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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

What’s telling however was that the BC Conservatives were NOT mentioned, and is there any wonder why?

Yesterday I received a message, much like many I have received recently, asking me, “Alan, are you still involved with the BC Tories?”

I responded by saying …
I am again now. There is a movement from grassroots members, who have left (or are disengaged) to get back at it. Party MUST get back out and engage with people of BC ... raise our profile, and present a platform and policies that people can and will identify with.  Are you still a member?

This individual replied saying: “Yes. We need to get our act together.”

I agree, and so do a large number of people who have been phoning, emailing, and phoning me in the past couple of weeks. 

I believe it is imperative that we start now, to think of good well qualified people we can bring to our conservative cause. They need to know this party will no longer be allowed to stay lost in the wilderness…

We need to talk with former BCCP candidates who left after the disastrous and embarrassing campaign of 2013…

We need to find the true conservatives within the federal party to join with us, not be lost within a BC Liberal whose leader has always had ties to the Federal Liberals…

We must talk with CPC candidates who were not elected, and who will be important for their campaign skills, knowledge, etc…

We can no longer wait for somebody else to do the work ... we can longer say there is no hope for the future. There is ... but ONLY if members, former members, disillusioned members, and those who once gave us a look (and then said here is nothing here to support and work for) say they WILL take the reins and dig in from the grassroots to build this party.

One on one is what it is going to take to double our team ... then double again, and again and again. We must have people who believe in the value of building a BC Conservative Party, but not just that, we need people who will rally others to our BC Conservative team.

Let me digress for a moment.

On November the 6th the Vancouver Observer ran a story headlined; “Why isn't Christy Clarkfacing the fight of her life over triple-deletes?.  Here’s just a few clips from that story:

Premier Christy Clark should be facing the fight of her life. Just one week ago, it was reported that the BC Liberal government routinely disposes of all written records relating to government decisions…

Love him or hate him, at least Gordon Campbell had a vision for the province and knew how to run his government with some degree of competence. So why aren’t the pitchforks out? Why aren’t the winds of change battering down the legislature? It’s because we don’t have an effective opposition - nor an alternative government in waiting.

It then goes on to say:

With no effective opposition from either the NDP or the Greens, frustrated British Columbians have been resigned to the sad fact that Christy Clark will easily win the next election and continuing governing long into the future, regardless of how competent she actually is.

Did you catch that?  The writer said there is NO effective opposition from either the NDP of the Greens.  What’s telling however was that the BC Conservatives were NOT mentioned, and is there any wonder why?

Up to now I have not mentioned this, however some may not be aware that the Vancouver Observer is pretty much to the left of the political spectrum in its’ writing and opinion pieces.  This call to arms (and I have been hearing about this for a while now) is from dissatisfied NDPer’s and Greens.  While those folks come from the other side of the political spectrum to me, it is obvious that people, no matter what their political beliefs, want to have real input into processes they have been left out of.

Here is how this article concludes:

… and it needs to reinspire British Columbians; get us to truly believe that together we can build a better province and a better tomorrow.

The path forward is not hazy or unclear. The policies we need are in front of us.  What we need is a passionate and driven group of British Columbians - all those who have shut off and disengaged - to stand together, get organized, and take back our province.

Because if we don’t, Christy Clark won’t have to answer to anybody. That’s bad for democracy, it’s bad for taxpayers, and it’s bad for BC.

Those words are no less true for those of us who are small “c” conservatives.  YES … what we have is bad for democracy … bad for taxpayers … bad for BC!

While the writer of the article I have quoted from, Paul Hillsdon, is calling for a new political party on the left to be formed, I DO NOT believe that is needed in our case.  We already have a vehicle that only needs people to put their energies into it.

There are thousands out there, so my question to each of you who has called, emailed and messaged me is, “Are you willing to sit back and say someone else can do the work, or will you show by your actions that there is value in supporting and building this party into a force that can take the reins of power?”

Nothing happens in a vacuum … or in our case, without a connection to other like-minded people.

Change is coming so get connected … and if your membership has lapsed I want you to go directly from reading this, to renew your membership (or become a member) of the British Columbia Conservative Party.  Here’s the link.

Ready … set … go!

I’m Alan Forseth in Kamloops.


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