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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

I've held every position from sign making, to being a candidate for MLA; I am VERY aware of what it takes to win a campaign

For those who read my last post titled, "BC Liberals will win next election, Greens will be wiped out" on the Armchair Mayors website, or in its original title, "That has never happened before, and most will consider it to be a perversion of democracy", on my own "Thoughts on BC Politics and More" blog, it elicited a strong response from at least a few people. 

Gary commented ... Shame on you Alan—I thought you were a loyal Conservative, you have completely forgotten about the resurgence of your party in the next election. If there is anything that Christy Clark has done with her un-Liberal throne speech it will be to revitalize the BC Conservative Party. More than half the BC Liberal Party are hard core Conservatives and they have just been left high and dry by Christy’s throne speech. Your numbers are way off—lets look at this again in four years.

Alan Forseth -- BC Reform Party candidate
1996 BC Provincial election
Kamloops North Thompson riding

YES … am a loyal conservative

Having worked in ALL aspects of an election campaign (from sign making and leaflet drops, up to and including being a candidate in the ’96 provincial election) I am VERY aware of what it takes to win a campaign. If there is an election in anything less than 10 to 12 months they WILL NOT be ready. In a year to 18 months, with a strong principled and believable leader, they will.

If these things are met, and they can welcome back small ‘c’ conservatives that desire a party then can support, it will still take 2, maybe 3, election cycles to form government.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves, and go to work to make it happen. Now I, and others, wait for the BC Conservatives to see if they’re ready to become a serious contender.

TONY BRUMMEL commented:
I absolutely disagree with you Alan. I think that Clarks hierocracy will resonate with the electorate.  I think she has guaranteed a win for Mr Horgan in the next election ... the electorate “that is those who actually vote” is not that stupid ... they will rebel against Clark ...

Hey Tony … I love how politics can bring out such strong and passionate beliefs. It IS great for our democracy and keeps it strong!

Sadly, too many people will believe what they want to hear, and will ignore all evidence to the contrary. That’s why I think they would win a strong mandate, if our new John Horgan led NDP government falls in the next few month.

We’re in interesting times.

CAL DAVIS stated ... I don't understand why you made an apology to the provincial conservatives.
They are makers of there own misdoings ... I have spoken to a number of Liberals who soon want to be former Liberal Each one of them said no to the bc conservatives and YES to a new party ... I spoke with a person from management who thought I was an NDPer and happy with there showing in the election. She was surprised when I told here I was not an NDPer. I told her I was a conservative and she said Oh God No you are not a provincial conservative are you? I assured her I was not.

In my email message, regarding this post, I did indeed state, "With apologies to the BC Conservatives ..."

But I also followed it up with these words, "... but there won't be enough time to organize for this one. Get ready though -- you'll be needed soon!"

Despite the occasional chastisement, words of correction, and harsh word, to the Party ... they were directed more to those who, I believed, were leading it astray. There are good people there who are still trying their damnedest too make it work.

BC does need an alternative because the BC Liberals will need someone waiting in the wings to begin rebuilding a political alternative to the NDP.

IF we go to an election in the next several month it is my belief (personal of course) that they will not have enough time ... 12 or more months? Well that a whole new story and hence, the second part of my comment from my email:
But I also followed it up with these words, "... but there won't be enough time to organize for this one. Get ready though -- you'll be needed soon!"

And from PIERRE:
Weaver is full of crap?  A perversion of democracy?  Take a Valium Alan and focus on your riding. Your political dogma is killing your ability to reason.

Full of crap’ was probably a little strong. A ‘perversion of democracy’, NO. The Speaker will have to vote with the government every time to get Legislation / Bills to pass. That IS NOT the roll the speaker is to have — it is to be a neutral moderator, and keeper of rules and tradition. ‘Perversion of democracy’ is indeed, in my opinion, an accurate assessment of the situation.

As I stated above ... I am ready to roll up my sleeves, and go to work to make it happen. Now we simply wait ... for the BC Conservatives to see if they’re ready to become a serious contender.

The clock's still running to see if we go into an election sooner, rather than later.  Which one happens, will play a strong part in what happens to the BC Conservative Party, and where its' future lays.

It's over to you now ... care to share your thoughts?

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.


  1. The following is from John Twigg ... it was sent as an email message, and then permission was given to post as a comment here.

    This is the beginning of a useful debate.

    I believe the BC Conservatives do have a bright future but only if they re-position themselves and evict the federal Tories who were in a conspiracy with the corrupt inept provincial Lieberals in order to keep out the NDP which means the fedtories were corrupt and inept too. They can stay in the BC party but only if they repent and cede control to true people.

    The future for the BC Conservatives (in my opinion) is to be progressive, because that is where the vast majority of BC voters are: fiscal conservative with progressive and moderate social policies, not Bible-thumping judgemental prudes (and I say that as a guy who has a weekly radio show on a Christian station).

    I believe BC wants and needs a massive innovative program of economic growth and job creation including make-work jobs for marginalized workers, and new types of social housing for homeless people, plus major new transportation initiatives, commercialization of legal pot, new industries such as bulk water exports, micro hydro for remote communities, and many more such ideas. But the present BCCP seems immune to such thinking.

    The solution is a revived and reformed BCCP (pun intended) but I doubt the present board will let that happen.


  2. Well all I can say after reading the nonsense posted by the Horgan supporter is out right crap. Twigg knows full well that a vast majority of Federal Conservatives support the BC Liberals. He has been around BC politics long enough to know that the dwindling few provincial conservatives that are left are not an example of main stream conservatives. Twigg will also know that very few federal conservatives are "Bible-thumping prudes" However one thing Twigg forgot to mention is that the provincial conservatives despite Twiggs socialist leaning was made the spokes person for a time by the BC conservatives. And that is one of many reasons why people such as myself are not intrested in rejoining the provincial conservatives while the present group of yahoos sits on the provincial conservative executive and makes decisions such as the ridiculous appointment of Twigg as Communications spokes person.

    Cal Davis


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