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Just released by the BC Conservative Party in the past 40 minutes, Dan Brooks has resigned as Leader

The BC Conservative Party has just released the following in the past three quarters of an hour.  Leader Dan Brooks has announced he is leaving the post
From: BC Conservative Party <>
Date: January 4, 2016 at 12:29:21 PM PST
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: BC Conservative Leader Dan Brooks Resigns Vanderhoof, BC (January 4, 2016)- Dan Brooks, who led the BC Conservatives from April 2014 until now, has resigned as leader. He has been asked by the Party to serve temporarily as interim leader until February 20, 2016. "It has been an honour to serve the people of British Columbia as leader of the BC Conservative Party, but the time has come for me to pass the torch." Brooks said, acknowledging that his term as a volunteer leader was both challenging and rewarding, but that the time had come to refocus on family and business.
"My resignation opens a range of opportunities for the Party to find new leadership, to reach out to potential Premiers and ask the…

It's time for those at the top of the BC Conservative Party to lead, follow, or get out of the way

It's interesting -- no actually it's sad -- how the BC Conservative Party seems to bumble from one wrong move to the next.On December 31st Party President, Ian MacDonald, sent out the latest In House Communicator to 93 Directors of Associations, Regions, Provincial Board and Chairs.It wasn't long of course before I had been forwarded a copy of the memo, along with the following message:

Alan: Just received your message today and would like to acknowledge your greeting.
... I am forwarding a copy of the latest news release. I remain dumbfounded at the stupidity. Ian MacDonald doesn't appear to be in touch with reality. Threats are probably not the best way to build a party and the whole idea of establishing ones own benchmarks to measure success leave me with my mouth hanging open.
I'm thinking of maybe providing some benchmarks ... All the best for the New Year....
Now here's the text of the message from the BC Conservative Party's Ian MacDonald, as posted i…

Wow, 2015 flew by awfully fast!

Greetings friends ... it's January 1st, 2016 already.  Wow, 2015 flew by awfully fast! 

For myself, 2015 did not end the way that I would have hoped, as we are dealing with my wife being diagnosed with Lymphoma.  She had her first treatment on December 21st, which stretched into 3 days as she had a bad reaction to the chemo cocktail they had put together.  Bev has been extremely tired since, however we put together a great Christmas at home, and had a number of family members visit over several days.

I would ask for those of you who have an on-going conversation with God, that you keep us in your prayers.  We'll be going through this process into April, and knowing we have an army of Prayer Warriors out there has been a huge morale booster for not only Bev, but myself as well!
2016 now brings us to a short 16 months until the next Provincial Election in BC.  DON'T BE discouraged as there IS going to be a voice for those of us on the center right who are small &#…