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“The truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world out there, where famine and racial strife and vandals in office are the unhappy rule.”
~~ Mordecai Richler

Lost jobs equals decreased population, equals reduced services, equals closed businesses, equals closed schools

The latest from the BC government says that it is, " ... seeking public input on rural education as part of a strategy being created by Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Education Linda Larson to better understand the needs of students, parents, schools and communities in rural BC ..."

I guess the biggest need would be to actually keep schools, in rural communities, open.
Problem is however, that the government has failed, miserably, to provide the supports and structure rural communities need, as well as failing to have resource development approved to ensure long-term, and increased employment, in rural British Columbia.
In key sectors, for rural and small town BC, job losses have been dramatic (BC Stats Earnings and Employment Trends - October 2016): Agriculture ... down 33% since 2006Forestry and Logging ... down 19% since 2007Fishing, Hunting and Trapping down 31% since 2007
Lost jobs equals decreased population, equals reduced services, equals closed busines…

What you say ... no talk about debt, health care, education, jobs, and resources?

With six months still to go until the next provincial election in British Columbia, I'm already I am asking myself, "Who will I vote for? Will there be a candidate I can support?Who will not only say the things I want to hear, but follow through on them?"
I've created a list of things I will be listening to hear answers to, in the months ahead.It's a short list for now, but will likely grown, and be edited and revised, in the weeks and months ahead.These are the things I will use to help me when the moment comes to place my "X" on the ballot.
What personal skills, knowledge, and background to you have which will make you the best candidate for the people of Kamloops South Thompson to consider in casting a ballot for you?
If elected as the MLA for Kamloops South Thompson in next Mays provincial election, what will be your top priorities for the riding?
How will you seek input, from constituents, in issues important to the riding, and how will that affect ho…

REALLY... there aren't enough places already for people to get a drink?

Yesterday, from the BC Government's Jobs Plan, came news that, "... liquor licences will soon be available to all types of BC businesses, including barber shops!"

REALLY... there aren't enough places already for people to get a drink?

The news release went on to say that effective January 23rd of next year:

Businesses like barber shops, salons, spas, cooking schools, art galleries and book stores will be able to apply for a liquor licence to diversify their business model and serve liquor to customers.

All types of businesses will be able to apply for a liquor primary licence, so long as they do not operate from a motor vehicle or target minors.

This change will provide flexibility for businesses to expand and offer new services to their patrons ... and increase consumer choice for British Columbians.

Well, thank goodness they won't be able to operate from a motor vehicle, but tell me, "How exactly will these patrons, imbibing on the spirits, be arriving and lea…

Finally at least one news media outlet is saying what I have for years ... enough crap about doing your job; it's what you're supposed to do

Two things caught my eye today, that has spurred on my post today.
One was the fact that the Tri-City News has decided to trash media releases from the BC government, that are little more than generic announcements about every day things ... the other was the announcement that former TV personality Steve Darling will be a candidate for the BC Liberals in next Mays provincial election.
First to the Tri-City News.In an editorial dated November 8th, titled "We're waiting for the good news", they state:

"Stop, already! We get that the BC Liberal government wants credit for spending money to maintain the province's schools. But it's time the province stop sending press releases about small pots of money that are being spent on things like roof repairs and flooring upgrades — work that should be going no matter who is in power and doesn't require the additional spotlight of media coverage."

HURRAY ... finally at least one news media outlet is saying what I h…

Public service is not an option for a healthy community or for a democratic society; it is a prerequisite

Steven Puhallo is the Executive Director of the Kamloops North Shore Business Association (NSBIA). He has had a successful career as a public affairs and strategic communications professional with a broad range of experience at senior levels of government and in the private sector.
Today, I have provided him with the opportunity to have a guest post on my blog.
By way of background, Steven is the Executive Director of the North Shore Business Improvement Association (NSBIA) in Kamloops.Working with the NSBIA board of directors, they visualized and launched the “We Are The North Shore” marketing campaign that has helped re-kindle community spirit.The organizational also hosts the incredibly popular Overlanders Day summer family festival, which I was honoured to have played a small role in, with Steven and his team, at the inaugural event.
Many of you also know Steven as an active member of the BC Liberal Party, which honoured him with an outstanding volunteer award in 2014.He has served …

Twenty-seven percent of BCs Provincial Debt is at the mercy of whatever fluctuating interest rates end up at!

This weekend the BC Liberals are meeting in Vancouver, and by all accounts, it's living up to the expectations of a being a Rah-Rah-Rah cheerleading session, leading into next May's general election.Much of the focus of course is on the economy, with a claim to be leading in Canada ... as well as a claim to be "Spending within our means".
On the claim of "Spending within our means" alone Christy Clark is proudly telling British Columbians that:
Alone in Canada, your BC Liberal government has achieved four balanced budgets in a row, with a fifth on the way. That’s how BC has maintained its highest-possible triple-AAA credit rating.

These economic achievements are important because of what they allow us
to do. Every penny we don't spend in interest charges can be invested in British Columbians and the hospitals, schools, and services we all depend on.

And thanks to this fiscal discipline, BC is on track to be operating
debt-free as early as 2020, for the first t…