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“The truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world out there, where famine and racial strife and vandals in office are the unhappy rule.”
~~ Mordecai Richler

BEN BESLER: BC Liberals Cutting the Last Cord, of a Well Grounded Coalition, For Want of the Flashy New Green Look

I can be pragmatic, at times.

I can compromise for the greater good.

I can restrict my social views to the federal arena, for the greater good of a unified province.

I can even allow for give-and-take and bend on taxation policies.   
BUT ...

... when you aggravate business in the way you bring in family day, for example (not that I’m opposed to family day)

... when you fumble the HST because you made it about a tax grab and not specifically the reduction of red tape

... when you increase minimum wage in a way that shocks the alleged free-market (increasing to extreme measures to the highest in the country at the time)

... when gas taxes are duplicitous and nothing is done to offer relief

... when you jump to extremist actions, and implement the Stephane Dion Carbon Tax demise in a quest to tax everything

... when you say you are a party that says they can get to yes; yet, you sit on your laurels and point fingers at what the others are doing wrong, instead of what you will do right (soundi…

"Let us come here and do the job we were elected to do ... let us clear this confusion up and get this settled ... let us put some rules in place for a change ... let us do our job"

Honestly, what was the purpose of yesterdays so-called 'emergency meeting' between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ... BC NDP Premier John Horgan ... and Alberta's leader Rachael Notley (also of the NDP persuasion)?

I really would like to know, because other than spewing additional carbon emissions into the air, with the jets required to fly to Ottawa, NOT A SINGLE THING WAS ACCOMPLISHED.
Well almost nothing.
Hogan is entrenched as he ever was in that he has always said, and continues to basically say, there is no way in hell I'm going to allow the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline to be built.
Rachael Notley, ever fearful of Jason Kenny's United Conservative Party (and an up-coming provincial election in Alberta), is fearful that not only is Horgan refusing to allow the pipeline to be built, he is now also threatening to disallow additional shipments of oil, through BC, by rail.
And 'Sunny Ways -- Sunny Days' Trudeau?Well he just wonders why all of us in th…

The bcLIBERALS claim to be the Free-Enterprise party. By their actions, or should I say inaction, they have proven that to be a lie

It's Tuesday (April 10th) --- three days now since Kinder Morgan declared they needed an answer on if they are going to be able to go ahead, without further delay, on getting the Trans Mountain pipeline underway.
They've drawn a line in the sand, and that line is dated May 31st!
So what's happened in the meantime, since then?
Well from everything I have read, heard and seen, BC NDP Premier John Horgan appears to be completely indifferent to the chaos he's creating across the resource sector.
Meantime, the bcLIBERALS, with leader Andrew Wilkinson, have finally come out of their comma to realize we have problem.
So you might be wondering, "Where does that place the BC Conservative Party?"
Only the BC Conservatives have been consistent on responsible resource development; development to support ALL British Columbians ... development which will create thousands of jobs ... development which will create tax revenue to build schools, hospitals, and replace aging infrastr…

Justin Trudeau has been nothing BUT hypocritical in allowing dictatorships, with tin-pot despots at the helm, to ship tanker after tanker of oil to east coast refineries

Oh boy ... we are indeed in trouble on this one; Kinder Morgan has now set May 31st as a deadline to get things under way on the Trans Mountain pipeline.  And fair enough. 

As you will note in the following, this whole project has drug on for far too long.  And through it all, the federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has been nothing BUT hypocritical in allowing dictatorships, with tin-pot despots at the helm, to ship tanker after tanker of oil to east coast refineries.

Business Council Of British Columbia:
"The B.C. government's decision to prolong a process that rendered a verdict two years ago and move the regulatory finish line by imposing new barriers that would undercut its potential, threatens the credibility of our country's regulatory and project approvals systems and, by extension, the foundation of our federation." stated Greg D'Avignon, President and CEO of the Business Council of BC

Financial Post:
As federal and provincial politicians pat themsel…

BC Conservative Party leadership campaign will open on October 29, 2018

A leadership race timeline has been adopted for the BC Conservatives.This morning (April 7th) current party President Ryan Warawa stated, "I would like to begin by thanking Scott Anderson for doing a tremendous job as Interim Leader of the BC Conservative Party, and congratulate Justin Greenwood on recently having been named as the Party’s Interim Deputy Leader"
He then went on to say that the leadership campaign, for the Conservatives, will open on October 29, 2018, with a new leader being selected on February 23, 2019.
The total fee to run as a candidate for the BC Conservative Party will be $6,000 – a minimum of $1,000 of which will be required at the time the prospective leadership candidate applies.
Said Warawa, "Leadership races are expensive to conduct, and the BC Conservative Party’s $6,000 fee will ensure that the Party will have the necessary funds to successfully run the leadership race."

The timing chosen for the leadership race will allow for this fall’s r…