“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Job Creation -- Fiscal Responsibility -- and a Social Conscience ... all things which can, and should, be an easy fit

The beauty of having Google Alerts set in place, for things relating BC Politics, is that I will often times get notices on stories that I may not otherwise have come across. 

Such was the case this morning, as I received a notification regarding an editorial in the Victoria Times Colonist entitled, "BC Liberals Face New Reality"  

In it, the writer of the editorial stated, "Most voters can say where the NDP and Greens stand on raising the minimum wage, increasing income assistance, subsidizing child care or strengthening public education. These are all key planks of a centre-left platform."

Not Left -- Not Right -- the future of BC needs to be a meeting
of ideas that will create well-paying jobs, a safe environment
and look after the needs of all members & segments of society
No problem there -- most would agree with that -- however I would also add they are NOT keen on raising the hackles of their base by approving industrial, resource, and similar projects.  Not with their support firmly settled in the large metro area of the lower mainland ... and on Vancouver Island ... the younger, greener, anti-traditional job creation projects people. 

Green-lighting those kinds of projects will have their supporters screaming the NDP have abandoned their principles.  Strange really, because those job creators had previously been the traditional power base for the NDP.

Setting that aside, let's get back to the BC Liberal Party, and where they go now that Christy Clark has quit as both leader of the party -- and as the MLA for Kelowna -- Westside residents.

Again going back the editorial, it states that for the BC Liberals:
The challenge lies in shifting some longstanding mindsets. The Liberals must find ways to make a more activist program acceptable to their base.

It should not, in principle, be hard to support strengthening the social safety net. The case for investing in education and skill training is likewise easy to make. And who disagrees with the need for more affordable housing, or the urgency of combating homelessness and drug abuse?

The difficulty lies in reconciling these projects with a party philosophy grounded in personal responsibility and small government. No simple matter.

Darn right that's going to be a difficulty for them!  For the BC Liberals, it has always been difficult to understand what they stood for -- other than the fact the weren't the NDP ... and they were the only way to keep the demon socialists out of power. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black Lives Matter Is Not a Hate Group? Sorry but I have to disagree!

J. Richard Cohen is president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and recently penned a piece in Time magazine entitled, "Black Lives Mater is not a Hate Group".


Sorry but I have to disagree.  Any group that vehemently opposes others, is in my opinion, a hate group.


In this case, it appears that Black Lives Matter oppose, and dare I say 'hate',
uniformed police officers.  Not just the few who have abused their position, but they seem to have tarred many with the same brush of hatred and abuse.  Police officers, who wear the uniform, are most certainly not all guilty of abuse.

Cohen spoke in his piece saying, "Generally speaking, hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity."

He also stated that, "There’s no doubt that some protesters who claim the mantle of Black Lives Matter have said offensive things, like the chant "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" that was heard at one rally. But before we condemn the entire movement for the words of a few, we should ask ourselves whether we would also condemn the entire Republican Party for the racist words of its presumptive nominee—or for the racist rhetoric of many other politicians in the party over the course of years."

But as I stated, is this NOT WHAT Black Lives Matter (BLM) is doing?  Tarring with the same brush all police officers wearing the uniform?  If so, then they are indeed a self-centred group of individuals, who in their own way do discriminate. 

But sadly, I believe this is happening as more and more we hyphenate who we are, and create more and more sub groups to identify ourselves. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Voters are desperate for elected officials to quit with the BS. However that request is a double sided sword

Today is a little bit of this ... and a little bit of that.  In between paying bills and checking our family budget online, a diverted a few times to check out things politically.

That led me initially to an article in the Maple Ridge News by Cheryl Ashlie (a former Maple Ridge school trustee, City Councillor, Constituency Assistant and current Citizen of the Year).

I have to say that at least for me, this individual has hit the nail on the head, about what is needed for political success.  Indeed she should be cultivated as a candidate.  

Paraphrasing her article she stated that when she was young she didn't really pay attention to politics ... she became older and then did ... she listened to the platforms and voted accordingly ... and then watched as the party in power blatantly ignored what they said they would do.

Sound familiar?

Her article closed with the following observation:
Aside from the occasional blip, voter turnout has been on the decline for the past 50 years. There are many contributing factors, but surely parties must see that by reneging on a fundamental agreement between the party and the voter — you make promises I agree with and I vote for you — they exacerbate it and drive up the ‘I don’t know, I don’t care, I don’t vote’ sentiment.

So how do they solve my political homeless issue? I believe the parties need to start building realistic platforms that they can commit to, because the door-crasher, throw-a-way ones of late are making a mockery of the whole system and need to stop.

