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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

SANDY MACDOUGALL: If that's non-alignment, then Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is a staunch Conservative

The following is typical of the responses I receive whenever I post anything remotely favourable to the current BC Liberal government. I am not a Liberal in any sense of the word but find any alternatives, particularly the NDP and John Horgan, unacceptable socially, fiscally, politically or in any other way.

Following John Horgan's recent announcement that he was going to share with us his own Leap Manifesto, during the election campaign, I decided to make a short, yet pointed, post.  After all, many would believe his parties lunatic, flip-flop policies will / would create countless casualties in the resource based industries of British Columbia.

So what did I have to say?
Let us begin. Let's cancel all resource based job creation initiatives. Let's stop the Site C dam. Let's pretend that the NDP actually does have enough fiscal knowledge to get their popcorn stand functioning. The problem will be that too many people will be moving to Alberta as that NDP government is defeated. And Horgan can play his organ for all the NDP monkeys

The principle respondent to my Facebook post was Peter Battistoni, who describes himself as normally non-aligned politically. You can judge for yourself.

Peter Battistoni
Working to re-elect an MLA you think is doing a good job for you is one thing, but vigorously promoting the BC Liberals is closing your eyes and willfully ignoring arrogance, corruption, waste and destruction of our Crown Corporations.

Brad Penner jumped in to say:
I think it's funny how upset people are getting over calling someone a "monkey".

If anyone can look at a recent lesson from federal politics, sometimes voting to get someone out ends up putting a useless fraud of a politician, who also is not going to do what they campaigned on, once in power.

Then you can really see first hand what the politics of voting "anyone but Clark/Harper" will do for your bottom line. I personally begrudgingly had to vote for Harper in federally not because I wanted him back, but because there was no plausible alternative. 

Many however voted for an unqualified, smooth talking "monkey" and now look what that has done.

Trudeau has made a mockery of the highest position in Canada and the NDP will do the same for BC if elected. It is an unfortunate state of politics in general in North America that there literally is only a choice between "the lesser of two evils. Neither party can campaign on anything worthwhile they will do and more so campaign of pointing out that there opposition is worse.

I myself am sick about who I must vote for because she represents so much I disagree with.

But let's get back to Peter:
What kind of mockery has Clark made of BC's highest office? She has given BC a world-wide reputation of being corrupt and in the pockets of big donors.  I still can't believe anybody would vote for this level of corruption. It should make everyone nauseous, but for Liberal supporters, they either ignore it, or accept it.

The only defense seems to be that the NDP is doing it (big donations), ignoring the fact the Liberals are the ones in power.  They actually have the means to change it, and refuse to do so, and they are collecting the most...

Remember Say Anything Christy in 2015?

B.C. Housing Minister Rich Coleman has said neither his ministry, or the province, has any plans to collect data on foreign ownership, stating that housing costs in B.C. are “pretty reasonable”. Premier Christy Clark is satisfied with the current market and worries that if taxes on foreign real estate investors are implemented, “housing prices will drop.” For more than two years, Christy Clark denied that escalating home prices were a problem in Metro Vancouver’s housing market, and did absolutely nothing to help curb them.

Okay, enough of Peter for the moment.  Here is a reply I made, to what was being said, in response to my original Facebook post:

Federally, provincially and locally we get the government we deserve.

Viewing my own displeasure with big party politics over the past few decades has convinced me that, for my own satisfaction, I'm better off voting for the person I believe in rather than any of the bullshit offered up by party leaders and their backroom bullies.

Which I have no problem with, as I've said, but you go beyond that to actively promote his party and the corrupt, hypocritical, opportunist, lying, incompetent leader. I have no great love for any party, but the BC Liberals are beyond redemption, have had a long run and deserve to be replaced.

Peter, and others, go on at great length to point out my basic lack of intelligence because I disagree with their partisan political point of view.  I have purposely deleted approximately 20 comments to my original posting, most of them favourable.

Regardless, here's a few more additional comments which were made, that I actually deleted:

Gotta love politics ! Keep on voting so you can wake up every morning with something to Bitch about .

ME: You don't participate so why comment on the subject? It's the same thing you do to everybody else's religion. (My editorial comment: Terrance Brewer is a JW who, for religious reasons, doesn't vote but he does feel free to comment on politics and also severely criticizes every faith but his own.)

Brad also responded back to Terrance::
Shouldn't you be singing kumbaya somewhere instead of commenting on something you detest so much? Or is Facebook your something to wake up and bitch about? I don't think I've ever read anything that you have said that had an ounce of positivity to it. Move along.

And let's just wrap up with on more from Terrance:
I wasn't Bitching Penner! My life is quite content and choose to keep peace when I can. That's why I don't vote. It creates haters and division and when a kingdom is divided it falls. And as long as I am seeing post's on MY wall it gives me the right to comment. Isn't that my democratic right?

Having read the original Leap Manifesto, a bleak document which, if ever implemented, would spell doom to whatever prosperity this province has enjoyed through resource development, I fear for our province if John Horgan ever has the opportunity to foist this garbage down our throats.

John Horgan and the NDP are heading down the same perilous path as their federal counterparts as they try to maintain their ties with organized labour while at the same time destroying the ability of the provinces to continue to develop resource based employment opportunities.

I do not intend to be fooled by so-called non-aligned people like Battistoni who use terms like corrupt, hypocritical, lying, opportunist, incompetent when describing the government or Premier Christy Clark.

If that's non-alignment, then Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is a staunch Conservative.

I'm Sandy Macdougall, AKA "The Sidewinder".


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