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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

... then they support the wasteful ways of Justin Trudeau's federal Liberals, AND, they support the tax grabs that only hit the middle class

Just the other day, Keith Baldrey, in an opinion piece stated, "A number of party veterans I’ve talked to are somewhat worried about the party’s long-term prospects of stability."

And well they should be.

It takes a lot to hold together a fractious group of people that really, other than trying to keep the NDP out of party, are not really comfortable being together in the same bed.

Now don't get me wrong ... I am sure I'd be correct in saying that likely the vast majority of BC Liberal MLA's do truly want what's best for BC ... however if that is indeed true, how can any grouping of them stay together for long given the differences they also have in beliefs on ways, and how, to govern? 

The current field of prospective leadership candidates do of course run the gamut from one end of the political spectrum, to the other -- Left to Right.  The problem is that, as stated, they have such diverse beliefs -- and at times it really must be like herding cats.

I'm not the first, and I certainly won't be the last, to say that the BC Liberals campaign on the right ... and then govern on the left. 

But back to those leadership candidates again.

Who among them are conservatives?

Former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan
Better yet, who are the true capitol "L" Liberals.  Those are the ones who support the federal Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau.  Justin, as you know, seems unable to balance a budget, and even when going into debt by the billions, still manages to overspend that by additional billions.

Is that what those capitol "L" Liberals in BC believe in as well??

How about all of those plans the federal capitol "L" Liberals had to tax employee discounts, until all hell broke loose and they had reverse that plan?

How about increasing taxes on those still operating the family farm?

How about those provincial Liberals, that support those capitol "L" liberals like Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau.  They very ones who have millions in family fortunes all safely tucked away from tax!

Do those provincial Capitol "L" Liberals support that kind of hosing of Canadians??

If a Liberal is a Liberal in BC, then they support the wasteful ways of Justin Trudeau's federal Liberals ... AND ... they support the tax grabs that only hit the middle class, while they keep their millions safe from funding Canadian social programs.

On another point, the upper echelons of the BC Liberal party is where the true power is centred anyway.  And they have always wanted, and held, power for the same reasons, I suspect, as any others.  That would be the associated things that power gives them; perks ... control ... attention ... importance ... influence ... etc.

Those at the top of the BC Liberals learned well from others how to manipulate and use control to keep the ranks together.  For some it was the promise of power (not the same as theirs but perhaps to a small degree) ... for others perhaps the chance to put their concerns up front ... for some the opportunity to rise above the small pond they had been in at home ... to be fawned over.  There's all kinds of reasons.

NOT everyone wants that though, and I have to suspect there must have been a lot of chaffing during the past two years; both prior to, and after, the last political election.

Worse was the unbelievable fiasco where Christy Clark presented pretty much the encore NDP and Green Party campaign in the throne speech.

The so-called Liberal coalition has, I believe, gone as far as it can go.  One side, or the other, of the factious joining together is going to take control.  that will be the side on the center left.  It always will be because that is where the Liberals have continually governed from.

That means that true small 'c' conservatives must be ready -- must have plans in place -- and must have well thought out policy ready.  Ready to welcome those who have bought into the lie that only through the BC LIBERAL PARTY can govern BC.

Again I will state, it is ONLY through small ''c' conservative policy that real headway can be made on the economy to build the sectors that create wealth.

AND ... those are the same sectors where workers are going to have to realize that any support they throw to the NDP or Green Parties, only drives their own opportunities for long-term work in to the ditch.

This IS the same way that the Reform Party, in the past, brought blue collar workers into the fold and gained their support at the ballot box in BC.  Conservatives in BC need more than just those individuals however.

How will that happen?  How will they gain their support? 

By showing that only through the old traditional economies -- and the new high tech sectors -- can BC truly be an economic success.

And with that economic success will come increased provincial revenues to fund what is important to all British Columbians.

Better schools -- better health care --- better seniors care --- opportunity to provide more financial scholarships to students.

It will also allow us to turn our thoughts to how can we increase the number of doctors and nurses in BC ... how can we improve and increase services to rural and northern BC ... as well as provide more and better services to those coming to our country from elsewhere, so that they can be successful sooner.

Only through a healthy economy -- not one driven into ruin through ever increasing regulations, red tape, higher taxes, and bureaucracy -- can we have a successful province for more British Columbians. 

What we need is a large measure of common sense, in governing, that ensures we can maintain a healthy economy ... and a healthy environment.

THE GreeNDP do not seem to understand this ... and the BC Liberals have clearly demonstrated that they will do and say anything simply to maintain power.  That goes so far a being supporters of Justin Trudeau's capitol "L" Liberals.

Sounds to me like the only real option is to go for common sense.

What thoughts do you have on the matter?  Do you agree or disagree?  The floors yours, and I'd love to hear from you!

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.

BC Liberal Leadership candidates are Tom Sullivan, Michael Lee, Tom Sullivan, Todd Stone, Mike de Jong, Lucy Sager, and Andrew Wilkinson

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