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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

CROCOCK: British Columbians are realizing funding for social programs can't be implemented by creating massive debt, and threatening future prosperity

JOHN CROCOCK SAYS, some people ask me why I started a new political party in BC? Good question !!!

First of all it was a group of people that started the BC Action Party, mostly consisting of former BC Conservatives, but also people from other parts of political spectrum.  We had a choice to go with some recognizable party name that already existed, or go with new name. We decided on a new name for two reasons:
1)     There would be no political baggage with a new name.
2)     This would allow people from the all walks of life and political backgrounds to unite under one umbrella for the common purpose -- to advocate for a more accountable and transparent government.  

The BC Action Party supports fiscal conservatism, but we acknowledge the importance of unions.  You’re not going negotiate thousands of separate employee contacts without the assistance of the unions.  However, we remember when the NDP was the party in power. They made it illegal to have a secret union vote, which took the power away from union members.  The BC Action Party believes that union members should have the right to vote for their executives’ salaries, etc. This will help to make sure the unions work for their members, and not just an elite few.

What it comes down to is that British Columbians are starting to realize that to have funding for social programs, without giving up future prosperity by creating massive debt, we have to be fiscally conservative. That means there has to be less division between right and left portions of the political spectrum. Now a days it seems more and more people are tired of the BC Liberals, and NDP, just looking after their friends when they get into power; that at the expense of the majority of British Columbians.

We in the BC Action Party, are trying to get the word out that what we represent is, "Common Sense Government for Everybody”.  With a new party, and a new name, there should be no preconceived ideas that get conjured up when you hear of others (ie: BC Liberal, BC NDP, BC Greens, etc).

As to the question of how BC Action Party MLAs can represent their ridings better, than candidates from other parties, the best way to describe it is that we can (and will) fight for our constituent residents without thinking about the consequences, or repercussions, in our own party.

Many times a Liberal or NDP MLA has to tow the party line -- even when their political parties’ actions will hurt the people they are supposed to be representing.

Take for example Richmond.  The three local Liberal MLAs have not said a word about the George Massey Bridge; something which has a tremendous effect on the constituents of Richmond.  

On that note, in the riding of Richmond North Centre, where I am running there are several issues of importance to residents.

We have to get all schools, and hospitals, up to seismic standards. While we are at it, we have to look into the conditions of the dikes as well. These must be a Provincial priority, and as MLA I would put pressure on the government to make sure this happens.

The Massey Tunnel upgrade seems ill conceived. Unfortunately this upgrade is already under way, and this will only move an existing traffic bottleneck, to another point along the highway; one which borders my riding.

How can a 10 lane bridge, the Massey Tunnel replacement, not create issues when it bottlenecks into the four lane Oak Street Bridge?  Government must to allow the residents to be involved with any necessary changes, with the Oak Street Bridge, due to the George Massey Bridge project. My view on tolls is that they are a hindrance to economic growth, and are grossly unfair.  Development and infrastructure should be paid from general revenues, supported by gas taxes.

And adequate daycare is also a concern in our area -- but I believe the real concern is the quality of daycare. There are just not enough good quality day-cares not only in Richmond, but right across BC.  We have to review the way day cares are licensed, and regulated. We have to educate those with unlicensed day-cares, those considering getting into this employment area, how to get a license.  We should have more inspections of day-cares -- but it is not good enough just to inspect.  We also need to assist daycare licensees to achieve an even higher standard of care though a consistent sharing of advice and knowledge.

My riding consists of a diverse group of constituents, with many different issues and concerns.  The issues I have highlighted above are just some of the most important issues facing our riding.

Got a question for me?  There's still time to ask it before you vote on Tuesday May 9th.  Email me at

John, a New Westminster resident, is a business owner who has been involved in the computer industry for over 30 years mostly as President of CompuVision Technologies.   John is also President of (WCCIA) Western Canadian Computer Industry Association.

As President of the BC Action Party, John brings a wealth of experience at every level of Canadian politics. He avidly shares a vision of a strong and prosperous British Columbia without the crushing burden of debt and the current unacceptable levels of unemployment.


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