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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

Nothing worth fighting for comes easy ... that holds true for friendships, marriage, a good job, and especially as I have learned, on the political front.

Yesterdays post on my Blog, "WHO should speak for conservatives in British Columbia?" has led to me receiving a number of phone calls, and also comments posted to it.


I guess there is life out there after all. 

I wanted to share just a few of them with you, because as one person pointed out to me in one of the calls I received last night, I thought I was alone and no one else was thinking and feeling the same things I was. And as another commented, "It was an informative conversation for me last night exploring why you concluded your previous letter with the words by Richard Armour. Those are rudder like words that need to be heard particular at this time and into our historical context. Looking forward to connecting with you more in the future."


Just so you know, the quote he is referring to is, "Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong."


As you will note in a response below, which I gave to former BC Conservative candidate Sean Upshaw, "...  I walked away and left the Party this Spring, and asked to have my membership cancelled. That was the WRONG thing to do. I have renewed my membership, and I plan to play whatever part I can in seeing this Party become what it wants to be to the people of BC."


Nothing worth fighting for comes easy ... that holds true for friendships, marriage, a good job, and especially as I have learned, on the political front.


Here then is just a few of the comments, and responses to yesterday's post:

This is all well and good Al but the BC Conservatives will not be a force under the present leadership both from the leader and the board. How do you propose to change this Al? Many of us want to be affiliated with a BC conservative party but not under the present leadership. It will go nowhere.

My Response:
I have been hearing from numerous people on this Reed. We have a hand picked non-elected board at the moment, and some may wish to let their names stand to be 'elected', and some may not. If people like you and I, and others I have been speaking with, make the 'choice' to have some good people brought forward for consideration of the membership, for positions on the board, then perhaps the best and brightest in BC can be drawn to a party that welcomes them, and wants their expertise and talents.

Time is running out, but it's not to late. With good people at the helm, our parties slogan of "Now we have a choice" could then really be a positive beacon for people to rally to!

I agree with Reed Elley. to say our Party has been going "Nowhere" for the last 18 months would actually be to aggressive, because it hasn't even been going at all.

We had leadership election and all we got was a name with no leadership. It has been an embarrassing disaster.

The BC Liberals are continuing to pull the wool over BC's eyes meanwhile the Province is being fleeced with fantasies about LNG and so called "Balanced Budgets" Undeniably this has been one of the most corrupt governments we have ever had and our leader has been silenced by his own timidity.

"IF" our party is to succeed we need a true leader. The cure is an immediate resignation of the present one and a true reboot of what might remain. Until this begins to happen I will continue to be on the side lines.

My Response:
Greetings Sean ... first let me start by saying I personally believe a number (perhaps not all) of well intended people let their names stand for election to previous boards for all of the right reasons -- to grow the party, and help guide and direct it to a place where it could be a voice for change, and that people could see value in supporting.

Unfortunately, for reasons which we all know, internal strife and on-going dissent led many of them to say I can't do this any more ... and even worse, to walk away from the party all-together.

Never mind the reasons why the people currently leading the party are their, the bottom line is they were not elected by the membership, and in any organization that is wrong.

As you know I walked away and left the Party this Spring, and asked to have my membership cancelled. That was the WRONG thing to do. I have renewed my membership, and I plan to play whatever part I can in seeing this Party become what it wants to be to the people of BC. Look on the main page of the website and what do you see? "Bring common sense to Victoria". First common sense must return to the party, and that means a Board of Directors, and Executive, that is voted in, and has the overwhelming support of the membership.

Second ... people such as yourself, Al Seibring, David Coupland, and many others need to say, "Dammit, I'm not willing to allow this province to only have a choice between the SpeNDP and the BC Liberals. I WILL ensure we have the right people we need in all positions in the party, whether at the local level, in the regions, and on the board"

I left and said there was nothing left to fight for, I was wrong, and I know I am not the only one.

IF BC is going to have a choice, then it MUST come from the BC Conservatives. Time to roll up your sleeves Sean!

There you go ... spread the word 'you're not alone', because as I mentioned above, nothing worth fighting for comes easy. 

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops.  It's your turn now, I look forward to your response.


  1. I have been watching the party (and designed their new logo) and I have to agree that somehow all excitement has disappeared. The possible actions to change things for the better are not solutions at all. They are but desperate measures to extend the dying process by a few months. A new leader is not the answer, neither is a new name. Presently there are too few people involved to even think about changing leadership. By the way, Charisma, good looks and excitement will not last - just look at Stockwell Day.
    So what will reverse this dying process? Here are some of my thoughts:

    1. A leader is as good as the support, the people and ideas behind him. Everybody wants Dan Brooks to do the miracles al by his lonely self. Okay Dan proof yourself, if you can’t we’ll drop in a blink of the eye. Where is Dan’s think tank, his psychological support, his confidence builders, his friends? Does he receive any of this or is he only being criticized?

    2. A party who’s strength is decided by its leader is a church that bases its success on the pastor. When the pastor is not satisfying the congregation, membership declines. However a church that basis its success on Godly faith and prayer will love and support its pastor and thrive - in spite of him. Our party needs to renew its faith in its philosophy, its foundation and its purpose. Only that secure knowledge in the superiority of Conservative ideas will revive the party - in spite of Dan.

