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Saturday, March 18, 2017

READERS VIEWPOINTS: "The BC Liberals ironically fit the definition of a socialist government perfectly despite what they claim"

Former Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Paul Forseth:
A better question is to ask if one understands the deeper pathology of NDP reasoning, which brings NDP type governments in the end to hurt a lot of people, especially those in lower earning area, when the NDP inevitably ruins the local economy.

The BC Liberals ironically fit the definition of a socialist government perfectly despite what they claim. 

The carbon tax, market interference (i.e., 15% foreign buyers tax), competing directly with the private sector (i.e., ICBC, liquor stores), using government funds to prop up private sector businesses (E-drive, etc.), massive unneeded make-work projects (i.e., Site C), etc. The list is endless. 

Agreed that the BCNDP needs to come up with a positive platform based on the future rather than the past. Once the full platform is released, let's judge it then

Kamloops resident Stephen Maarhuis
There are only 2 options in 2017. 

Four years ago, the Conservative party of BC was hovering around 20 - 25% 2 months prior to election. This year, the conservative party doesn't even have a leader and has 2 reps for the entire province. 

The only option in 2017 is the BC Liberal Party. Our province can not afford another round of fast-ferry, Glenn Clarke decks, icbc bribes, union bribery. 

The BC Liberals are NOT my first choice, but they are obviously much better than the socialist disaster that s the BC NDP.

Interesting to see that John Twig a former Socialist and NDPer is now involved with the BC Conservative party. 

I find it amusing that the so called leadership in the BC Conservatives welcome him and appoint him as Director of Policy and Communications, yet a former MP, and provincial President of the Party was denied renewal of his membership.

That particular former MP and President of the provincial party was never given a reason why his membership was not renewed. Oh well that is life I guess.

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