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You'd be welcome to call it the Twigg Formula - a system that would put the peoples' interests First

Through-out the province of BC recently, there has been much talk about electoral reform --- what it should look like, how it will be achieved, how we as voters will have input to the process, what a referendum question(s) should look like, what kind of majority would be required to have a change made.These, just to name a few, are the questions being asked.
For many, the name John Twigg will be familiar.He recently submitted his thoughts to the BC governments Citizen Engagement, as well as forwarding those thoughts to me, Bob Makin, Bill Tieleman (co-chair of the No B.C. Proportional Representation Society), the BC Pundit, and BC NDP Attorney General David Eby.
Here are those thoughts:

The NDP does have "democratic" in its name but its past and present practices too often have shown that that can be a misnomer.
I want a reformed electoral system that will still tend to elect majority governments composed mainly of people of all races, creeds, genders etc representing clearly d…