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Given her rant, and the same and similar by others of the same ilk, I think my Blah-Blah-Blah paragraph is more fitting

The gnashing of teeth by our neighbours, next door in Alberta, continues frothing away yesterday (July 25th).  On the heels of the Progressive Conservatives, and Wildrose parties coming together on the weekend, the NDP's
Sarah Marjorie Hoffman, current Deputy Premier of Alberta,
and Minister of Health in the NDP cabinet of Rachel Notley
Sarah Hoffman got herself in a lather against the forces of evil -- that being the new United Conservative Party.

Rachael Notley's Deputy Premier, Sarah Hoffman, had this to say:

  • blah blah blah ... all conservatives hate LGTBQ ...
  • blah blah blah ... we / me / you will know it because he's a white Anglo-Saxon male 
  • blah blah blah ... he held views that were anti LGTBQ previously, and so those will always be his beliefs ...
  • blah blah blah ... I will rake the new United Conservative Leader over the coals because as a self-righteous leftie I am allowed to do this ...
  • blah blah blah ... no one had better ever question my motives ...
  • blah blah blah ... you don't attend pride parades ...
  • blah blah blah... insert any other assertion you've ever heard, and feel free to add as many more as you can think of

Oooooops ... no ... the story actually said that Deputy premier Sarah Hoffman questioned Cooper’s sincerity, telling reporters in Calgary that he needs to better explain how and when his “extreme opinions” altered.

He either owes Albertans an explanation or his resignation,” she said Tuesday.

Hoffman said homophobia continues to be a theme with conservative leaders in Alberta, noting the most recent heads of the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties — Jason Kenney and Brian Jean — have failed to attend pride parades.

Given her extremist rant, and the same and similar by others of the same ilk, I think my Blah-Blah-Blah paragraph is more fitting.  All I can say is I hope that doesn't come to the forefront here in BC. 

No ... I guess here instead what we actually have to be concerned about is environmental extremism -- courtesy of our John Horgan / Andrew Weaver GreeNDP government.

Yesterday the PETRONAS LNG project in Port Edward, near Prince Rupert, bit the dust.  What's going to be next?

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.  The floors yours now, so let's hear from you.


  1. Until I had listened to Selina Robinson, B.C.'s new Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, on Jon MCComb's Monday broadcast on CKNW, I was willing to at least give the new government a chance but Robinson came across as an incompetent idealogue who is still fighting the election.
    With the NDP's scary lack of a majority, without Dream Weaver's support, I would have expected a softer approach.
    Is Site C next? How about Kinder Morgan?
    God help us.


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