“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache, carries with it the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.”

~~ Napoleon Hill -- American Author -- Oct 26, 1883 to Nov 8, 1970

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Both of those parties (the BC Liberals and the BC NDP) are sitting on "Empty" when it comes to having the grit and determination to see things through

Just a quick note from me today.

The Georgia Strait has an interesting commentary today (Looking for a leader and in search of John Horgan) from former Socred, Reform, Liberal researcher / advisor Martyn Brown ... who by all appearances from his most recent article, has fully gone over the deep end to the NDP side. 

The following comment however, towards the end of his article, is completely correct I believe:

"In the end, it is strong leadership that most voters want. Leadership that dares to be better. Leadership that taps into voters’ frustrations and anger with the status quo. Leadership that negates phony partisan-fueled fears with a more hopeful agenda for positive change."

YES ... we DO want a leader with an agenda for positive change, but instead of simply saying we need "strong leadership that most voters want", can we also include, "From ANY party BUT the NDP or Liberals"?

I and many others, I feel certain, are of the belief that both of those parties (the BC Liberals and the BC NDP) are sitting on "Empty" when it comes to having the grit and determination to see things through on ideas they believe in -- come hell or high water -- regardless of the loud quacking of the ever vocal minority obstructionists!

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth


  1. Allan, I really appreciate ýour struggle to remain relevant but at some point you have to realize that you are talking into a mirror.

    1. Do you not agree with that brief comment I made then Doug?

      I knew Martyn back when he came over from the Socreds to BC Reform ... and then again from Reform to the Liberals when Reform made absolutely no headway in the 1996 Provincial election. I have simply said that I believe BC does want a leader that will call a spade a spade, and a leader who is willing to be a leader. That, I believe, will not be found in either the Liberals or the NDP. That said, it remains to be seen who IS willing to take up that role, and from what party.

      I guess I am asking you, based on your comment then, if indeed I am talking into a mirror to myself. If that is the case, then you must believe it isn't relevant that we have a leader who WILL lead?

      I have to say, from comments that I heard from others, that is indeed what people want ... and that to me IS relevant.

  2. Alan, I think you are absolutely correct. The electorate are looking for a new style of leadership; leadership that refuses to simply echo the faulty and dishonest positions advanced by special interest groups such as those funded by the Tides Foundation. Time will tell if those individuals can find a Leader to coalesce behind.