    3. We need to find were we are different and make those differences our strength. Lets go back to basics - what does it mean to be Conservative? What is attractive about it? How do we promote these attractive differences? How can we help Dan in conveying these differences into political reality. Small government - as small as possible. Little government support programs, but rather programs that enable people to care for themselves. Parents in charge of their children's education. Low corporate tax to enable the private sector to create jobs. Attract exploration, protect our sovereignty, These are all things the other parties do not talk about. We need to come up with ideas that will cause the population to desire conservatism.

    4. Stop criticizing, especially if you do not have a better solution. Instead support the people presently willing to do the thankless work none of us is prepared to do. Lets dig up our strengths, form a Dan’s Think Tank and develop an exciting strategy that will work. It is our responsibility to reverse the socialist thinking that is slowly poisoning society.

    Fred Bosman

    1. Thank you for your comments Fred ... and let me firstly say I agree, people should not criticize, and / or, take potshots from outside, nor should they take anonymous shots at anyone or anything.

      Some might suggest I am criticizing, however, I take a different viewpoint. Instead I believe I am raising valid concerns that are shared by others ... and reminding the Board and Executive of the Party that there are far too many individuals who are now former members, and those who still have a membership in name only, but have no wish to have any involvement in the party. Those concerns I am raising are very much public, and I welcome any comments from those who would disagree.

      A healthy dialogue is much needed! In fact, that is crucial if this party is going to survive, as issues facing the BC Conservatives can no longer be ignored.

      As I have already mentioned, there is no longer an elected Board of Director and Executive -- nearly all have been appointed ... the party can longer raise funds to stay functionally solvent, it owes more than it has in reserves ... while an AGM has been called for February I wonder how the party will be able to afford to send out a mailer of the event, including ballots for election, and for members to vote on whether there should be a leadership review ... and I have concerns that at a Special AGM, attended by a mere 50 or 60 people, the party constitution was changed so that the leader can stay on with a simple 40% vote of support.

      All of these things have been allowed to happen under Dan's watch.

      I yearn to see the Dan Brooks that was there prior to, and during, the last leadership race ... the one with fire in his belly, and a vision for the future. It is gone, and the membership of the party has been left to go adrift; no call to arms, no policy, no media, and no growth in the party - only an ever shrinking membership.

      The party needs a rudder to steer it, and it needs an 'elected' board the membership can believe is not just following the letter of the constitution, but also the spirit.

      I am not alone in wanting these things; many the people who had their shoulders in the yoke, doing the work, wanted it as well ... but many are now gone. There is a call from dozens across the province to bring them back in, and to breathe life back into the BC Conservative Party. I answered the call, and I hope you will as well.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Janet Green has asked me to post her reply to comments provided by Fred Bosman. As Janet said, "... it has something to do with Google account. It is rejecting my password. Anyway I'll do it via email. You can copy paste" Here are her comments to Fred:

      1. I tend to agree with Fred on a couple of points. The first being that the excitement has disappeared, and a name change is not going bring it back. Where I disagree with Fred is on the point of the matter of a Leader being just as good as the support, the people and the ideas behind him. I believe that a Leader is as good as the people he draws to him and the team he creates and maintains. A good leader has a plan and recruits and encourages people to the cause thereby creating a team. The strength of the team is enhanced through mutual self respect and encouragement. Keep in mind that when a business or organization fail the ultimate responsibility rests with the head of the organization, not with the workers. In the BCCP, we have two key positions that are critical to mobilizing the membership. One is the President of the Party whose role is to build the Board into a functional team and the second is the Leader, the political face of the Party, who must create a functional Team by the methods already stated.

      2. Where is Dan’s Think Tank? Dan’s Think Tank was placed on the Board at the last AGM. Does anyone recall Dan’s slate that was heavily promoted, which consisted of a new young vibrant group of people, some of who had just recently been signed up as members, some of which never even had the courtesy to attend the meeting? Some long term members were not considered for the Board because they didn’t meet the Dan’s criteria. Following the election of this Board in November a newsletter went out introducing “Dan’s new YOUNG Board”. This Board lasted exactly 3 months and then resigned in mass.

      3. I absolutely agree with Fred in that we need to go back to basic conservative values. Let’s stop digging into minutia, let’s talk a language that people understand, but I would take it one step further. Let’s take it back to the Grassroots. This Board and Leader are making decisions that are generated at the top and then presented to the membership as a completed document. I speak of the new Constitution and Bylaws.

      4. I do not believe that Alan is criticizing without a better solution. I believe there is a solution and we all know what that is; the men and women, the grassroots, must have a a vision to follow, to be part of, and to help shape. It must be built from the ground up, and from every region and community in our province. The best and brightest of small 'c' conservatives will need to know they not only will have a home in our party, they will also need to that their efforts, in building this party, can and will be something to be proud of.

  2. Thank You Alan for reconsidering your membership in the BC Conservative Party. I am also encouraged to see Sean Upshaw back. We need strong and dedicated people to resurrect this Party. The residents of this province deserve than the BC Liberals are offering. I must also add that the BC Conservatives deserve a strong and dedicated Leader.


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