Then there was Hodge Podge, by Charlie Hodge, in the Kelowna Capitol News.  Here are just a few of the comments he made in his opinion piece:

In her brief resignation speech, while stepping down as leader of the Liberal Party Christy never even mentioned her abandoned riding ...

Following her announcement various Liberal members pontificated great praise for Christy, several suggesting she was being unselfish and bravely thinking of the party’s future.  If so, she has a strange logistic way of doing it ...

Sadly, her last political move reflects a petulant attitude of, do-what-I say-not-what-I-do.
Christy Clark failed to listen to her own pep talk from last year. During her throne speech in February 2016, she boldly and proudly declared “success is not for quitters’ ...

People are fed up with what they hear -- and then see.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today they clearly had killing this HIGH PAYING / UNION JOB CREATING project dead in its tracks

NOT eco-extremists ...

NOT eco- terrorists ...

BUT certainly the BC NDP, propped up by Andrew Weavers Green Party, could perhaps now be called eco-radicals!

What else do they DESERVE to be called after fully stating that they will do everything in their power to oppose, and shut down, the twinning of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline?

Running 750 miles, this pipeline has operated safely now for sixty four years (since 1953).  Not only does the Trans Mountain pipeline run through Kamloops, it is an important part of the pipeline.  As Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline portion of their website states: 

Refined products from Edmonton are routed to Kamloops for local distribution. Kamloops is also a receiving site for products from northeastern British Columbia that are bound for the west coast. The facility contains two storage tanks with a shell capacity of 160,000 barrels (25,000 m³).

Despite the fact this project is LEGALLY able to go ahead (projected to start in September) after being approved by the National Energy Board, a massive opposition continues to grow.  An opposition that is clearly supported by the very government that should be doing everything possible to promote and encourage safe, and environmentally sound, energy projects.

John Horgan's NDP have been opposed to MANY resource development projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline, but today they clearly had killing this HIGH PAYING / UNION JOB CREATING project dead in its tracks.

They began that process by hiring former BC NDP leader and Supreme Court justice Thomas Berger, to look at current action against the pipeline expansion plan.  He will also be applying to be an intervener in legal challenges to federal approval of the project.

YES ... the BC government -- John Horgan's NDP -- will, as I stated, be doing everything possible to stop this project dead in its tracks.

Today, at a news conference, BC NDP Environment Minister George Heyman stated:

We are committed to use every tool to defend BCs coast [from] threat of tanker traffic ...  Our government made it clear that a seven-fold increase in heavy oil tankers in the Vancouver harbour is not in BCs best interests. Not for our economy, our environment, or thousands of existing jobs.”

Uhmmmm, excuse me, Mr Heyman, Mr Berger, Mr Horgan, and Mr Weaver.  Have all of you missed the point that this company has operated a pipeline to the BC coast SAFELY NOW for over SIX DECADES!!

BC Conservatives ... line up your guns (figuratively speaking of course) against the BC NDP, and the BC Green Party.

They are opposed Nationally Energy Board approved as safe projects ...

They are committed to taking every legal step possible to oppose and shut down environmentally approved energy projects ...

They will think nothing of wasting taxpayers resources to hire a former NDO leader as their legal spokesperson and intervener to stall and halt environmentally approved projects ...

They are opposed to thousand of high paying jobs (jobs that would employ hard working union men and woman) ...

In opposing this LEGALLY APPROVED project, they are green lighting so-called environmentalists to do whatever they want to shut down BC's mining, energy, and resource projects.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

IF the party does no better from within, than in its' recent past then Mel will be right

THE ARMCHAIR MAYOR SAID TODAY ... "OH, GOSH when will the BC Conservatives give up and find something better to do?"

This of course followed my latest commentaryin which, nearing the end, I made the following disclosure:

And now a confession must be made because just a short time ago (prior to completing this post), I received an invitation to rejoin the BC Conservative Party … I have done so. 

Those who know me will understand that my heart has always been with the BC Conservatives.  I hope that the corner has been turned on past difficulties.  Let the rebuild begin! 

Did I have to post a response to Mel?  Of course not, but I did think that perhaps just a short comment might not be bad, so I said:

I know you won’t be surprised that I disagree with you Mel.  You stated:

For months, Forseth has been asking plaintively whether it’s time for a rightwing alternative. The answer is, not any time soon, and if it is, the BC Conservatives haven’t demonstrated they have any right to the mantle

No guarantees of course, however I’m sure you’ll understand when I say I hope you are proven wrong.

Which is why, after letting friends on the political landscape know of my choice / decision yesterday, I was delighted to receive the following email (one of several echoing similar sentiments):