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“The truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world out there, where famine and racial strife and vandals in office are the unhappy rule.”
~~ Mordecai Richler

What, Judy, is the response, to the urgency and compassion show by British Columbians for WHAT IS NEEDED? What are the ‘action words?’

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day.  Did you know such a day existed?   

I wasn’t until early this morning.  My God, it’s pathetic we even need to have a day like this to mark – and celebrate is obviously a word that would never be used for an occasion like this!

BC Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Judy
Darcy, at opening of the Foundry Centre in Victoria

So, for an occasion such as this, Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, trotted out ‘words’, because, at least in my opinion, they are easy to say.

Today marks International Overdose Awareness Day, and we honour and remember those we have lost to this terrible crisis. Last year, we lost 1,450 people here in B.C., and by the end of this day three or four more British Columbians will die from a drug overdose as a result of a poisoned and unpredictable illegal drug supply.”

All talk … but little action! 

As I mentioned yesterday, on July 18th, the BC Centre On Substance Use, released all of the ‘words’ necessary for our BC NDP government to ‘actually’ begin the process to slow down this terrible crisis, and help those British Columbians who ARE dying, perhaps have a chance to instead live.

But today, instead of our BC NDP government putting forth a statement of support saying, “We embrace the ‘words’ of the Strategies to Strengthen Recovery in British Columbia report, and will begin immediate plans to implement them” -- no, instead, we get words to make it sound like action is being taken.

It’s all BS … it’s ALL just ‘words’.

Judy Darcy stated that the work need consisted of, “… closing the gaps, breaking the silos and opening the doors so that anyone who needs care and support can receive it immediately. There is a lot to be done, and together with the support of the B.C. Green Party caucus, our government is committed to turning the tide on this epidemic of addiction and overdose.”

Again, just words that sound good … words that sound like action is being taken … wordsmithing to make the families of those caught in the vicious cycle of addiction feel that perhaps, finally, something is being done.

But words just the same … not an embracing of the BC Centre on Substance Use report that lays out every single real word of HOW to go about ‘opening the doors so that anyone who needs care and support can receive it immediately.’

MORE WORDS from Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions:
As B.C.’s first Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, I hear every day from British Columbians who are seized with both urgency and compassion, and this has driven our response as a province.”

What, Judy, is the response, to the urgency and compassion show by British Columbians for WHAT IS NEEDED?  What are the ‘action words?’

As I expressed yesterday, in just 38 words;
To deal with the carnage addictions to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling wreak on a small portion of BC residents, government slaps a mini band-aid on the problem, instead of the biggest size needed for a gaping wound.”

Here, for our Minister of Mental Health and Addictions are just a few more ‘words’ to REALLY begin opening the doors so that anyone who needs care and support can receive it immediately. 

It starts with removing the difficulties to accessing services and not knowing where to go for help.  It continues with:
-      Ensuring recovery beds, and treatment facilities, are available
-      Ensuring there are no long delays to access treatment facilities
-      Providing professionals for mental health and emotional problems
-      ensuring that communities have the programs and supports in place for those coming out of recovery programs
-      providing education to increase prospects for employment
-      providing safe and affordable housing
-      and providing help for those recovering to look at employment goals

More ‘words’, YES … but real and actual words that will begin the road to recovery for those in the cycle of addiction … for those who end up on the street … for those whose lives are broken and whose spirits are trampled … and for those whose families are filled with grief and heartbreak.

Judy Darcy says, “While we can’t do this alone, and we know it won’t be easy, I know we can all do our part to educate ourselves and treat this complex issue …”

Damn straight!

But let me again point out to the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions that she can begin, and end, her education with everything she needs to know, in the
Strategies to Strengthen Recovery in British Columbia report.

Once read, and the education is complete, implementation will be the next step.  Implementation, rather than just more ‘words’ to mark a day called, “International Overdose Awareness Day”.

by the end of this day, three or four more British Columbians will die from a drug overdose as a result of a poisoned and unpredictable illegal drug supply.

They’ll die, on International Overdose Awareness Day BECAUSE too many words are being spoken, and not enough action is talking place to implement what government KNOWS needs to be done.

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth … and I’m tired of hearing words.  What about you?


  1. Its a very similar situation in Alberta. Lots of hot air, enough to launch a thousand hot air balloons. The Alberta NDP spent almost $800,000 on a campaign to raise awareness of drug overdose instead of spending it on treatment beds. What a waste.

    1. That's what drives me CrAZzY :(

      So much money seems to be wasted on things the government can puff up their chest on, saying look how wonderful we are to raise awareness, when what's need are resources on the ground to help those caught in the cycle of addiction. Arggghhh!!!


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