“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Monday, May 25, 2015

With much regret and disappointment, the following notification, was sent by me, to the BC Conservative Party on Saturday May 23rd

This may come as a surprise to some, however with much regret and disappointment, the following notification, was sent by me, to the BC Conservative Party on Saturday May 23rd.

BC Conservative Party
Dan Brooks; Party Leader
Ian MacDonald; Party President

This morning my Google News Alert pointed me to an article in The Peace Arch News entitled "BC Conservatives apologize to ousted South Surrey member".

Dr. Allison Patton
I vividly recall Ms Patton and company doing everything they could to reek havoc within the BC Conservative Party, undermining us, and totally destroying any and all chances to be successful in the last provincial election.

Upon reading the above noted news story, and knowing the vicious campaign Patton, Eckardt, and Crocock waged against the BC Conservative party, I can no longer continue as a Party member. This trio, along with others, completely negated the thousands and thousand of hours hundreds of individuals, myself included, had tirelessly invested in the party to help create a viable alternative to the BC Liberals.

(Political) reform does not need to wait until the next parliament; reform is an ongoing process

Today I am reminded of the old saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  Never was that more true than when it comes to politics.

This morning I tuned into an exchange with Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, and political commentator Bill Tielman, on CBC radio in Victoria. The conversation revolved around Bill 20, which will allow any political party, or independent candidate, to receive information on who has or hasn't voted in an election.

Under existing ways of doing things, political parties identify their voters and remind them on voting day to get out and vote. Political parties may also have scrutineers at every poll to note those they have identified as their supporters when they vote, which also allows them to also know those who have not yet voted.

It has always been the responsibility of political parties to have people in place to be scrutineers. So here's the REAL reason for political parties to very quietly arrange to have Elections BC now hand over info on all who voted (and thereby those as well who didn't). They no longer have the volunteers stepping up to be involved in THEIR campaigns. 

Should this become a problem for the people of BC? 


If BC's political parties don't have individuals willing to support them, by volunteering, then too bad for them. THEIR lack of volunteers is NOT our problem.

And you can bet it WILL increase the number of people being called by political parties to recheck their own info on who may or may not support them. You can count on getting even more calls during election campaigns.

More so than just the above, this provision to freely hand over information on who has, or hasn't voted, is fundamentally wrong. 

Why do I say this? Because BC's political parties quietly asked for this to be done. Our democratic voting system is based on openness and honesty.
Does secretly having this amendment, snuck into the election act, sound open and honest to you? It doesn't to me.

Better yet, where has the conversation from political parties on why we should support and vote for them gone to.  No instead we have ongoing bashing by parties on why the other is the worst possible option we could choose!

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver
A Twitter conversation I had with Andrew Weaver, following this mornings discussion with Bill Tielman on CBC Radio, was rather interesting given what I have just noted: 

@AJWVictoriaBC You are bang on. It is not up to #ElectionsBC 2allow for #bcpoli parties 2 have info -- parties MUST give us a reason to vote 4them

@AlanForseth Thanks Alan. Seems to be lost in the whole discussion. Low voter turnout precisely because of political antics

@AJWVictoriaBC Sadly it will simply continu 2get worse. 2often egative campaigns = negative voting = poor cand8s elected. Sad & disapointing

.@AlanForseth That is the essence of the vote split argument: Vote against something instead of for something. People are fed up with that