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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

FELDSTED: The term ‘hate’, or ‘hate speech’, has become such an ingrained part of our conversation, that its definition has become meaningless

Free speech policies now in effect at Ontario’s colleges and universities
Kristin Rushowy ~~ Queen's Park Bureau / Toronto Star ~~ Jan 5th, 2019

Ontario’s post-secondary institutions have ushered in free-speech policies, meeting a provincially imposed Jan. 1 deadline to tackle an issue that has polarized students in this province and beyond.

“It gives administrators the right to say ‘We have to think about safety on campus and hate speech’ ” — which remains prohibited — but also doesn’t silence those with opinions that are unpopular, she said.

Those on campus have to know there are “speakers that you may not like or who support your world view,” but open dialogue is essential, Franklin added.

It is disgusting that the province should have to impose the free exchange of views and views in its senior levels of education facilities.

It is equally disgusting that we are still banning ‘hate speech’ which is almost impossible to define. Anything short of advocating harm to a person or group is not hate speech. The term ‘hate’, or ‘hate speech’, has become such an ingrained part of our conversation that its definition has become meaningless.

What we really need is respectful and unhindered discussions of ideas and ideologies as well as challenging students to critically examine what they are taught.

Regrettably, stifling debate and regurgitating dogma is also a problem in our public schools. We are training our youngsters to unthinkingly accept whatever they are taught which is very poor preparation for adulthood and the attendant personal responsibilities they will face.  
John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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