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There Is A Difference Between Our Democratic Rights, And Doing And Saying Whatever We Want

So who read the analysis piece entitled “The niqab debate, let's not forget, is about individual rights.In the end, this is a country based on individual rights and the rule of law, not majority sentiment”, written by Neil McDonald of the CBC?

In part of the analyses piece he states:
Boswell then ruled that wearing a niqab does not interfere in any substantive way with taking the oath, and that the minister of immigration does not, in any event, have the authority to summarily forbid wearing one. 

As you would expect from a judge at Boswell's level, his ruling was antiseptic, almost surgical.

He is uninterested in why Ishaq interprets her religion as an obligation to keep her face covered in public; it is enough that she does, in the same way that ultra-orthodox Jews feel obliged to wear black hats and side curls, or some Roman Catholics feel compelled to walk around with crosses daubed on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday.  

To take this to the Nth degree then, what the CBC's …