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Todd Stone, Christy Clark, or any others in the BC Liberal government --- "What Has Changed?"

So, how many watched the Christy Clark Show on Global TV, at the launch of the 2013 Provincial election.  Sadly, I did a search for it at the old link, however it appears to have been taken down, as I can no longer find it.

Snapshots of Christy Clark and 2013 election campaign
I did watch it though back then, and looking back at social media comments I made at the time, I noted that I believed she was deserving of ... the Best Female Actress award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s new CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS (recognizes excellence in film, television and digital media productions).

So what did I have to say that night on April 14th -- 2013

Comment #1 
Just watching the taped version of Christy's 1/2 hour info-mercial. Well right off the bat I'll ask the same thing you did Christy ... "Why is it okay to for our government to leave our kids with a debt?"

You (Christy Clark) should be ashamed because YOU have left us worse off. Your Liberal government has doubled our debt :(  

Comment #2 
Christy Clark asks: "Do we want look after our kids future -- do we want to give them choices, that they're going to want to have, to run their future -- or do we want to take away their future by saddling them with debt?"

Good grief ... is she really serious? How can a government that has been so completely wasteful with taxpayers resources seriously ask that question. THIS is what BC Conservatives have been asking -- because it is BC Liberals that have INDEED doubled the provinces debt -- just as the NDP did --- and BOTH of them HAVE seriously jeopardized our children's futures!

Shame on you Christy Clark for NOT being to embarrassed and ashamed to try and pull off that kind of phony BS! 

Comment #3 
Oh my goodness ... I'm only 5 minutes in and I don't know if I can stomach any more of this trite revisionist look at the BC Liberals. She says she wants to balance the budget so we don't saddle our children with debt?

Well excuse me for asking -- but what do you call the new $7 billion you will be adding to the debt over the next 3 years, if your Liberal government is re-elected. 

That's no magical number drawn out of thin air by the way Christy -- that IS from the BC Ministry of Finance records.

Again --- SHAME on you for the lies and arrogance. You can't trowel on enough of that to hide and mask the truth any longer!!!!!  

So here we are again back in 2017, and yesterday we had the official start to campaign 2017.

Regarding my first comment (2013) ... Christy Clark's BC Liberal government has obviously decided it IS okay for her government to leave 'our kids with a debt' ... as in the past four years she has added ten's of billions.  In fact, reviewing the governments Fiscal and Debt Summary from February 21st (proposed by the BC Liberals for the NEXT 4 years should she be re-elected) they plan to add and ADDITIONAL TEN BILLION in debt!

Regarding Comment #2 (2013) ... refer above and to original comment.  Todd Stone, Christy Clark, or any others in the BC Liberal government --- "What Has Changed?"

As for the above Comment #3 ... again ... more debt, piled upon more debt, piled upon more debt.

Three point seven cents of every dollar, the government takes in, goes towards paying off the provincial debt!  That's just under thirty million a year being flushed down the drain to pay for every increasing government waste.

What a waste ... and what a horrible legacy to leave our children ... and our children's children.  Which leads me to ask ...

Todd Stone (incumbent Kamloops South MLA), Christy Clark, or any others in the BC Liberal government --- "What Has Changed?"

In Kamloops, I'm Alan Forseth.


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