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Sunday, May 7, 2017

HENSHALL: We need to bring back 'some boring' sound policy, and fiscal responsibility, that works to make government run more efficiently

Hello Friends,

When confronted with the Social Credit 'Socred' brand, prior to the 2017 provincial election, I realized this is what BC needs.  I decided I would be willing to put my name forth to open this option up to British Columbians.

With a history of decisions that bettered society as a whole (creating an environment for individual freedoms and prosperity, yet with a social conscience) I realized that it is what most of us want to see. 

Credit candidate for Fraser - Nicola
Currently we have a two party system that dominates BCs political landscape. One party seems to be void of conscience, with an all out neglect for anything other that to scale the ladder of personal success and wealth -- even at the expense of others. The other party, sees the wealth of others is best to be evenly distributed throughout society. 

The framework the Socreds created under WAC Bennett secured certain aspects of provincial wealth for all citizens, yet at the same time created an environment for private enterprise and entrepreneurship to succeed.  They did this without oppressive government taking much of success, and redistributing it.

As I've talked with British Columbians, this middle of the road approach is what people have told me they desire. The social costs become too much with a government that forgets its citizens -- and the financial costs become too high with a government that wants to be involved with every aspect of citizens lives. 

It is not too late to turn back the clock, and to start building the foundation for a provincial government that successfully balances free enterprise, with a social conscience. 

Areas that were secured for all citizens by former Socreds were BC Hydro, BC Ferries, top-notch trade and travel routes and BC Rail.  

BC Hydro was created to provide inexpensive power to all citizens, and was essential in the expansion of industry. Ferries, rail and highways were seen as a priority that should be kept entirely in government care; this for the freedom of citizens travel, and for economic expansion.  Without getting into the gory details of these Crown Corporations I will leave it with this comment; "They have been mismanaged".

To properly balance private and public sectors, a few areas that need immediate attention, for the benefit of British Columbian's, are:
  • Intelligent royalty structures that ensures private business can flourish yet ensures the province is getting a fair share needs to be reworked in BC- as our resources are being given away.
  • Provincial taxation needs a complete overhaul to ensure tax is more directly allocated and accounted for. Regulation and tax needs to be competitive to ensure it makes sense for business to stay in BC.
  • Forensic audits of all ministries particularly Health Care and ICBC to eliminate red tape, duplication, bloated bureaucracy and inefficiencies. 

With the vast resources and natural beauty, that the world will pay well to see, the economic potential of British Columbia is only being partially realized. 

New ideas, and vision, is what we desperately need in British Columbian - a vision similar to what WAC Bennett and former Socred governments had -- one that  emphasized economic opportunity and prosperity for all British Columbians. 

We need to bring back 'some boring' sound policy, and fiscal responsibility, that works to make government run more efficiently -- and one which is cost effective for British Columbians here now, and into the future.

We need to shun the 'Mary Tyler Moore' entertainment style government that forgets its true job.

We need a few good sheriffs to reign in the 'Wild West' political shenanigans which we've experienced in recent provincial governments; ones full of excitement, and controversy, yet void of substance. 

We need a provincial government that does its job working for all citizens!

All the best Friends!
Michael Henshall,
Social Credit Candidate
Fraser Nicola

Who is Michael Henshall:
A former Vice-President of the party, Henshall ran as a candidate for BC Conservatives in the 2013 Provincial General election. 

He was born and raised in British Columbia, and has lived in the upper Fraser Valley, with his wife and three children, since 1995.

Henshall owned a business in the construction industry, has been a commercial fisherman from the South to North Coast of BC, as well as working in the forest industry. He is a certified ESL teacher, and is dually licensed as a Realtor/Property Manager.

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  1. I agree with most of what Michael has written, but unfortunately I disagree with his applause of the Socred taking over Hydro, BC Ferries and BC Rail.We now see that there is a tremendous cost borne by the taxpayers to keep these corporations afloat. One of the things governments are doing is taking money from the crown corporations to balance the budget. If these corporations were private we today could tax them and would ensure that our Hydro, ferries etc. were fair to the taxpayers. A win win for everybody. But I do agree with much of what else the author states. I hope that will will be open to joining a right of center party that we could all join and work hard to bring about a right of center alternative for the voters to consider and hopefully elect in the next election.