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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Where will those votes go? Most likely to the BC Liberals, while those individuals hold their noses to place their "X" on a ballot

On September 27th, an online petition suddenly appeared on iPetitions.com. Individuals were asked to sign for the following reason:

QUOTE: "Complaint against Dan Brooks for deliberate violation of party constitution" (please join me in supporting this worthwhile cause)

It lasted for three days, and then was taken down.

What's interesting, and no longer available to be seen, was the comment that Dan Brooks had illegally used the membership list in his quest to regain the leadership of the BC Conservative Party, and some questions as to interference in the website of a fellow leadership candidate.

So, what happened to the petition?  Did the organizers have second thoughts,
or did the Board and Executive of the BC Conservative Party threaten some kind of legal action?  These kind of discussions are generally held in camera, so we will likely never know. 

Backing up a few days to September 25th, I posted the following on social media:

A new Board Executive ... and new Leader ... have now been elected for the BC Conservative Party. 

I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of individuals who are in the party, and those outside who are former members, on where YOU think the Party goes from here, and it's chances of success in 2017.

FYI, I am asking this as I will be doing a blog post in a few days and just wanted to hear your thoughts -- which will be used anonymously. Please send them by email to me at whatsnextbc@gmail.com. 

Thanks in advance ... alan 

Sean Smith, a former party member from Vancouver Island, responded quickly and stated:

Don't need to be anonymous in my comment.

The party is going no where. The leader isn't "new" and he isn't bringing any fresh perspective. The very fact that he plans to run candidates in every riding, shows that. I don't know who is on the executive, but I expect that most of them are not "new", either.

The BCCP should not embarrass themselves in a 2017 run. Instead, the should stand back as observers and learn of a pros / cons commentary of the election and the parties running. Hold the account on facts and figures and offer that info for the public to consume and learn. 

Another individual, Wayne Ferguson, from the Seton Portage area commented:

As a life-long Conservative, my decision to not rejoin the BC Conservatives is based on a suspicion that it's not the right format. I think there's a need for a more centrist party of people who aren't Liberal, NDP or conservative. The Conservative Party of Canada lost the last election due to intransigence, The failure to recognize a changing society left small c conservatives no place to go . In BC , we may have to start  the 'Magna Carta Party' in order to take back our Province from those who believe the Public works for them , rather than the other way around.

Rural BC has no voice in Christy's Great Hall, and the Liberal Party had lost sight of the hinterland. It becomes distorted through the Vancouver Prism.

Those two comments echoed pretty much what others said ... although others commented about the party being an embarrassment ... ineffective ... and not relevant.

It appears, with only a handful of months remaining until the next provincial election in May, those who are small 'c' conservative will likely have no option for them.  Where will those votes go?  Most likely to the BC Liberals, while those individuals hold their noses to place their "X" on a ballot.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth

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