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One party, and one party only, stands for true conservatism ... true science based environmental protection ... true social services for those needing a hand up.

Ajax Mine has been a divisive topic in Kamloops.  I am proud to say however that BC Conservative Party has, and will continue to, stand up for responsible resource development in British Columbia.

Jobs in the mining industry pay over $100,000 per year.  In addition to that, these jobs create an additional 2+ spin-off jobs from every one of those mining jobs!

Thousand of young people have gone through Thompson Rivers University here in Kamloops, and other schools of training through-out the province, to learn jobs in the resource industry.  These individuals are our children ... our husbands and wives ... friends ... and other family members. 

They need jobs that will match the skills they have trained for!

We cannot expect to have the social services we desire ... nor health care services ... nor schools ... hospital buildings ... road construction and more ... without high paying jobs. 

 Fast food and coffee jockeys won't do it!

That is why I am proud that the BC Conservative Part…

"ACTUALLY, there was NO good news in latest unemployment figures"

Last week the media was all over the fact that BC's unemployment rate had dropped.  I am asking why?

BEFORE we get all excited about the Unemployment news however (the rate in British Columbia was 4.8% in November -- down a minuscule 1/10th of one percent from October), please note the following:

"ACTUALLY, there was NO good news in latest unemployment figures"

The increase in the number of part-time jobs was three and a half times the number of full-time jobs (4,100 full time vs. 14,200 part-time).

More telling however was the fact that 4,200 jobs were LOST in the private sector. (see

Meantime public sector jobs (ie: government jobs) increased by 9,600.  That's well over double the number of jobs that were lost in the private sector!

It looks very much like our BC NDP Premier, John Horgan, is taking a page from the playbook of another NDP Premier -- Rachael Notley of Albe…