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If this (food) is good enough for hospital patients (Terry Lake) it should be good enough for you and your fellow MLAs, while you’re at the legislature

"... what happened in Richmond yesterday?"

Earlier this morning I received an email, from a political friend and former BC Conservative Party colleague, asking, "... what happened in Richmond yesterday?"

As two people have now said to me, "It's the same old gang, just different front men. Very, very sad. And disappointing." ... and ... "Absolutely a disaster. Board slate totally successful. President some retired ex-police officer friend of Ian MacDonald.  Party is done. Division remains."

I suppose that those at the helm of the BC Conservative Party for the past year, and those now running the show, are pleased with the results. As for me however, I am personally very disappointed, and numb.

The results, in my opinion, will only continue the decline of the Party, as no change in direction appears to be on the horizon any time soon.   
As this letter sent to the BC Conservative Party (and copied to me) shows, the few remaining members will continue to walk away from the party.  And for the record,…

And that is why today I simply say, "May common sense prevail tomorrow..."

In a post a week ago, I included the following phrase; "...the concept of fiduciary trust and adherence to high ethical standards is not an optional requirement of a public organization incorporated under the Societies Act.  It is a legal requirement as well as a moral imperative."

I wish I could claim it as my own, however it was a friend who provided it too me.

Today, I repeat it once more, on the eve of the BC Conservative Party AGM, which will be held tomorrow in Richmond.  Over the past several months I have written on concerns that I, and others have had, with regards to a failure by the current Board to be open and transparent, and to move the BC Conservatives forward in a positive light that clearly presents an electable option to both the NDP and the BC Liberals.

Today, I had intended to present a much different post, however a good friend wisely counseled me saying:

"There will be a new board elected on Saturday night. If we are lucky, it will be a much more demo…


YES ... confusion continues to reign supreme within the BC Conservative Party ... just days before its Annual General Meeting which takes place this Saturday (February 20th) in Richmond.

A little over a week ago I had a brief conversation with the area Regional Director asking what my status was following an official submission the Current Board and Executive.  That submission pointed out not just one, but a large number of areas of the Party's Constitution, which were trampled on when my membership was declined.

In a nutshell, these included that the:
... concept of fiduciary trust and adherence to high ethical standards is not an optional requirement of a public organization incorporated under the Societies Act.  It is a legal requirement as well as a moral imperative.

Back to my discussion with the Regional Director.  I asked him if the Board had reversed its' decision, regarding denial of my membership application, and was told that all I had to do was reapply and that it '…

Strong Economy --- Secure Tomorrow --- When I Say?

How many of you have wondered about the TRILLIONS in tax revenue BC was to achieve from LNG ... the tens of thousands of jobs its would create ... how it would lead to a debt free BC ... and that we would have the first of 5, no 3 , no heaven only knows how many ACTUAL LNG plants up and running between 2015 and 2020?
Well here for you are just a FEW of the promises made, and not kept, by the BC Liberal government.

Multiple investors across the natural gas sector have expressed interest in developing LNG export facilities. The first commercial LNG export facility in Canada is scheduled to open in Kitimat, on B.C.’s central coast, by 2015.

CBC’s Reality Check team finds for Clark to make these claims with no deals in place, it's more hype and hope than fact, and we are calling them political spin.

Our latest data indicate that a scenario with five LNG plants constructed in B.C. between 2015-2024 would create a total industry investment of $175 billion creating up to 100,000 jobs: 58,70…

Wasting one more minute of time and energy in the BC Conservative Party, by anyone, is sheer lunacy!

Out of respect to the BC Conservative Party, and to its members, I have held back from stronger comments I have had around concerns for its future.

Here and now I will publicly state that a majority (how large or small I do not know) of the BC Conservative Party Executive and Board do not have a bloody clue what they are doing.In fact, they seem hell bent for leather in destroying the last scrap of credibility it has, small as it may be.
This was infinitely confirmed to me today when I received an email from Dan Denis, a former member, who in fact spent time as a member of the BC Conservative Executive a few years back.In it, he stated that upon the urging of fellow conservatives, he had been encouraged to take out a membership once again.They response of the Membership Chair Bob Bray, and by extension the Board and Executive of the Party, was to refuse it. Dan stated:
I have officially been refused renewal of my membership to the party  by way of a written letter signed by B…