at all is because they can spout their nonsense, without getting hung or tossed in jail -- we are civilized, lawful and polite. They stride into our living rooms, defecate and leave laughing.

WARAWA When we are united together as Conservatives, we are stronger

A message from BC Conservative Party President, Ryan Warawa:
Season’s greetings! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family. I am writing you to give you some important updates on the BC Conservative Party.
Annual General Meeting
The Party held a successful Annual General Meeting at the Sandman Hotel and Suites in Kelowna on November 24th. A revised Constitution and By-laws was adopted, and a number of new policies were passed. To read a press release about our new School Choice policy, please visit the link here.
I am also happy to announce that the following individuals were elected to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors at our 2018 AGM:
President: Ryan WarawaVice President: Jeff BridgeTreasurer: Bob BraySecretary: Glen ChernenDirectors at Large: Gurjinder Bains, Justin Greenwood, Darryl Seres, Christopher Wilson and Matthew Breeden

Nanaimo By-election
With former MLA Leonard Krog having resigned to become the new Mayor of Nanaimo, Premier John Horgan mus…

THOMPSON: We need more disruption in politics … as opposed to more entrenchment