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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

Khadr played upon the democratic freedoms and rights that Canadian have

WELL I CERTAINLY STIRRED UP REACTION when my last post went online, as well as other comments, which were made online elsewhere.  People opposed, to what I had to say, had comments which included the following: 

Okay, I'm f - - king sick of the idiocy and done with writing a diatribe every single time a friend posts about how they're upset that Trudeau is giving a terrorist $10m. ...

  • You people are.... willfully ignorant and hypocritical ..

·         God help us. What’s next everybody is “packing”, burning crosses, and having segregated bathrooms.  This rhetoric is disturbing.  Canadians are better than this.

  • My mind is in awe of the number of people who have no respect for what being tortured actually means. Who foolishly think that they wouldn't break ...

  • If our governments are willing to trap and torture people on foreign soil then we have become as bad as our enemies. What's more, a government which will commit war crimes and break international agreements on the treatment of prisoners will eventually have no issues doing the same to it's own people.

  • Oh for f - - ks sake he was a child soldier tortured to make his alleged confession.

  • ... these people are not interested in researching the facts. They just want fodder to feed their insatiable appetite for hatred.

  • …this is by far the stupidest op-piece ever written. ... there are laws in this country and they apply equally and should not differentiate regardless how conservatives may “feel” about it …Trudeau notwithstanding …

On the other had, numerous people agreed with what I had to say, and also what I had re-posted on similar opinions and beliefs.  Comments included: 

...Justin’s reign will run its course. History will show if this is blood money. What bothers me about Justin is his statement, used quite often, “I speak for all Canadians”. 

...A little strong perhaps?  Nope.  Trudeau has the wrong finger up though (FYI ... the post on my personal blog had a photo of Justin Trudeau pointing with one of his fingers) 

...this is not the Canadian way. its wrong 

... traitors are dealt will severely, but here in Canada, we are such a nice, pleasant people, we pay them off, and apologize for any bad words they might have heard ... am I missing something? My moral compass must be skewed... 

...You have expressed my thoughts very well ... 

So, in hindsight, what do I think now?  

I think that like me, many people are angry.  They feel our government betrayed them, by paying millions to a person they believe was a terrorist.

Also like me, they feel Khadr played upon the democratic freedoms and rights that Canadian have. He did this while at the same time spitting on those same rights which we have the freedom to enjoy.  All the while he, his family, and other like minded individuals, were trying to force their beliefs, through terrorism, on others.

Let me say loud and clear ... I personally believe Khadr (and other like minded individuals) want nothing to do with, and are totally opposed, to the freedoms and rights we have as Canadians -- except when it suits them.

Those of the same ilk believe that MURDERING innocent women and children in churches is justifiable.

That mowing down innocent people, with vehicles, is acceptable to the God they believe in.

Bombing people and families in public markets for example, or at marriage celebrations, is okay.

That kidnapping young children from school classrooms is fine

These are individuals who believe that any other number of atrocities, inflicted where people gather, is acceptable.

There is intense emotion on both sides of this situation; and NO ONE can, at the end of the day, say they are 100% right.  Regardless, many Canadians believe that Khadr should never have received one nickel of this blood money. That opinion will not change, any more than the opinion of another who believes he was completely entitled to it.

The whole situation is sad beyond belief, for all involved.  THERE IS HOWEVER A BRIGHT SPOT.

A LOT of people disagreed with what I had to say, some of them very strongly ... and they had the RIGHT, as a Canadian to do so.  Equally, and large number of people agreed with what I had to say.  They also, as Canadians, have the right to do so.

No bombings ... no explosives ... no burnings ... no kidnappings ... no terrorism ... and no war.

Canadians believe that there are rights, which should be protected, and just a few of them include the following:

... freedom of religion, of thought, of expression, and peaceful assembly

... the right to participate in political activities

... the right to a democratic government

... and legal rights which include the right to life, liberty and security

While we may not agree with what someone else has to say, protecting the freedom to have an opposing belief, means that our opposing viewpoint will be protected as well.

That's what differentiates us from countries where year after year there is war and strife -- terrorism -- child soldiers -- and untold thousands dead and dying.

This year we celebrate Canada's 150th year as a country. May our children's, children's, children celebrate another one hundred and fifty years, and more, with the same freedoms. 

I'm Alan Forseth in Kamloops.  Meantime, as always, the floors yours; any comments you care to make?


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