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WHAT'S CHANGED from a government Minister stating legislation would be guided by 'solid scientific evidence'?

At the age of 18, without parental consent, what legal rights do individuals in British Columbians have? 

JANE PHILPOT: "I am proud to stand up for
our drug policy that is informed by solid
scientific evidence and uses a lens of public health
to maximize education and minimize harm
Well it's pretty minimal ... basically you have the right to vote in a Municipal, Provincial, or Federal general election.

HOWEVER ... without parental consent ... you must wait until the age of 19 for the following rights as an individual:
- to get married
- to get a drivers license
- to join the Armed Forces
- to purchase alcoholic beverages
- and to purchase tobacco products

As many are aware, this week,  the federal government announced it will be making it legal to purchase Pot (cannabis) by July1st of next year; the wheels are fully engaged to have that happen by that date.  So then, at what age has the Justin Trudeau Liberal government decided that Canadians will be able to purchase Cannabis / Marijuana? 

Despite repeated warning from the Canadian Psychiatric Association, urging the Federal Liberal government to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase cannabis, the age will be set at 18.

The Canadian Psychiatric Association actually went further than suggesting an age of 21.  They also wanted to restrict the quantity, and potency, of cannabis products that young people would be able to be purchase while still between the ages of 21 to 25.

The (CMA) was also in agreement stating strict regulation, and a minimum age to purchase of 21, be implemented as well.

And both the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the Canadian Medical Association set those ages based on SOLID SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE regarding brain development.   A submission by the CMA stated, “Since that development is only finalized by about 25 years of age, this would be an ideal minimum age based on currently accepted scientific evidence”.

Last year, Health Minister Jane Philpott told the UN General Assembly in New York, "I am proud to stand up for our drug policy that is informed by solid scientific evidence and uses a lens of public health to maximize education and minimize harm".

IF that was the case then, why have the guidelines changed over the past 12 months?  Changed from a government Minister stating legislation would be guided by 'solid scientific evidence' ... to instead preparing legislation that will allow the purchase of Pot at the age of 18?

It certainly seems, as noted above, that all other major rights have been settled at least at the age of 19, and those rights make a lot of sense -- they have also  stood the test of time.

Meantime Justin Trudeau carries on, in government, like a child gone wild in a candy store ... spending money recklessly, and enacting legislation (such as what is about to happen around purchasing Pot), with no real though to future consequences.

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.


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