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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

BEN BESLER ... The NDP are nothing more than a “punch drunk” party with policies from the 1970s ... BUT, are the BC Liberals really a “free-enterprise” party as they claim?

Are the BC Liberals better than the NDP? This was a question asked by Alan Forseth in a previous post.

This is always a fair question and needs to be asked of any government, no matter how long they have been in power.

I do have another question, mind you; and perhaps you dear reader could help me better understand. My question is whether or not Christy Clark's BC Liberals are really a “free-enterprise” party as they claim?  Make sense of this:

A cap-and-trade Carbon Tax brought in by the alleged conservative led administration of Gordon Campbell.

Or, the latest term beginning with the raising of the minimum wage - to the highest rate in confederation at that.

Or, a new stat holiday that was introduced, then off set one week from the other holidays taken on our continent, creating difficulties in both the National and International marketplace.

Or, to the latest discussion of appropriate shoes for women to wear in the work place.

Now, you may consider all these issues an important exercise in progress, or
you may consider them to be much to do about nothing. Either way, none of these issues have one iota to do with free-enterprise ...and like my mamma used to say, “If you can talk the talk, you'd better walk the walk”. 

As of John Horgan and the NDP. I have a few questions, too. Starting with, "What are they standing for, really?"

Are they really the progressives they claim to be? Do they really stand up for the working man and women as many have hoped for in the past? And will they ever really win an election after the faux pas ad nauseam of the 1990's?

It could be said (so let me say it now) that the NDP are such a poor opposition party, with no vision and desperate for strong leadership, that they may never recover from the dark and dismal decade of the 1990's that its leadership brought to ruin.

No matter how “progressive” they claim to be, I say they are nothing more than a “punch drunk” party with a constitution crafted in 1884, policies stuck in the 1970's and leadership lost in the dark and dismal 1990's.

They have become anything but lost in their own ruin. Branded far too easily as a party on cue to simply state “no” when the other says “yes”.

They at one time were the labour party. A party of the working class. A party that stood for better employment opportunities and fair wages. Now they are running amok, appeasing the lunacy that the environmental apparatchiks have become.

Killing jobs, stopping progress. They have partnered in solidarity with folks that do everything in their power to bring ruin on the job seeker and the middle class. They stand in the way of progress for the iron worker and his blue collar brothers and sisters who - I might add - are the real progressives.

They are the heart of this province. They are the real builders of this province, and they have found no solidarity from the party that simply pretends to have their back.

The NDP have become a weather-vane of double speak. Untrustworthy. All talk, no action.

Are the free-enterprise working-class up against the wall in British Columbia?  What do you think?

Ben Besler continues to speak out for conservative values. Active in provincial politics and a card carrying BC Liberal - Ben is a former Vice President of the BC Conservative Party, and Regional Organizer for the successful Fight HST citizens initiative. Ben currently resides in Hope, BC with his wife and their daughters.


  1. The BC Liberals ironically fit the definition of a socialist government perfectly despite what they claim. The carbon tax, market interference (i.e., 15% foreign buyers tax), competing directly with the private sector (i.e., ICBC, liquor stores), using government funds to prop up private sector businesses (E-drive, etc.), massive unneeded make-work projects (i.e., Site C), etc. The list is endless.

    Agreed that the BCNDP needs to come up with a positive platform based on the future rather than the past. Once the full platform is released, let's judge it then.

  2. There are only 2 options in 2017. 4 years ago, the Conservative party of BC was hovering around 20 - 25% 2 months prior to election. This year, the conservative party doesn't even have a leader and has 2 reps for the entire province. The only option in 2017 is the BC Liberal Party. Our province can not afford another round of fast-ferry, Glenn Clarke decks, icbc bribes, union bribery. The BC Liberals are NOT my first choice, but they are obviously much better than the socialist disaster that s the BC NDP.


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