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Here's What You Had To Say Regarding; " I CAN'T support that kind of campaign ..."

Yesterday's post (I CAN'T support that kind of campaign, or a party that would allow a leadership team to okay that kind of campaigning)  sure generated a lot of interest, and comments. 

From personal emails I received, to comments on my own blog, to comments on the Armchair Mayor's blog, people certainly had thoughts on me spoiling my ballot.  Here's a sampling of what folks had to say:

Pierre ...
I always maintained that a government not only has the responsibility to “govern” but it also has the responsibility to set the moral tone among the masses. Similarly to a family, where parents cannot expect righteousness in their children if themselves, behave amorally.

I never thought much of Ms. Clark, I think even less of her now and it is obvious she has to go. The “X”, no matter how big it is across the ballot won’t help.  Hold your nose, put a smaller “X” where the pollsters tell you to and then pat yourself in the back, because that’s the rightful thing to do.

Anonymous #1 ...
Hi Al. 
As I’m sure you can guess, I’m in exactly the same position.  I think that people should be encouraged to work for and support any independent or at least non-Liberal/NDP candidate in their riding if they like the person and think they would work hard.  I am most certainly not a fan of the Green policies but I will cast my vote there as a warning to the Liberals that they should shape up.  Maybe if they lose a few seats to “non-traditional” candidates they will pay attention. 

Spoiling your ballot is a waste of time.  Nobody will see it except the poll clerk and they’ll not report your big X to anyone. 

Hope all is well at your end of the swamp...

Grouchy 1
” Hold your nose, put a smaller “X” where the pollsters tell you to and then pat yourself in the back, because that’s the rightful thing to do ”

Just wow! What are you Pierre, some kind of sheep that needs to be told who to vote for? That smaller X should go to the party that has the best chance of beating the Liberals, in BCs case, the NDP.

Anonomous #2
Hi Alan,

Good blog this time.  I am in the same camp.  You can slap me if you want but I think the best thing for BC now is a strong NDP majority putting the BC Liberals in the penalty box for 4 years and decimating the party like the Socreds under Vander Zalm/ Rita Johnson. 

Christy Clark will resign and it will give opportunity for “real” conservatives to step up.  If the defeat is big enough it will destroy all the BC Liberal Cockroaches. Then when Christy Clark resigns I will consider running in a by-election.

How’s that for crazy, LOL.  I will not be voting this time. I refuse to be a part of the problem.

Use the thought but not my name.

John ...
Thanks for your article, Alan. I followed along with your argument and I agree with the colour scheme…

It’s too bad that BC has basically a 2-party Provincial system. There is no balance of power as can happen with a 3-party legislature, and a minority government.

This time, for me, it comes down to a personal choice for the candidate. Do I wish to vote for someone who wouldn’t give me the time of day over a great concern in our neighbourhood spread over 4 years, or to a person who answered my very first email?

The answer is very simple and I can hardly wait for election day.

Anonymous #3 ...
Well Written Alan,

I understand your dilemma and frustration, my political stance will remain as a Conservative Libertarian,( but do choose Christian Right-wing when Biblically based).

Government, and everyone who chooses freedom, will benefit ... but without morality, freedom doesn't work, so yes there has to be the Rule of Law.  With working away from home my interest and expression in Politics has waned severely ... need Holidays - and good paying job back home

Alvin Stedel ...
A concern I have, although I understand the rationale, is what happened in Alberta during their last election. Many of the traditional conservative voters where ticked off with what their party's leadership had been doing lately that they decided to not vote or even vote NDP to show their dissatisfaction.

Many were horrified to wake up the next morning with the realization that many of their neighbours did the same thing,,,, and woke to an NDP victory.

Anonymous #4 ...
I am in the same situation as you Alan.

Right now I am leaning heavily to spoiling my ballot, but I will vote. Unfortunately I can't get over those simple bastards that have thoroughly screwed up the BC Conservative Party. They are responsible for many British Columbians not being able to vote for a credible alternative.

While I am not in Michael Henshall's (Social Credit candidate in Fraser Nicola) riding I think I will make a donation to his campaign. When I met him I was impressed with him. But he too found in necessary to leave the BC Conservatives.

Was I right ... or was I wrong?  Well it's my decision to make, and whatever my choice is on May9th, it will be the right one.  You'll have yours to make as well, and I'll wish you all the best to come to where you decide to place your "X" on election day.

Whoever, or whatever, you choose ... just make sure you take the time to go to your polling station on vote.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.


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